50 Best Free Book Apps for Your iPhone

Posted November 30, 2009

Before, bibliophiliacs may have enjoyed their iPhones, but now they truly have a reason to love them. From finding your favorite books to keeping up with the newest best sellers, new iPhone apps have everything the modern book lover needs. Luckily, it does not make a difference where you live – Vermont, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, Hawaii – you can download these free applications and gain access to nearly a million free books.

Accessing Books

From your favorite book to the all-time classics, you’ll find nearly every book in print on one of these links.

  1. Classics: When you are on the go and when you don’t have the book you want most, this app is the next best thing.
  2. Easy Text Reader: Easy TXT reader is a simple and convenient tool for reading and viewing books in text formats using your iPhone. More than 30 settings to make all of the texts easy to read.
  3. eBooks by Shortcovers: Shortcovers is the digital destination to experience your next great read on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Create your own digital library.
  4. Free Books: 23,469 books, including the pillars of human literature, from Shakespeare to Cicero to Mark Twain, provided without cost- on your iPhone OR on your computer.
  5. Books on iPhone: More than 20,000 books, novels and articles optimized for iPhone reading for FREE.
  6. myBooks: myBooks is a book catalog application with stunning graphics.
  7. Yong iReader: You can easily read your Adobe pdf or ebooks offline on your iPhone.
  8. Next Read: With Next Read you can easily add and search for books when you hear about them, and then view your list when you are out shopping for books. Simple and fast.
  9. LibMob: LibMob offers prices, reviews, and other information about books. Handy for when you’re at the book store or library and aren’t sure if a book is worth getting or is cheaper online.
  10. Books on iPhone: Get book after book with this awesome app.
  11. Free iPhone eBooks: Use this web application to turn your iPhone or iPodTouch into an eBook reader. Pick from a growing list of free eBooks.
  12. Book Search: This book allows you to search for books by ISBN to view prices at online stores.
  13. B&N eReader: There are over 500,000 books available on the Barnes & Noble’s e-reader iPhone application.
  14. Great Books Mega Collection: Get 200 great classics, plus thousands of other books with this app.
  15. eTextbooks for iPhone: Access more than 7,000 college textbooks.
  16. Eucalyptus: Choose from 20,000 books, and read them on the go.
  17. Wattpad: This is the book app motherlode; get 100,000 free books.
  18. Amazon Mobile: Get instant access to the entire Amazon site with this useful application.
  19. Short Covers: Get all the New York Times best sellers with this fabulous app.
  20. 7 Horrors Books: From Dracula to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, get the classic horror stories.
  21. 100 Greatest Short Stories: These short literary wonders will leave you with a new appreciation of short stories–and your iPhone.
  22. Fairy Tales: These 132 tales by Hans Christian Andersen induce a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

Reading and Literature Tools

Here you’ll find a reading light, test-your-knowledge quizzes, and lighter reading like haikus and proverbs.

  1. iPocket Bible: iPocketBible is everything you need for Bible reading and study using your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. Daily Haiku. Explore traditional Japanese haiku with a new one delivered every day to your iPhone.
  3. Stanza. This e-reader allows you to download free or paid books from a variety of places and has plenty of options such as varying fonts, sizes, bookmark, definitions, screen brightness, and more.
  4. Narrator. If you like hearing books while reading along or if you have children who enjoy looking at picture books, then this multimedia storytelling app will be a great addition to your library.
  5. Aristotle’s complete works (with search). Study the teachings of one of the most respected thinkers of all times with this app that allows for searching within the texts.
  6. Margins (book notes). If you like to take notes in the margins of your books, then try this app that keeps all your margin notes together on your iPhone.
  7. Book Quiz. Get quizzes with ten multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of literature.
  8. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. Avid readers and literature students will benefit from this comprehensive text that provides insight to almost 1,200 troublesome literary terms.
  9. Zen Proverbs. Shake or tap your iPhone to get a new Zen proverb upon which to meditate each time.
  10. World Proverbs. Get almost 4000 proverbs from cultures around the globe that you can search, shake to find a random proverb, or swipe to go to the next one.
  11. Confucius. Find inspiration in this collection of meaningful sayings from Confucius.
  12. Quick Reader-The Speed Reading eBook Reader: This app features 21 classics, but what really rocks about it is that it teaches you to read faster and stronger.
  13. Reading Light: Ok, so this isn’t exactly a free book, but when you have your favorite hardcover with you and you just can’t stop reading, use this nifty nightlight to help you see after dark.

Kids’ Books

  1. Binky the Pink Elephant: This great children’s book has plenty of 5-star ratings to speak for it.
  2. iStoryTime Kids Books: This library of books will keep your kiddos occupied in every situation.
  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider: Show the kids in your life you love them by letting them play with this app, simultaneously they’ll learn the classic childhood song.
  4. Wheels on the Bus: Kids love this singalong story book.
  5. First Words: This app will help with early child development by teaching him how to read at a young age.

Literature in Culture

These book apps contain the art of reading in the context of culture.

  1. Quote Book: Never be without the perfect quote again. This app comes in handy for graduation cards and other occasions that need a few words of praise or encouragement.
  2. Art Lite: This free app is like an art gallery in your phone. View famous works of art from Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and more influential artists. You can also test your knowledge of the masterpieces by taking a quiz.
  3. Random Pose: Inspire your artistic side with the Random Pose app that features 19,000 human poses to reference while you’re drawing or sculpting.
  4. Essay Starter Kit by Essay Writing Wizard: Need help beginning that essay due in a few days? This application gives you good tips and solid essay writing techniques that will shape your words into a great essay.
  5. Greek Gods: Learn all about the Greek gods of mythology with this app on your iPhone or iTouch. You’ll be one step ahead if you ever sign up for a Greek mythology class.
  6. The Artist: Vincent Van Gogh: This app provides background information on the famed artist Vincent Van Gogh and his works.
  7. World Wonders: Find all the wonders of the world in the palm of your hands. World Wonders has pictures, facts and quizzes on more than 100 amazing natural and man-made wonders.
  8. Johan Sebastian Bach: This educational app is devoted to composer Johan Sebastian Bach. Hear 44 samples of his pieces while you read up on Bach’s life with the included biography.
  9. Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms: If you need to know the definitions of numerous art terms on the fly, download the Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms for a reliable resource.
  10. Oxford Dictionary of Shakespeare: Become a seasoned bard with the Oxford Dictionary of Shakespeare app. Just don’t get too carried away with all the Shakespearean terms and begin to talk like a person straight from the Middle Ages. People might look at you funny unless you’re at a Renaissance Fair.

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