100 Best Career Posts for Recent College Grads

Posted May 25, 2010

For many new grads, heading out into the working world after getting their degrees is a scary proposition. Life after college can pose many challenges, some of which are exacerbated by the tough job market. Students should realize that they don’t have to go it alone, and many past grads are willing to share their advice and guidance on starting a successful career in business, education, health, science, liberal arts, math or any other career field – and finding work. Here are 100 great blog posts that will help new grads understand how to get a job, plan a career and figure out what they truly love doing.

Job Hunting

Read through these posts to get some help starting out your job search.

  1. Toughest test after graduation: Getting a job: Hear from this grad on the biggest post-college challenge there is for students right now.
  2. The Creative Economy and College Grads: Find out how the economy may be adapting for college grads.
  3. College grads turn to paid internships during economic slump: This article will show you some of the advantages of taking internships if you can’t find a job.
  4. What New (and Old) Grads Should Know About Job Hunting: No matter how young or old you are, you can find priceless advice on job hunting here.
  5. How College Students & Recent Grads Can Create Their Own Job: Read this post to learn how you can stop waiting around for job opportunities and make your own.
  6. Job Hunting Tips for the Recent (And Not so Recent) College-Grad: This post offers some helpful tips on finding a job, whether you graduated this year or in years past.
  7. Tips for Entry Level Jobs & College Grads: Most college grads will be heading into entry level positions, and this post offers a little help on finding them.
  8. Jobs for College Grads: Learn How to Get Hired Instantly As Soon As You Graduate: Learn how to make yourself a desirable commodity in the working world from this post.
  9. Job Hunting Tips for Soon-to-Be Grads: Get some basic job hunting tips from this article.
  10. Job-Search Tips for New College Graduates: New grads can find advice on finding a job on this blog.
  11. Getting a Job Favors the Prepared: Learn why you should be prepared to search for work from this post.
  12. What to Do When the Job Hunt Gets Tough: This post will teach you how to handle rejection and the frustration that comes from a long job search.
  13. The Basics of Job Hunting Through Social Networks: Here, you’ll learn how to maximize your social networks to get you a job.

Interviews and Resumes

Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with these posts that will help you get the job.

  1. Making the Right First Impression: Ensure that you’re not giving off the wrong vibe at your job interview by checking out what this post has to say.
  2. Hey Grads! No Experience? No Problem!: Learn how to turn your lack of experience into less of an impediment to getting a job from this post.
  3. Go From a ‘Nobody to Somebody’ In The Job Market: This post will teach you how to better market your skills and knowledge.
  4. Phone Job-Interview Questions from Upcoming Grad: If you think a phone interview is in your future, read through this post for questions you might encounter.
  5. Improving Your Job Interview Appearance: Make sure you look as professional and attractive as possible at your interview with pointers found here.
  6. The Most Important Things Recruiters Say You Should Do Before Your Interviews: Get some advice from professional recruiters on what to do in your next interview from this post.
  7. The Purpose of a Resume– For New Grads: This post will give you some great advice on building a resume that does what a resume is supposed to do.
  8. A Sample Resume for a College Senior or Grad: Here you can find an example of a resume that would serve a new grad well.
  9. 5 Effective Resume Writing Strategies For College Grads: If you’ve never written a resume you can find helpful tips on drafting one here.
  10. Resume writing for recent grads: a mini-how-to: This instructional post will guide you through writing a resume.
  11. Sometimes Even New Grads Need More Than One Page: Learn why your resume might be better if it’s a little longer, even if you’re new to the working world.

Preparing for the Working World

Are you ready to enter the real world? These posts can help you to prepare.

  1. Recent College Grads Need a Personal Brand Strategy: Find out what creating a personal brand can do for you in this post.
  2. Things College Grads Should Do To Plan: Learn what you should be doing to plan for working and job searching from this article.
  3. New College Grads to Make Less Money: You might be able to find a job, but be aware that you’ll be getting paid less than new hires in past years.
  4. The Number One Thing Employers are Looking For in New College Grads: This post can teach you what employers want when looking to hire so you can better tailor your resume and interviewing skills.
  5. College Grad Search – Are You Prepared?: Learn whether or not you’re ready to get out there and find work from this post.
  6. The 15-Point College Grad Job-Hunting Study Guide: Use this guide to help you in your job hunting process after graduation.
  7. A Real-World Health Insurance Primer for 2010: Having health insurance on their own is something many students know little about. Gain a greater understanding of insurance and how you can protect yourself here.
  8. The Post-Grad Journey: And The Journey Begins: Read this post to get inspired to start your own journey into life after college.
  9. 4 Ways to Beat Your College Competition (None of Them Involve Grades): Find out what will make you stand out in a crowded job market and in your courses from this post.
  10. Getting into the Real-World Mentality: Try out this post to learn how to change your mindset from that of a college student to that of a working adult.
  11. Welcome to the Real World: My Best Advice for New Graduates: Here you will find some helpful advice to help you make your way out of college and into the work force.

