100 Useful College Tools for Homeschoolers

Posted October 14, 2009

College is on the mind of many high school students and homeschoolers are no exception. If you’re searching for what you need to do to get in to a good school and succeed, you’ll find lots of help online. With these tools and resources, you’ll be able to get prepared to take on the challenge of college.


From planning to general tips, these resources have it all.

  1. Homeschool to College-February Checklist: This checklist will guide you through what you need to do to prepare for college.
  2. Tips for Home Schooled Students: Princeton offers some useful tips for college-bound high school students.
  3. College Planning Checklist: Use this checklist, and you’ll be able to plan ahead for college.
  4. High School Graduation Checklist: Follow this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered before you finish high school.
  5. Embark: This college planner can help you research, apply, and finance your college experience.
  6. College Terminology: Here you’ll learn some of the terms that are common in college.
  7. College Planning Calendar: With this calendar, you can make sure you’re up to date with everything important.
  8. The Big Transition: Homeschool to College: Read this article for some reassurance in making the big step from high school homeschooling to college.
  9. College Calendar Checklist: Track your college planning to dos using this checklist.


With these communities, you can talk to other students who are trying to get into college.

  1. Homeschool2college: Check out this group to find advice from families who are going through exactly what you are.
  2. College Admissions Forum: Talk about college admissions and college life on this forum.
  3. MyChances: Visit MyChances to talk about your chances of getting into colleges.
  4. College Confidential: In this community, you can talk about college admissions and choosing a college.
  5. How to Get In: Visit this forum to find out how to excel at college admissions.

College Prep

Use these tools to get prepared for college.

  1. College Preparations for Homeschoolers: Read this article to learn what you need to know about getting ready for college while homeschooling.
  2. The Three Q’s About College: Find out how to get prepared for college, what colleges really want to see, and how you can pay for school from this article.
  3. College Planning Checklist: This resource offers advice for college preparation at all levels.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions from Homeschool Students: Learn about what you need to do to prepare for college from this guide.
  5. High School Class Planning Worksheet: This worksheet will help you plan what you need to study before you get to college.
  6. AP Exams for Homeschooled Students: Here you’ll learn how homeschooled students can take advantage of AP exams.
  7. Subjects Required for College: In this article, you will find out what you need to study if you’re planning on going to college.


Make use of these resources to get into college.

  1. Transcript Template: This transcript template offers the details of what colleges are looking for in transcripts.
  2. Home Schooled College Admissions: The College Board offers pearls of wisdom for high school homeschoolers going through the admissions process.
  3. OEDb Online College Rankings: Find rankings for online education programs on OEDb.
  4. How to Get Into College from Homeschool: Use these practical tips to get into the college of your choice.
  5. RateMyProfessors: With this website, you’ll be able to pick out schools based on professor ratings.
  6. College Planning Calendar: This calendar will keep you on top of important dates and deadlines.
  7. US News & World Report: Check out the US News & World Report to check out rankings from schools all over the US.
  8. 7 Key Questions to Ask a College Admissions Officer: This article offers advice on standing out in college admissions.
  9. Scholarships.com College Search: Use this search to find a great college and scholarships.
  10. Homeschool Students Checklist: This checklist offers a great guide for homeschool students applying anywhere.
  11. College Admissions Planner: With this planner, you can keep up with important dates, tasks, and more for getting into college.
  12. Campus Explorer: Campus Explorer makes it easy to find the right school for you.
  13. College Admissions for Homeschoolers: Read this article to learn about the college admissions process for homeschoolers.
  14. SparkCollege: Find Your College Fit: The SparkCollege tool will help you find a great fit for college.
  15. Toccoa Falls College: Home-School Students: Read this question and answer page to learn about the admissions process for homeschoolers at Toccoa Falls.
  16. CollegeCalendar: This calendar offers a tool that can help you get organized for college acceptance.
  17. Counselor-O-Matic: Find a great college for you with College-O-Matic.


With these tools, you can ace the SAT and ACT.

  1. College Level Examination Program: You can move on to more advanced classes and graduate on time by getting college credit through CLEP.
  2. Official SAT Practice Questions: Use these questions to improve your skills in writing, critical reading, and math.
  3. Preparing for the ACT: With this booklet, you’ll find lots of useful information that will help you prepare for the ACT.
  4. SAT Essay Prompts: Practice your writing skills with these SAT practice essay prompts.
  5. Free ACT Online Demo and Practice Test: With this tool, you’ll be able to test your ACT skills.
  6. Number2: Use this site to take free online test prep courses.
  7. The Official SAT Question of the Day: Use this question every day to practice for the SATs.
  8. My College Quick Start: You’ll be able to get a personalized SAT planning kit from this tool.
  9. Spark Notes SAT Practice Test: Practice for the SAT by taking this practice test.
  10. ACT Sample Tests: Use these practice questions to build your ACT skills.
  11. Official SAT Practice Test: Use this practice test, and you’ll get an examination of your SAT skills.

