Top 50 Apps for the Twittering Teacher

Posted October 6, 2009

Keeping in touch with students online, whether you teach a fully online class or like to connect with students after school to share resources and facilitate discussion, is easier than ever with social networking sites like Twitter. You can do everything from organize presentations, talk with parents, manage group projects, and help your students with research projects. Check out these 50 apps for better classroom Twittering regardless of where you live: Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri – does not matter.


Incorporate audio, video, photos and other media and links into your presentation from Twitter, where you can store material until you’re ready to use it, or give a presentation directly from Twitter.

  1. Tweetube: This is like YouTube for Twitter, except that you can also share photos, links and bookmarks.
  2. SnapTweet: Post your Flickr photos on Twitter with this app.
  3. Twitxr: You can upload photos onto Twitter from any mobile phone, including iPhones, with this tool.
  4. Twitpic: This popular photo sharing app lets you post pictures from your phone or directly through the site.
  5. QuoteURL: Make a slide or page for your presentation cutting and pasting different tweets and updates on a single page with this app.
  6. BubbleTweet: Add video bubble tweets to make your feed more interactive and talk directly to your students.
  7. Tinysong: Type in the name of a song and share it on Twitter.
  8. Twitterbox: Sync Second Life and Twitter with Twitterbox.
  9. is another easy way to share music on Twitter and add sound to your Twitter presentations.
  10. Twitvid: Use Twitvid to easily upload video files to Twitter or record one yourself.

Group Projects

Get your entire classroom on Twitter to share links and discuss lessons, or set up smaller groups for individual projects.

  1. Twitly: Separate your followers into groups by class or by group project.
  2. Cotweet: Use Twitter for research, group projects and productivity. More than one member can update a single account with Cotweet.
  3. Twickie: Effectively manage groups and multiple classes on Twitter and Facebook with Twickie.
  4. Twtpoll: Use Twitter to poll students and get feedback.
  5. Twingr: Create your own microblogging community with Twingr.
  6. Tweetizen: Find a group that’s tweeting about something you’re discussing in class. Drop in on the conversation during your own class time to broaden your students’ ideas about a project or issue.
  7. FileTwt: Send your students files on Twitter with FileTwt.
  8. GroupTweet: Set up private groups with direct messaging.
  9. Twitorg: Use this service to create organizations that can garner their own following on Twitter.
  10. Tweetworks: Use this app to manage a threaded discussion.


Help your students master the research process as you share links, attach notes to tweets and direct them to educational feeds that will supplement your own classroom teaching.

  1. Annotated Links: With this app, you can share groups of links with students with your notes attached.
  2. Twilert: Use Twilert to get alerts anytime your subject or keyword is mentioned on Twitter.
  3. Twitthat: Add this app to your toolbar, and then click it whenever you want to tweet a website you’re visiting.
  4. Topsy: This search engine digs through tweets to pull up your results.
  5. Twitority: Encourage students to use this app when looking for authoritative sources.
  6. Twups: Twups is a Twitter aggregator that keeps you updated on conversations from your selected subjects, like technology or politics.
  7. Tweepz: Find people to follow on Twitter with this search engine that lets you search by keyword or phrase.
  8. Postica: Add sticky notes to your tweets when you want to point out something to your students.
  9. Twiggit: Direct students to the articles you digg with this tool.
  10. Twitscoop: Twitscoop is a powerful tool for staying on top of conversations and finding which people to follow.

Personal Tools and Organizers

Stay organized yourself with these apps that help you save old tweets, schedule tweets ahead of time, and more.

  1. twAitter: Schedule tweets ahead of time with twAitter.
  2. 30 Boxes: This online calendar and organizer can sync with Twitter.
  3. Hootsuite: This professional Twitter client lets you track stats, manage teams on Twitter, monitor keywords, and organize Twitter streams into tabs and margins.
  4. Twickie: Keep track of student responses and messages with Twickie.
  5. Tweetree: Recall Twitter "conversations" and discussions by viewing tweets in context.
  6. Twistory: Backlog your tweets with your online calendar to stay organized and save lesson plans.
  7. Power Twitter: Power Twitter is an app for Firefox, Safari, Greasemonkey and Chrome that, among other things, lets you preview shortened links so that you know they’re safe for students.
  8. Twtvite: Organize and manage events, from class parties to field trips.
  9. Twit2Do: With Twit2Do, you can organize to-do lists.
  10. TweetDeck: Set up TweetDeck to clearly view all of your Twitter followers, messages, groups, trending topics and more.

Performance and Grading

Grade your students on their Twitter participation with these tools.

  1. Twitter Line: If you need to grade a student based on participation in Twitter discussion, keep track of their usage with a Twitter Line timeline.
  2. Twitter Grader: Easily view how engaged a student is on Twitter with Twitter Grader.
  3. Tweetcloud: Tweetcloud makes it easy for you to glance at a student’s activity on Twitter, contextually.
  4. Twitter Analyzer: Get stats and analytics for Twitter users here.
  5. Twesents: Send Twesents, little virtual images or presents, to signify rewards, bonus points and good work.
  6. TwTask: Use this app to create task lists for students, groups and yourself.


Besides all of the fancy stuff, Twitter is simply a great tool for keeping in touch. Update parents and remain accessible to students and other teachers via Twitter with the help of these final apps.

  1. LoudTwitter: Send Twitter updates to your blog with LoudTwitter.
  2. Tweetparty: Organize parents and groups of students to send mass messages.
  3. Twerbose: If you need more than 140 characters, use Twerbose to get around the limit.
  4. Twishlistter: Create wish lists for party supplies, classroom tools and more, and encourage parents to follow.

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