Finding Your Passion

Learn how to find your direction in life with help and inspiration from these posts.

  1. 5 Reasons Why Doing What You Love Can Optimize Your Life: Find out why having a job that you love can improve your entire life from this post.
  2. Many College Grads Find Work Outside Line of Study: You might want to make use of the degree you just got, but this post will show you that not using it isn’t the end of the world.
  3. The Emerging Professional: Finding Your Passion: Learn how to find your true passions in work and life from this post.
  4. How to Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers: Even if those around you are telling you not to do what you want, learn how you can block them out and accomplish your dreams here.
  5. Backing Your Career Passion: Find ways to back up your dreams and passions with help from this post.
  6. Make Your Corporate Job Work for You: Read this post to help you turn a boring corporate job into something more.
  7. Must Know Tips for Landing Your Dream Job: If you’re seeking your dream job, or at least the path to it, learn how to get there faster from this article.
  8. Creating a Path to the Dream Job: Pave your way to the job your really want with guidance found here.
  9. The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion: This short guide from Zen Habits will have you working harder towards doing what you really want to do in no time.
  10. Turn Your Passion Into a Paycheck: Get advice on turning the things you love into a way to make money from this blog post.

Career Advice

Read through these posts for advice on starting and sustaining your career.

  1. Career Advice for College Grads: Check out this post to get some basic career advice.
  2. Career Planning Advice: Read through this post for advice on planning out your career today and in the future.
  3. Writing a Career Action Plan: Why You Need One: Find out what a career action plan is why it’s essential to your post-college life.
  4. Use Your Qualification: This post will teach you how to use the skills you have to find work.
  5. Ten Ways to Market Your Liberal Arts Degree: Liberal arts degrees aren’t always the most useful in finding work, but this post will teach you how to make the most of the skills you learned in your education.
  6. Two Minutes of Great Career Advice for Those of US Not in the Ivy League: If you haven’t graduated from an Ivy League school, this post offers some helpful career advice.
  7. The Great Career Advice I’ve Gotten From Women: Learn what this woman has taken from others in the working world that helped her to become more successful. Perhaps you can apply it to your own career as well.
  8. What is a Personal Brand and Why Do You Need One?: This educational post will teach you about personal branding.
  9. How To Find A New Career That You Will Enjoy: Since you’re just starting out, you may not know what kind of work you would even enjoy doing. This post can help you figure it out.
  10. How Mom’s Advice Can Get You Promoted: Here you’ll find a fun post that takes old advice from moms and helps you apply it to getting promotions and recognition at work.
  11. Career Advice Part 1: Don’t Settle: In this multi-part series you can get advice on how to make the most of your chosen career path.
  12. Good vs. Bad Career Advice: How can you tell the difference between good and bad advice? Get a little insight here.
  13. Today in Your Career: How to Handle Criticism: Taking criticism well isn’t a skill that is easy to master, but this post can help you learn the steps to use it to your advantage.

Inspiration and Motivation

Get inspired to find the job and career you really want from these posts.

  1. What’s Your Advice For Recent Grads?: This poster asks for and gets advice that can be great for new grads.
  2. In a tough job market, college grads fare better: Learn why college grads actually have an advantage when looking for work.
  3. Fed chief to grads: Money can’t buy happiness: Here you’ll get advice on why finding a job you love is more important than money.
  4. Confidence boosters for the new college grad: Read through this post for tips on making you a more confident and competent job hunter.
  5. My Daughter’s Graduation Reminds Me to Keep on Dreaming: This poster shares why she, as an older worker, finds inspiration in young professionals.
  6. College Grads + Terrible Job Market = Still Having Hope: Find hope for getting a job in this post.
  7. Inspiration for Your Job Search: Get inspired to stick to your job search from this helpful post.
  8. 100 Excellent, Inspiring Career Coaches on Twitter: Through the links on this post, you can find some great career advice and coaching from experts in the field.
  9. Top 10 Motivation Boosters And Procrastination Killers: No matter what you’re doing, whether searching for a job or trying to finish a project, this post offers advice on getting it done.
  10. Work Motivation: A Do-It-Yourself Project: Learn how to get motivated at work or to find work from this post.
  11. Career Planning for a Challenging Economy: Find out how to plan for your career in an economic downturn from this article.

