100 Best Food Blogs for the Starving College Kid

Posted March 22, 2010

Most college students don’t have the time or budget to cook up gourmet meals night after night. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t eat well and cook themselves great dinners at home. These blogs are full of recipes and tips to help students prepare meals that are healthy, fun and even a little adventurous, keeping budget and cooking skills in mind. Check them out to find something great you can make for dinner tonight regardless of where you go to school Wisconsin, Virginia, Florida, – doesn’t matter!

Simple Recipes

The recipes found on these blogs are designed to be fairly simple and easy to make, even for those with limited cooking experience.

  1. The Back Burner: You can learn to make a wide variety of meals on this blog, and the majority of the recipes are pretty simple to follow.
  2. Noob Cook: New to cooking? This blog will teach you and offers some great recipes.
  3. Cooking With Anne: Find simple and fully explained recipes on this site.
  4. Recipe Lion: Not sure how to even tackle the cooking basics? No problem, just read up on this blog.
  5. Chocolate Chip Trips: This graduate student shares some great recipes for main courses and baked goods here.
  6. Patio Daddio BBQ: What could be simpler than BBQ? Not just for Texas students, this blog will inspire you to take your grill out and get cooking.
  7. Kitchen Wench: Here you’ll find basic recipes that will let you make traditional favorites and some new Korean fare as well.
  8. Jason Cooks: If you want to host a dinner party the recipes on this site will give you a head start on creating meals your guests will love.
  9. My Easy Cooking.com: Those in search of easy recipes will find them plentiful on this site.
  10. Chef Tom Cooks: This site offers a wide range of recipes that won’t take a culinary school education to figure out.
  11. Quick and Easy Recipe Blog: Here you’ll find a collection of recipes that won’t take much time or skill to make.
  12. Busy Cooks: Like most students, you’ve probably got a lot to do and can’t spend hours in the kitchen. This blog offers recipes you can whip up in a snap.
  13. Savory Sweet Life: This blog offers some great everyday recipes anyone can make.

Limited Tools and Ingredients

Don’t have much room to cook or much food to cook with? Try out the ideas found on these blogs.

  1. Frozen Assets: Stock up your freezer and learn to cook with frozen ingredients with help from this blog.
  2. The Cake Mix Doctor: Try out this blog for fun ideas on how to use cake mix to make more than just cakes.
  3. Closet Cooking: This blogger turns out delicious recipes from a teeny tiny kitchen in Toronto.
  4. Tiny Urban Kitchen: Learn how to whip up fancy foods in a tiny kitchen from this blog.
  5. The Official Ramen Homepage: Got ramen on hand? Learn how to make it tastier with help from these recipes.
  6. Cooking on the Side: Check out this blog for recipes that are found on the sides and backs of food packaging.
  7. The Perfect Pantry: This blogger limits herself to just 250 ingredients to create amazing meals.

Budget Eating

Keep your meals well within your budget with help from these blogs.

  1. Blog of CheapCooking.com: Get some budget recipes and ideas on how to cook for cheap from this blog.
  2. Cheap Eats: The recipes on this site are perfect for the college student looking to get full for less.
  3. In Praise of Leftovers: Learn how to make your meals go further with help from this blog.
  4. Casual Kitchen: Check out this blog to get some great ideas on cooking for less, and tips on how to eat better without breaking the bank.
  5. $5 Dinners: Got $5? Then this site shows you that you’ve got dinner.

Eating Better

You can help avoid the freshman, sophomore or junior 15 by following these recipes for healthy and delicious food.

  1. Essentially Healthy Food: Learn how to create healthy and delicious meals and snacks with recipes found here.
  2. Cheap Healthy Good: Here you’ll find tools and instructions on eating healthy on a budget.
  3. Low Fat Cooking: Cut out the fat in your diet with help from this blog.
  4. Cooking Light Test Kitchen Secrets: Try out this blog for some ideas on how to make your healthy food even healthier.
  5. Gina’s WW Recipes: You don’t have to be on Weight Watchers to appreciate the low-cal and healthy meals found here.
  6. Diet Recipes Blog: Use this blog to learn how to make the foods you love the healthy way.
  7. Healthy. Delicious.: You don’t have to sacrifice delicious meals to eat right, as this blog proves.
  8. Chocolate and Zucchini: This blogger is all about organic, fresh ingredients to eat well and healthy.

Loads of Recipes

If you still haven’t found anything that whets your appetite, check out these blogs for more recipes than you can shake a stick at.

  1. For the Love of Cooking: This site is full of recipes to help you cook or bake just about anything.
  2. The Kitchen Pantry: This blogger shares recipes she loves with her readers.
  3. Simple Recipes: Elise Bauer offers up her collection of recipes on this site.
  4. Cookbook Catchall: Here you’ll find not only great recipes but tempting photos of food.
  5. Cook Almost Anything: Try out this site to find recipes on almost anything.
  6. Life’s Ambrosia: You’ll find all kinds of tasty recipes by looking through this site.
  7. So Many Recipes: The name of this site says it all, as it offers hundreds of recipes to try.
  8. Savour Fare: If this working mom can make the meals featured on this site, so can you.
  9. Live Love Eat: Find recipes and food-loving ruminations on this blog.
  10. No Special Effects: Check out this blog to get recipes and food ideas from this young doctor and blogger.
  11. Nibble Me This: If you want to eat healthy and eat well, consider the recipes offered by this site.
  12. Recipe Dose: Foodies and food newbies alike can find great recipes here.
  13. Food Blogga: Explore new foods with the recipes found here.
  14. Kevin and Amanda’s Recipes: This cooking couple shares their often easy to make recipes through their blog.
  15. Nook and Pantry: The recipes here have all been tested and beautifully photographed by the Washington blogger.
  16. 1001 Recipe Blog: This recipe collection blog focuses on fare that’s easy and healthy.
  17. Coconut and Lime: Maryland native blogger Rachel Rappaport shares her recipes on this site.
  18. Christine’s Recipes: This blog is home to a great collection of Asian and Western recipes.

