The 18 Best Babes From College Movies

Posted March 10, 2009

By Hannah Watson

College movies are typically formulaic: star a couple of quirky but rambunctious young men, a couple of co-eds that are way out of their league, and eccentric antagonist, beer, and a zany situation. Producers of these films recognize that this premise is a great sale, made even more successful when several boobs are thrown into the mix. And that brings us to what is really important, the on-screen eye candy. Following is a list of the most babalicious college hotties, or the best college babes, from movies.

Nadia – American Pie 2 (2001) Shannon Elizabeth


Shannon Elizabeth was easily the hottest foreign exchange student to ever grace the silver screen. And just hearing her fake accent could sends shivers down your spine. We have no idea as to why she didn’t get topless in the sequel, which is the only reason why anyone bought tickets to American Pie 2 in the first place.

Tracy – Son-In-Law (1993) Tiffani Amber Thiessen


Playing the squeaky clean girlfriend of the always-plotting Zach on the popular teen hit, “Saved By The Bell” made her a household name. Thiessen’s role in role as a conniving small-town hussy in this film however, would pave the way for her to take on subsequent roles as a sexed-up bad girl (with breast implants).

Darcie – Old School (2003) Elisha Cuthbert


Relationships are on the rocks lately for actress Elisha Cuthbert. Her ex-boyfriend Sean Avery was booted from his Dallas Stars after he publicly referred to her as sloppy seconds. Her role in Old School however, cements her place on this list – even though she played a high-schooler. (Note: she was 20yrs old while filming this part).

Beth – Road Trip (2000) Amy Smart


Rule No 1, don’t ever send a girlfriend a videotaped message. Ever. Because according to Murphy’s Law, when you hook up with the hottest girl on campus she’ll probably do something like hit the ‘record’ button. Then you’ll probably mess up and send that tape to your girlfriend, or at least think you did, and then a cross-country road trip and hilarity will ensue. Wait, maybe you should send the tape.

Gwen Pearson – National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002) Tara Reid



With all of Tara Reid’s mishaps in the past few years, botched boob job and tummy tuck, and all of her wild party escapades, we must remember that she was once hot. So let’s forget about all that and focus on what really matters:, what she looked like before the train wrecked.

Jill Taylor – 21 (2008) Kate Bosworth


Students at MIT can only dream that she hasn’t ruled out furthering her education. But until some trim of Taylor’s caliber enrolls there, they’ll probably just nerd out to something like this: distance (x,y) = sqrt{ SUM(xi – yi)2 }½

Lara – The Rules of Attraction (2002) Jessica Biel

Lauren – The Rules of Attraction (2002) Shannyn Sossaman


Over the last few years Biel has proved that she has more than just a pretty face, she has a pretty body as well. Absolutely stunning. And with Sossaman, there’s always something so hot about those dark sarcastic types that intrigues us. Probably because they shoot us down every time we hit on them, and we just want more.

Petra Von Kant – Biodome (1996) Kylie Minogue


Australian born Kylie Minogue has consistently been voted one of the world’s hottest women during the past decade. In January 1994, she was voted #1 amongst “The 50 Most Shaggable People” by the prestigious UK music magazine Select, two years before she appeared in Biodome. And, with good reason.

Cindy Bandolini – Harvard Man (2002) Sarah Michelle Gellar


After starring as the gorgeous garlic-wielding vampire killing, Buffy, in the hit TV show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Gellar would go on to star in numorous films. She was even nominated for, “Best Breakthrough Performance” at the MTV Movie Awards for I Know What You Did Last Summer, and is a fixture among the many “Hottest Women in the World” lists. The bottom line, is that she is really, really attractive.

Lana – Down to You (2000) Rosario Dawson


Sex appeal has landed Rosario Dawson roles in movies such as Sin City, (in which she did a magnificent nude scene by the way). She also appears in the movie version of the musical Rent where she plays a character said to have the “best ass below 14th Street” . Dawson earned this distinction, by having the best ass below 14th Street.

Betty Childs – Revenge of the Nerds (1984) Julia Montgomery


This movie almost made being a nerd cool. The curvaceous coeds were lead by the steamy sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Betty Childs. Hooray for the horn-rimmed, awful clothes wearing nerds for getting back at the jocks. But in all seriousness, that scene where she takes her robe off to hop in the shower, takes the cake.

Rebecca – Son-In-Law (1993) Carla Gugino


A country bumpkin, who falls in love with a city boy, takes him home to meet her parents, etc etc etc. In this coming of age (mostly for Pauly Shore) film, Gugino goes from near-Amish to that frisky sex kitten we all knew she could be.

Angela – Slackers (2002) James King


James King’s first rise to fame was her role as nurse Betty Bayer in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor. The model-turned-actress delivered a convincing performance of a gorgeous co-ed in one of the most underrated college movies of all-time, and makes Schwartzman’s obsessive character seem all the more normal.

Katy – National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) Karen Allen


Animal House is “The Godfather” of all college movies: rude, and crude, it is the film all other college movies have either tried to become, or tried to one-up. Karen Allen is the babe in this flick that got the attention of director Steven Spielberg, and how could you not notice her at a raging toga party, participating in keg stands and all around debauchery?

Monica – Accepted (2006) Blake Lively


This girl has got that California girl-next-door kind of hotness to her that has us drooling every time she comes over to borrow some sugar.

Charlotte Higginson – National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj (2006) Lauren Cohan


Lauren Cohan is so incredibly English and hot. The scene where she is prancing around in her underwear acting like a cat would be a dream to encounter first hand. But she has the most amazing behind. Too bad Taj’s parents have to barge in and ruin the whole show. Who’s parents show up in the middle of a party anyways? We would disown them right then and there.

Elle Woods – Legally Blonde (2001) Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon is one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, and this movie was horrible. The solution: watch the film on mute.

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