50 Terrific Tools to Connect With Other Homeschoolers Online

Posted October 22, 2009

If you’re learning or teaching as a home schooler, it can sometimes be difficult to get connected with others. However, the Internet is a great resource for finding students and parents that you can connect with from Alaska to Connecticut and even meet up with locally. Make use of these tools to get connected with other homeschoolers online .


These communities offer a variety of resources for homeschoolers.

  1. Homeschool.com: Homeschool.com boasts itself as the #1 homeschooling community.
  2. The Homeschool Lounge: The Homeschool Lounge offers encouragement and support.
  3. Homeschool World: Visit this homeschool site to find events, organizations, forums, and more.
  4. HSsegue: This site is great for connecting, empowering, and supporting homeschoolers.
  5. Secular Homeschool: Get connected with groups, forums, blogs, and lots more using Secular Homeschool.

Forums & Discussion

Bring up points of discussion on these forums.

  1. Time4Learning: In the parents forum, you can discuss kids, education, and more.
  2. Homeschool Forums: Homeschool Forums has message boards, chats, and groups for Christian homeschoolers.
  3. Leaping From the Box: Check out Leaping From the Box to find a homeschooling and unschooling chat.
  4. A2Z Homeschool Chat Room: This chat room offers a hosted chat schedule.
  5. Homeschool Christian: On these message boards, you can connect with other Christian homeschooling families.
  6. Homeschool Chat: Join this group made for parents who homeschool.
  7. Homeschool Spot: Homeschool Spot offers a great place to chat with other homeschooling educators.
  8. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum: Use this forum to find interaction and resources for gifted homeschoolers.


You can find the support you need through these tools.

  1. Education for the Soul: Education for the Soul offers encouragement and ideas for Christian homeschooling parents.
  2. Catholic Homeschool Support: You will get support for Catholic homeschooling from this site.
  3. Homeschool Support Network: This network has been serving homeschool families since 1986.
  4. Local Homeschool: Find local homeschool support groups on this site.
  5. Homeschooling Support Groups: You can find pages for support groups here.

Social Networking

These tools offer social networking for homeschoolers.

  1. FuseFly: FusyFly is a social network for homeschoolers around the world.
  2. The Homeschool Group: Get web hosting, blogging, and more from this homeschool social network.
  3. HomeschoolsLikeUs: Check out this site to find other homeschooling families.


Discuss and connect with other homeschoolers through these groups.

  1. Homeschooling Girls: Learn all about homeschooling girls from this group.
  2. HomeschoolSupport: In this group, you’ll find support for homeschooling and other alternative education programs.
  3. Homefires: Find homeschool support and resources from Homefires.
  4. Homeschool Country Living: This group discusses country education for families.
  5. Homeschool Social Register: Join this register to get in touch with homeschoolers in your area all over the world.
  6. HeartofHomeschoolMoms: Here you’ll find a depression support group for homeschool moms.
  7. Many-Paths: Many-Paths is a group that welcomes all homeschooling parents.
  8. HomeschoolDaycare: HomeschoolDaycare is a great group for those who homeschool their children and run a daycare at home.
  9. 00-Homeschooling: 00-Homeschooling is for those who are currently homeschooling or hope to do so soon.
  10. HSGifted: Check out this group, and you will be able to talk to other homeschooling parents of gifted children.
  11. Organize-to-Homeschool: This group helps homeschoolers deal with organization.
  12. Homeschooling Boys: Learn about boy-friendly homeschooling in this group.
  13. Homeschooling_Help: Find encouragement and help for homeschooling from this group.
  14. Educators Who Homeschool: This group is created for professional educators who homeschool their children.
  15. Firetime: Firetime is a group for homeschool notebooking.
  16. Delight-Driven Christian Home Educators: Get support from other Christian home educators through this group.
  17. Environmental Homeschooling: This group focuses on homeschooling in natural rhythms.
  18. Kindergarten at Home: Become a part of this group of homeschoolers teaching preschool and kindergarten.
  19. GayHomeschoolers: Check out this group for gay homeschoolers and people who are thinking about it.

Local Resources

Form connections and meet with other homeschooling families in your area using these tools.

  1. The Community Co-Op: This co-op offers a community for Chicago area homeschoolers.
  2. CA-Homeschooling: You can connect with other California homeschoolers through this group.
  3. Home Education Network of Arizona: HENA supports home education in Arizona.
  4. Broward Christian Homeschoolers: Become a part of events and support in Broward County, Florida through this group.
  5. New Jersey Homeschoolers Support Network: Get support and encouragement for homeschooling from the New Jersey Homeschoolers Support Network.
  6. SASHweb: Salem Area Support for Homeschoolers is designed to support homeschoolers in the Salem, Oregon area.
  7. California Homeschool Network: Get help from homeschool networks and support groups in California through this group.
  8. Southern Maryland Homeschooling: Join these groups to get connected with Southern Maryland homeschool families.
  9. STP_Homeschoolers: Homeschoolers in the St. Tammany and Mississippi Gulf Coast regions will enjoy being a part of this group.
  10. ACE-Homeschoolers: Homeschoolers in Colorado will enjoy being a part of this group.

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