Finding a College

These resources will help you find the right college for you.

  1. National Junior Scholarship College Fair: Attend one of these fairs to consider your college options and possibly even get a scholarship.
  2. College Comparison Worksheet: With the help of this worksheet, you’ll be able to compare your top 5 colleges.
  3. Home School Friendly Colleges: On this website, you’ll find a list of colleges and universities that are open to accepting homeschoolers.
  4. Student Search Service: You can use this service to find colleges and scholarships.
  5. MatchCollege: Get matched up with the college that’s right for you on this website.
  6. College Choice Variables: Use this variable tool to choose your school based on what’s most important to you.
  7. eCampus Tours: With this tool, you can get a virtual tool of many colleges.
  8. College Search: With this tool from College Board, you can find the right college for you.
  9. Colleges That Have Admitted Homeschoolers: Here you’ll learn about various colleges that have admitted homeschoolers.
  10. Cappex: Fill out a Cappex profile, and you can have colleges come to you.
  11. College Visits: A Planning Checklist: Use this checklist to plan a great college visit.
  12. College Navigator: Visit the College Navigator to find the best school for you.
  13. Kiplinger’s 100 Best Values in Public Colleges: Use this ranking to find excellent college education values.
  14. CampusCompare: Check out CampusCompare to search for colleges based on what matters most to you.
  15. CollegeView College Search: With this search, you’ll be able to find a school by major, location, and other important details.
  16. College Planning Profile: This profile will help you get matched with excellent colleges.
  17. Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers: Here you’ll find more than 1,000 schools that accept homeschoolers.


You can plan your future career with the help of these tools and resources.

  1. O*Net: Use O*Net, and you’ll get a career matched to you based on your skills.
  2. Bureau of Labor Statistics: The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a wealth of information about careers and industries.
  3. JobStar: Find loads of career guides on JobStar.
  4. Career Explorer: Get a look into a variety of schools through the Career Explorer.
  5. MyMajors: Use this quiz to find advice and get matched up with a great college major.
  6. Princeton Review 5 Minute Career Quiz: With this quiz, you’ll get help figuring out what you should study.
  7. MyRoad: Check out MyRoad to find a wealth of career planning tools.
  8. Work Interest Quiz: Take this quiz to find out what you’re best suited for working in.

Financial Aid

Get your finances in order for college using these tools.

  1. Budget Calculator: This budget calculator will help you get a handle on your budget for college.
  2. FAFSA: Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to get started with financial aid.
  3. Real Cost Comparison Calculator: This calculator will help you figure out the real cost of attending specific colleges.
  4. Scholarships and Homeschooled Students: Here you’ll find a guide to scholarships for homeschool students.
  5. Savings Plan Designer: Put together a savings plan to make sure you have enough for college with this tool.
  6. PROFILE: Use this tool to apply for lots of scholarships at once.
  7. FastWeb: You can use FastWeb to search for all kinds of scholarships and financial aid.
  8. Princeton Review Scholarship Search: With this scholarship search, you can find the best scholarships for you.
  9. Tax Benefits for Education: This tax publication will teach you about useful tax information for education.
  10. College Scholarships for Homeschoolers: With this article, you’ll learn how to get ahead in college scholarships as a homeschooler.
  11. College Cost Comparison Worksheet: Use this worksheet, and you can compare the cost of a variety of colleges.
  12. Financial Aid Calendar: Stay up to date on financial aid dates with the help of this calendar.
  13. Tuition Model: You’ll get the information you need to figure out tuition increases from this tool.
  14. Tuition Savings Calculator: This calculator makes it easy for you to find out how much you need to save for college.
  15. Compare Your Aid Awards: This tool will help you compare awards for financial aid.
  16. Expected Family Contribution: Use this calculator to find out how much your family will be expected to contribute.
  17. Award Analyzer: Using this tool, you’ll be able to compare award offers.
  18. College Cost Projector: Use this projector to find out how much you’ll need for college.


Check out these books that are full of advice for college-bound homeschoolers.

  1. And What About College?: Read this book to find out how homeschooling can get you into the best colleges and universities.
  2. Admission Matters: In this book, you’ll learn what you need to know about getting into college.
  3. The Everything College Survival Book: This book will help you survive everything from your social life to study skills.
  4. College-Prep Homeschooling: This book offers a complete guide to homeschooling through high school.
  5. Winning the College Admission Game: Find strategies for parents and students in this book.
  6. Been There, Should’ve Done That: Read this book to find loads of tips for making the most of college.
  7. Homeschoolers’ College Admissions Handbook: Find out how to get prepared for a smooth transition from this book.
  8. The New Rules of College Admissions: In this book, you’ll find revelations from 10 former college admissions officers.

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