50 Best Blogs for Travel Writing

Posted June 28, 2010

With the explosion in blogging over the past few years, many subjects that once seemed to be outside the mainstream have now moved into it, bringing new levels of popularity to formerly niche topics. One of the best examples of this is the boom in travel writing, which once made do with scattered newspaper columns and specialty books, but now commands a huge army of blogs and readers. The blogs on this list are some of the best out there, whether you’re looking for information on world travel, tips for visiting a specific region, or clues about how to break into travel writing for yourself. If you’ve just wrapped up an online degree program, use these blogs to take a break from your lessons and plan a getaway.

World Travel

  1. WorldHum: Billing itself as having "the best travel stories on the Internet," WorldHum is a fantastic resource for readers looking to take their first steps into traveling or for people who’ve logged thousands of miles roaming the globe. There’s always something here to learn.
  2. Best Travel Writing: Sponsored by Travelers’ Tales, this blog hands out awards for the most interesting travel stories submitted by users.
  3. Matt Gibson: Matt Gibson travels the world and takes plenty of photos to go along with his extensive blog entries. His site is also helpfully split into multiple archives by subject and popularity.
  4. Vagobond: Playing off "vagabond," Vago Damitio’s blog is an eye-opening look at one man’s world travels. He’s also collected several of his journals as self-published books, which you can buy in print form or as downloads.
  5. Frugal Traveler: This travel blog from the New York Times is all about seeing the sights without breaking the bank, which is a great help in the current economy. Check back for regular updates and money-saving tips.
  6. A Luxury Travel Blog: This blog, voted one of the best in the world by The Daily Telegraph, aims for the high-end traveler who can splurge special resorts and trips.
  7. Indie Travel Podcast: Craig and Linda, two full-time travelers, run this blog and podcast, recording their thoughts and observations of the road as well as answering e-mails from fans.
  8. Everything Everywhere: Gary Arndt has been traveling the world since 2007, and this blog is a repository of his epic tales.
  9. Reikalein: Based in Switzerland, Reikalein is half-British, half-Japanese, and her blog reflects an eclectic mix of cultures and tastes as well as a passion for travel.
  10. Bodes Well: This blog tells the fantastic story of a young family who set out in an old Volkswagen van to explore Canada and the United States and then head into South America.
  11. Me and My Monkey: Stevie P. is sailing the Atlantic Ocean, and this blog will let you follow his journey every step of the way.
  12. A Lady in London: Julie Falconer relocated from California to England, and her blog talks about her exploration of British culture as well as her travels around the globe.
  13. Other Guy’s Dime: This blog from a semi-retired professor of compuer science is a great read for those who want to spread their wings and travel but need help figuring out how to find funding.
  14. Where on Earth Is Skye?: Blogger Skye Wilson quit her job to travel the world and write about her experiences, and this engaging blog is the result of her hard work.
  15. Abandon the Cube: Abandon the Cube follows Laura and Mike, two young professionals who grew tired of working in cubicle jobs and set out to see the world. The blog keeps tabs on them as they trek from place to place.
  16. The Jetpacker: This blog is dedicated to those travelers who are tired of cutting corners on accommodations or transport just to see the world. Use these tips to have a great time at a great price.
  17. Travel With Julie: This blog places an emphasis on great food, with plenty of recipes and restaurant tips for travellers looking to sample authentic cuisine from a variety of nations.
  18. Contemporary Nomad: Like quite a few others on this list, this wide-ranging blog began when a couple of friends got fed up with their day jobs and began a life of travelling. Great stories and advice.
  19. Hole in the Donut Travels: Diagnosed with Lyme disease at age 50, this blogger decided that life was too short not to enjoy it by seeing the best the world has to offer. This blog is a helpful and inspiring resource.