What Not to Do

These posts can help you avoid making some common mistakes when job hunting and career planning.

  1. Employer Survey Reveals Many College Grads Lack Professionalism: Think you’re professional? This post might teach you otherwise.
  2. Social Networking May Impede Job Search For College Grads: Learn how to use social networking intelligently with advice from this post.
  3. Poll Finds that Majority of College Grads Unprepared for Job Search: Read through this post to better understand how you can prepare to look for a job and what you can do even before graduation.
  4. 10 Job-Search Mistakes of New College Grads: This post will help you avoid some of the common job search mistakes made by new graduates.
  5. 8 Dumb Interview Mistakes New Grads Make: Don’t blow your interview just because you’re new to job hunting. This post will show you how to avoid big mistakes when interviewing.
  6. New Grads’ Biggest First Job Mistakes: If you’re one of the lucky new grads to score a job, you’ll likely want to keep it. Read this post to learn how to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your job.
  7. Dear Grads: Be on the Lookout for Advice: Learn how to take some job advice with a grain of salt from this post.
  8. 8 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Job Search: Ensure that you’re not working against your own interests from this post.
  9. The Top 11 Mistakes That Recent Grads Make in the Job Hunt: Here, you can discover how to be smarter in your job hunt and not make any major mistakes.
  10. 3 Job Search Mistakes Everybody Makes: Learn ways that you can expect to mess up in your first job search efforts here.
  11. 6 Annoying Things Millenials Do at the Office: Check out this post to learn how to avoid angering your coworkers.

Where to Work

Need an idea of some of the best places to work? These posts can point you in the right direction.

  1. 11 Reasons Why New College Grads Should Pursue Nonprofit Careers: Get some advice on why non-profit organizations can be a great place for new grads to work here.
  2. Recent college grads rate best places to work: Here, you’ll find a list of some great place for new grads to work.
  3. College Grads Embrace Unconventional Jobs: This article will show you some of the more unconventional ways college grads are going to work.
  4. Recession’s toll: Most recent college grads working low-skill jobs: You won’t be alone if you have to take a low-skill job, as this article states.
  5. Best Careers for the 2010 College Graduate: Read through this post to learn some of best paying and most stable careers out there for new grads.
  6. Alternatives to the Mad College Grad Rush for Entry Level Part Time Jobs: Check out this post to learn how to avoid getting stuck in part-time work.
  7. Stimulus Jobs for New College Grads: This article talks about the help government stimulus and support might give to new job seekers.
  8. Top 10 Cities for New Grads: If you’re pondering a move post-graduation, these cites might be good bets.
  9. Top 5 Worst College Degrees if You Want a Job (and to make money): Here, you can read about some degrees that might give you some difficulty when it comes time to find a job.
  10. College Grad Job Market Outlook: Find out what the job market looks like for the coming years in this post.


From advice on internships to wisdom on taking some time off, these posts cover a wide range of career and job-related issues.

  1. The Pink Floyd Night School: This post addresses some of the differences between life after college in the 70s and today.
  2. College Grads: Consider a “Gap Year”: Many students in Europe and around the world take a gap year. Learn the advantages of the break between school and work here.
  3. Bargaineering 2010 New Graduate Guide: This guide will show you how to manage your money and be a savvy post-college student.
  4. Spend a Year Abroad After Graduating From College: This post advises students on why it can be a great idea to take a year to explore the world after college.
  5. The New-Graduate Paradox: Read about the battle between lack of experience and getting a job to gain experience here.
  6. How to Get Those Personal Referrals: This post will teach you how to make the most of your current work experience to catapult your career.
  7. How Working for No Pay Can Actually Pay Off: Learn what unpaid internships and volunteering can do for you and your career here.
  8. Top 30 Young Entrepreneur Blogs: Find inspiration from other young grads that can help you start your own business.
  9. Why Generation Y Should Job-Hop, Even In The Recession: Here, you can learn why job-hopping can actually be a good thing.
  10. How to Get a Mentor Using Social Networking: Having a mentor can be a great asset for new grads, and this post can show you how to use online networks to get one.

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