100 Best Blogs for Library Science Students

Posted August 11, 2009

By Rose Jensen

If you’re studying library science online, you’re in luck. There is a world of information available to you online, much of it in blogs. Follow this list, and you’ll find 100 of the best blogs a library science student can read. These blogs are written by students and educators.

  1. InfoMuse: Kristina M. Spurgin from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill writes this blog about libraries and information science.
  2. InfoEdiface: A Wayne State University student writes this blog about information architecture, library science, and technology.
  3. CAS Library Blog: Here you’ll find Penn State’s blog for library resources in the communication arts and sciences discipline.
  4. Librarian Way: This blog is written by Heather Ebey, a Master of Library and Information Science student at San Jose State University.
  5. Libraries & Learning: This blog is written by Martha Whitehead of University of British Columbia Library for academic information specialists.
  6. Librarian Web Chic: Karen Coombs is an Informational Technology and Instruction library at SUNY Cortland.
  7. Confessions of a Mad Librarian: This blog is written by a soon-to-graduate LIS student.
  8. Library Cog: Art Rhyno from the University of Windsor discusses library systems and more on this blog.
  9. Library Automation: Read this project blog about library automation from the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University.

Information Science & Systems Check out these blogs to learn about information science and systems.

  1. LibInfoSpace: Follow LibInfoSpace to get updated on library information systems and services.
  2. Library Monk: Dan Greene shares his thoughts on library and information science and beyond on this blog.
  3. Catalogablog: Read Catalogablog for issues in cataloging and more.
  4. Serials Scene: Serials Scene discusses the acquisition and cataloging of print and digital serial publications.
  5. Christina’s LIS Rant: Check out this blog about library and information science.
  6. 025.431: The Dewey Blog: Get a look into the Dewey Decimal Classifaction system on this blog.
  7. Future4catalogers: This blog will help you understand what’s coming in cataloging.
  8. Hey Jude: Judy O’Connell writes this blog about information science in the world of learning.
  9. Metalogue: Follow this blog to learn about dew directions in cataloguing and metadata.
  10. Online IT Degrees: This blog discusses the latest in library IT and integration.
  11. Bibliographic Wilderness: Use this blog to learn about helping people navigate the information wilderness.
  12. Z666.7.B39: Jennifer Bax’s blog is all about metadata and cataloging in the library.
  13. Information Research: This publication offers ideas and debate on the information world.
  14. Cataloging Futures: This blog discusses the future of cataloging and metadata in libraries.
  15. Outgoing: Read Outgoing for library metadata techniques and trends.
  16. The FRBR Blog: The FRBR Blog shares developments in functional requirements for bibliographic records.
  17. Catalogue & Index Blog: Find news, events, and more for cataloguers on this blog.
  18. Planet Cataloging: This blog offers an aggregation of key cataloging blogs.
  19. WorldCat: Get a look into WorldCat with this blog.
  20. The Serials Cataloger: This blog offers information of interest to serials catalogers.
  21. oss4lib: Check out this blog, and you’ll get a look into open source systems for libraries.
  22. The Cataloguing Librarian: Read The Cataloguing Librarian to find resources and information for cataloguers.
  23. ASC Online: On this blog, you’ll find posts about information science and technology education.
  24. Catalogue Blog: Read the Catalogue Blog for links, news, and information on cataloging, including unusual titles and quotations.

Librarian 2.0 Get a look into the next generation of librarians with these blogs.

  1. Librarian.net: Jessamyn West shares her thoughts on the growing field of library science technology on this blog.
  2. NexGen Librarian: On NexGen, you’ll find a forum for librarian and information professionals with a fresh perspective.
  3. Alliance Virtual Library: Check out this blog to learn about libraries on Second Life.
  4. Life of Books: This blog is dedicated to the future of libraries in the digital age.
  5. iLibrarian: iLibrarian shares news and resources on Library 2.0 and the information revolution.
  6. David Lee King: David Lee King blogs about the future of digital technology in library science.
  7. University Online: Adrienne discusses library technological innovation.
  8. Information Literacy Meets Library 2.0: Read about the intersection of Library 2.0 and information literacy on this blog.
  9. Transforming Scholarly Communication: Find resources about scholarly electronic publishing efforts online on this blog.
  10. Thing-ology Blog: LibraryThing’s blog discusses tags, libraries, and related issues.
  11. The Search Lounge: In this librarian’s blog, you’ll find helpful information about the search engine industry.
  12. Exploded Library: Check out this blog for information overload, search techniques, and more.
  13. Michael E. Casey: Michael Casey offers a library 2.0 perspective for the next generation library.
  14. InfoTangle: Read InfoTangle to get a look into Web 2.0 for librarians.
  15. Lorcan Dempsey’s Weblog: Lorcan Dempsey discusses libraries, services, and networks.
  16. blogwithoutalibrary: Amanda’s blog focuses on user experience in libraries.
  17. Libraries Interact: This blog focuses on making libraries more interactive.
  18. Pop Goes the Library: This blog discusses pop culture and libraries.
  19. The Shifted Librarian: The Shifted Librarian writes to make librarians more portable.
  20. Bibliotheke: This blog allows you to watch libraries evolve.
  21. Annoyed Librarian: The Annoyed Librarian offers rants about the state of librarianship.