  1. A Girl in Asia: Liz Ledden lives in Saigon and blogs about her favorite restaurants, shops, and other places that discerning travelers should know about.
  2. Anuradha Goyal: Anuradha Goyal is a former I.T. worker who blogs about her travel adventures from her home in Gurgaon, India.
  3. Asian Ramblings: This blog features journal entries and photos from travels across Asia.
  4. Backpacking Philippines and Asia: Who hasn’t dreamed of backpacking across a foreign continent? This blog features a ton of useful tips about traveling the Philippines and Asia on a budget.
  5. O’Sullivans Abroad: A pair of teachers from Oregon pulled up stakes and moved to Taiwan to see the world and keep working in education.
  6. David on Formosa: Offering "commentary on all things Taiwanese," this blog is run by an Australian named David who lives and studies in Taiwan. You can also follow his adventures on Twitter.
  7. Far West China: Josh Summers spent several years teaching English in Xinjiang, China, and now blogs about the region and provides news and tips for travelers.
  8. Tourism Hong Kong: A well-organized, thorough index of the sights and sounds travelers can expect to experience when they go to Hong Kong.
  9. En Route: Ferdinand Decena’s blog covers his travels around the Philippines and the rest of the world, and it’s won several awards for the author.
  10. The NB Bushman: Tons of great info about Taiwan and other parts of Asia, from cultural observances to cuisine.
  11. Langyaw: Anyone interested in traveling to Taiwan should check this blog out.


  1. An American Stranger: Kevin Kravitz’s blog details his travels across Europe, including photos of some amazing places.
  2. Access Italy: Mario Scalzi’s blog about Italian life, culture, and (most importantly) food is a wonderful tool for travelers.
  3. Well, I Guess I Said I Wanted an Adventure…: This enterprising blogger who goes by the handle AmericanGirl moved to her ethnic homeland of the Czech Republic after graduating from college. Her blog is a funny, warm source of travel writing and European adventures.

 United States

  1. American Nomad: This wonderful Moon Travel Guides blog highlights the best in American travel, from popular resorts to little-known getaways. It’s the perfect resource for U.S. residents looking to explore their home.
  2. Notes From the Road: This gorgeous site is one of the most attractive travel blogs in the business, with plenty of fantastic photos to accompany the journal entries.
  3. Trans-Americas Journey: The couple running this blog started in the U.S. and worked south, recording their journey in this handy blog.
  4. Historic Traveler: This light-hearted blog is a great read. Sany Wieber takes trips to famous or historic locations around the country and chronicles her misadventures along the way.
  5. Wandering Washington: This blog focuses on the state, not the district, with blogger Ericka Chickowski offering up insights and stories about Washington and the greater Pacific Northwest.
  6. Travels With Children: Travelling with a big family can be a challenge, which is what makes this blog such a treasure for parents who love to see the world but might feel tied down by little ones. Full of info on family-friendly locations and venues including Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas, Colorado and even Hawaii and Alaska.

South America and Latin America

  1. Unique South America Travel Experience: This bubbly blog covers a host of South American territories, mixing history and personal anecdotes to create compelling travel stories.
  2. Bart’s Travel Blog: Bart de Graaf loves Latin America with a passion, and it shows in his blog, which has received acclaim from multiple online groups.
  3. Moon Over South America: The South America blog at the Moon Travel Guides site (one of the many they have to offer) is packed with news and tips that benefit travelers of all ages.
  4. South America Travel Blog: In addition to travel stories, this blog includes links to learn Spanish and volunteer in Latin and South America.
  5. Cuba & Costa Rica Journal: Christopher Baker, an expert in all things Cuban and Costa Rican, maintains this wonderful Moon blog.
  6. South America Travel Tips: An all-purpose blog about traveling to South America, with handy links to hotels.
  7. Guat’s Going On: Worth inclusion for the title alone, this Guatamala-focused blog is a wonderful resource for travelers looking to explore the country.
  8. Tranquilo Belize: This blog is all about making the most of a voyage to the Central American nation of Belize.

Becoming a Travel Writer

  1. Written Road: This blog is packed with news, tips, and contests for aspiring travel writers.
  2. Write to Travel: This simple blog contains regular round-ups of job opportunities as well as information on workshops and guidance to becoming a better travel writer.
  3. Travel Writers: With the tagline "The travails of travel writing," this blog deals with the ups and downs of making a living by writing about world travel.

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