Fancy Food

Whether you’re trying to impress a date or just want something special, these blogs offer gourmet fare.

  1. La Tartine Gourmand: This much acclaimed blog is full of recipes, stories, photos and food life reveries.
  2. Chez Pim: Here you’ll find all kinds of great recipes you can cook and share with roomies.
  3. Nosheteria: On this blog you’ll find recipes for haute cuisine that you can make at home.
  4. Hot Off the Garlic Press: Find all kinds of fancy treats on this blog.
  5. Cream Puffs in Venice: Most of the posts on this blog are related to sweets, but you’ll find the occasional side or dip as well.
  6. Delicious Days: You might need a little more equipment to make some of the recipes found here, but it might be well worth the effort.

Veggie and Vegan

Those following meat and animal product-free diets can get some great recipe ideas here.

  1. Herbivoracious: Embrace your inner herbivore with with great veggie food blog.
  2. Vegan Yum Yum: On this site you’ll find recipes that vegans and omnivores alike can embrace.
  3. Savvy Vegetarian: Through this site you’ll get recipes to eat vegetarian, green and organic food.
  4. Chef In You: This blog promises to make cooking vegetarian and vegan recipes easy.
  5. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: Get healthy and animal product-free recipes on this blog.
  6. Eat me, delicious: Find great vegetarian baking and cooking ideas here.
  7. Eat, Drink and Be Vegan: This vegan blogger has written a cookbook full of her ideas, but you can find some for free on her blog as well.
  8. Vegan Lunch Box: Visit this blog to get tips on eating more veggies and having healthier lunches.
  9. A Veggie Venture: Find new and delicious ways to use vegetables in your cooking with help from this blog.

Country, Ethnicity or Region Specific

Give your cooking a more worldly perspective with these helpful blogs.

  1. AZ Cookbook: While this site is home to many kinds of recipes, it specializes in those from Azerbaijan.
  2. My Recipes: Give Swedish food a try with recipes from this blog.
  3. Lucullian Delights: In the mood for Italian? You’ll find a great collection of recipes here.
  4. Quick Indian Cooking: If you want Indian food but don’t have much time, give this blog a try.
  5. eCurry: This site is home to a wide variety of recipes but many derive from Southeast Asia.
  6. 64 Square Foot Kitchen: This mom and blogger shares many of her traditional Algerian recipes here, as well as others she likes.
  7. The British Larder: If you’ve got a taste for British-inspired cuisine take a look at what this blog has to offer.
  8. Rasa Malaysia: This blog is home to a collection of easy Asian recipes.
  9. French Food: Indulge in French cuisine with a little help from this site’s recipes.
  10. Steamy Kitchen: Find a range of global flavors in the recipes that this blog hosts.
  11. Japanese Food: If you’ve never made Japanese food at home, this site might give you a reason to try.
  12. Sailu’s Kitchen: Try out this blog for simple but delicious Indian recipes.
  13. Pinoy Food Blog: Here you’ll get access to many traditional favorites from the Philippines.

Baking and Sweets

If baking really is more of your style, you can find recipes for breads, desserts and more on these sites.

  1. Passionate About Baking: Learn how to bake all kinds of sweet treats with help from this blogger.
  2. Cupcake Recipes: Need some recipes to bake delicious cupcakes? Look no further than this blog.
  3. Sugar Cooking: This blogger shares loads of recipes that involve sugar.
  4. Baked: This baking maven shares her love of breads, bagels and desserts on this site.
  5. Mad Baker: Learn how to make the most amazing desserts with inspiration from this site.
  6. Cupcake Bakeshop: Find ideas on cool cupcakes to make from this blog.
  7. Cakespy.com: Bookmark this blog for cute drawings and recipes for cupcakes and other sweets.
  8. Brown Eyed Baker: Make sweets until your teeth rot out with all the recipes contained on this site.
  9. Canadian Baker Too: From making potatoes to baking a loaf of bread you’ll find help and recipes here.
  10. Baking Bites: Try out this site for great baking ideas.
  11. Baking Obsession: Indulge your obsession with baked goods on this site.
  12. Dessert First: Through this blog you’ll find a wide range of pastry and cake recipes.
  13. Foodbeam: If you like your desserts fancy, this blog is a great place to find recipes.

Specialty Diet

Find gluten-free, raw and eggless dishes on these blogs.

  1. Rawmazing: Learn how to make just about anything using raw ingredients from this blog.
  2. Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking: If you don’t want to or can’t eat eggs, learn how to bake and cook without them and still get all the flavor from this site.
  3. Raw Epicurean: Here you’ll get an assortment of raw and vegan ideas for cooking.
  4. We Like It Raw: From eating out to preparing food in, you’ll get the lowdown on the raw diet here.
  5. Gluten-Free Girl: Whether you can’t eat gluten or just don’t want to if you don’t have to, you don’t have to give up delicious foods, as the recipes on this site prove.

Dining Out

For the nights you want to eat out you’ll find tips and ideas on these blogs.

  1. Grubgirl: Find ideas for eating out on the cheap in the San Francisco area on this blog.
  2. Mango and Tomato: On this blog you’ll find not only tips on good places to eat out but recipes as well for when you want to eat at home.
  3. Cheap Ethnic Eatz: Find tips on where to go out for budget-friendly ethnic foods on this blog.

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