Information Literacy These blogs will educate you in information literacy.

  1. Formist Informations: Here you’ll find a French-speaking blog about libraries and information literacy.
  2. Information Literacy Weblog: Read this blog to find relevant information and resources for information literacy worldwide.
  3. Information Literacy Librarian: This blog offers an exploration of information literacy instruction theory and practices.
  4. The Information Literacy Land of Confusion: Learn about the confusion in information literacy from this blog.
  5. Open Stacks: Open Stacks promotes information access and literacy for all.
  6. Information Literacy Weblog: Written by three professors, this blog shares news about information literacy worldwide.
  7. The Lateral Literal Librarian: Get a look into topics including information literacy, technoliteracy, and biblioliteracy on this blog.

Technology Learn about the latest library science technology with these blogs.

  1. The Digital Librarian: This blog offers commentary about digital services through digital libraries.
  2. Connecting Librarian: This librarian connects new ideas and technologies with library service.
  3. Libraries and Their Impact on the Digital Divide: Read this blog to find out how libraries have an impact on the digital divide.
  4. Tame The Web: Read about current technology uses in libraries from this blog.
  5. Blyberg: Blyberg is written by and for library geeks.
  6. Weibel Lines: This blogger shares thoughts on libraries and Internet standards.
  7. Information Wants To Be Free: Read Meredith Farkas’ blog to learn about social software in libraries.
  8. Inquiring Librarian: Inquiring Librarian shares thoughts on librarianship, technology, and how they come together.
  9. VALIS: This blog focuses on search, Web 2.0, and online information tools.
  10. Phil Bradley’s Blog: On Phil Bradley’s blog, you’ll find links and news for librarians about search engines, design, and more.
  11. Schooliblit: Schooliblit offers links and information about media centers, information literacy, technology in education, and beyond.
  12. Closed Stacks: This blog shares writings on the state of information in the age of technology.
  13. Librarian in Black: Find the latest news for tech savvy librarians on this blog.
  14. Digital Reference: This teaching librarian blog discusses communication reference in the digital age.
  15. The Invisible Web Weblog: Learn about information on the invisible web from this blog.
  16. InSilico: This blog from Princeton is about digital libraries and metadata.
  17. Library Technology Musings: Read this blog about ideas and solutions in technology for libraries.
  18. Loomware: On this blog, you’ll learn about information and technology in academic libraries and beyond.
  19. Library Web Chic: Library Web Chic offers a resources for librarians in web design and technology.

Resources These blogs will connect you with useful resources.

  1. Librarian Activist: On this blog, you’ll find resources for becoming active in issues surrounding libraries.
  2. Keeping Legal: This blog offers resources for legal issues affecting the information profession.
  3. Library Juice: Library Juice discusses the intersection of libraries, politics, and culture.
  4. Stephen Gallant Review: Stephen Gallant offers a look at reading for librarians and information specialists.
  5. Cataloguing Aids: With this blog, you’ll be able to find cataloguing aids, reminders, and links.
  6. AbsTracked: AbsTracked offers links in law, libraries, reference, and more, which are immensely useful for university students.
  7. Threnody for the Public Domain: On this blog, you’ll learn about the current state of copyright and other related issues.
  8. A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette: Find out how to be a polite librarian on this blog.
  9. The Resource Shelf: Check out the Resource Shelf for news, search tips, and more for information professionals.
  10. banned librarian: The banned librarian blog is written for librarians who support social justice.
  11. A Librarian at the Kitchen Table: On this blog, you’ll find out how librarians can build community as advocates.
  12. Union Librarian: Read this blog to stay on top of news about library unions.
  13. Cybrarians: Find information about resources related to library and information science on this blog.

News Read these blogs to stay up to date on news no matter where you are from – Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa – that matters for library science students.

  1. Information Community News: Stay aware of current events in the information community on this blog.
  2. It’s all good: Find out about things that impact libraries and their users on this group blog.
  3. Library Bytes: Get bits and pieces of news about libraries and new technologies from Library Bytes.
  4. Unshelved: Unshelved offers news and comic strip entertainment for librarians.
  5. Library Stuff: Use this blog to stay on top of important resources for professional development as a librarian.
  6. LISNews: On this collaborative blog, you’ll learn about current events and news in library and information science.
  7. LIScareer News: Find news about careers in library information science on this blog.

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