100 Awesome Organization Posts Start Your New Semester

Posted January 28, 2010

Many students start out the school year with every intention of staying organized, sticking to a study schedule and meeting personal goals. Where they end up come second semester is often a different story. Whether you’ve made it your resolution to be a more organized college student this year or just want to actually be able to use your desk space again, these great blog posts will help you get in the organization groove and hopefully stay there through the end of the semester and beyond.


These general organization tips will work for students at any place in their education or just about anyone else – students in Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, Minnesota, Nevada – doesn’t matter!

  1. Organizing Tips for the New Year: Check out this post for some basic ideas on how to get organized and start your year and semester off right.
  2. Getting back on track after break: Getting back into the habit of studying, going to bed at a decent hour and sticking to a schedule can be hard after a break, but this post offers some helpful tips.
  3. Keeping Those Resolutions: If your resolution was to get organized, you can find some advice on sticking to it here.
  4. Heading Back to College in Organized Style: This post offers ideas on how to get organized while you’re away at school.
  5. Staying Organized in College: This post will provide a great collection of tools online and off to keep your organized at college.
  6. 7 Secrets of the Super Organized: Learn what you’re missing when it comes to staying organized from those who do it well in this post.
  7. 20 Ideas to Help Students Get Organized: Take a look at these simple tips on ways that you can lead a more organized life.
  8. College Clutter Crisis: Learn how to reduce your stress by getting organized in this post.
  9. Organization Tips for New Graduate Students: You don’t have to be a graduate student to appreciate the advice for students in this post.
  10. Organization and Clutter Methods For Dyslexic Students at College or University: If you’ve got a learning disability, you can do yourself a big favor by reading this post and figuring out ways to keep yourself organized.
  11. Organizing for College: Read this post to learn some of the essentials of being organized.
  12. College Life: Dispelling Myths About Getting Organized: Learn why getting organized doesn’t have to mean being super neat and other facts that could help you along your way to getting organized.
  13. 8 Ways to Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Getting organized doesn’t have to take hours of your time, as this post shows. A little bit at a time can go a long way.


If you haven’t seen the surface of your desk or study space since the first week of classes, maybe now is the time to finally straighten it up so you can use it for something more useful than storing your junk–like studying.

  1. Homework Haven: Organizing Your Homework Station: While this post is intended for younger studiers, the tips can be applied to anyone looking to create a clean and distraction-free study space.
  2. 5 Easy Ways to Keep School Papers from Piling Up: Learn how to tackle that stack of old paper, syllabi and other junk in this post.
  3. Tips for organizing your home office: You may not have a home office per se, but your desk area is an office of sorts, and you can learn how to clean it up here.
  4. Conquering Paper Clutter: With notes and assignments, not to mention bills and letters, your desk can pile up fast. Use these tips to conquer it.
  5. Organizing Paper Files: Keep your academic and financial records organized with advice found here.
  6. Tips to Tame the Clutter Monster: Tackle your messy space with tips here on getting all that clutter under control.
  7. What to Do When Your Desk is a Disaster: If your desk is a wasteland, consider trying some of the methods in this post to get it under control.
  8. Today is National Clean Your Desk Day: Even if it’s not, you can use this post as motivation to tidy up your workspace.
  9. Organizing Your Home Office Desk: Keep your desk a place to work and write and not a storage place for junk with advice in this post.
  10. Create More Desk Space with These Organizing Tips: Make the most of your desk, however tiny, with this organization-focused post.
  11. Five uncluttering things you can do in your office right now: Use these small steps as a starting place to organizing your study space.
  12. 12 Tips for an Organized Desk: You’ll be able to enjoy a clean and organized desk with a few pointers found in this post.


If your laptop or desktop has become a jumble of photos, music and files, it’s time to give it a good old fashioned clean sweep. Use these tips to learn how to do it right.

  1. Computer Organization for College and Grad Students: This blog post offers to teach you how to keep your computer neat and easy to use.
  2. Decluttering: Sort Out Those Files: Read through this post to learn how to organize, delete and manage all your digital info.
  3. Organizing Your Electronic Files: Don’t waste time searching through your files to find what you need. This guide will explain how to get organized.
  4. Top 10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life: Lifehacker offers some ideas on how to reduce the clutter on your desktop and online with a few simple fixes here.
  5. Five Ways to De-Clutter Your Desktop: Those with Apple computers can use this guide to get their computers looking ship-shape.
  6. 3 Ways to Organize and De-Clutter Your Windows Desktop: This guide offers some of the same tips only geared towards Windows users instead.
  7. Email Zen: Clear Out Your Inbox: Learn how to finally clear out and organize your inbox so you won’t be sorting through numerous files
  8. Using Technology to Organize Your Life: This post will show you some ways that technology can help, not hinder, getting you organized and on track.
  9. How to Organize Your Computer: This post will show you some simple ways to keep your computer neat.
  10. Oops, I Forgot My Password: 10 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Passwords Forever: Find yourself forgetting important passwords all the time? This post will show you how to keep them organized.
  11. Organizing Your Desktop-Computer Desktop That Is!: Use this post to help you create a pretty and clutter-free computer desktop.
  12. Four Tips to Speed Up Your PC: Sometimes clearing out the clutter can mean speeding up your computer, as you’ll learn from this post.


Clean up your dorm or apartment with helpful advice found on these blogs.

  1. 10 Tips for Staying Organized: This post from Apartment Therapy offers some great ideas on ways you can stay organized around the house.
  2. Spring Cleaning: Organizing the Junk Drawer: Whether it’s a junk drawer or a whole junk dresser, learn how to clean it up and clear it out here.
  3. Get Rid of Useless Crap: This post will help you learn how to get rid of all the stuff you no longer need so you won’t have to move it or have it take up useful space.
  4. Organizing Your Apartment: Try out some of the ideas in this post to make the most of your apartment.
  5. Organizing Your Apartment: The College Student’s Nightmare and Fantasyland: Here you’ll get straight shooting advice on how to keep organized as a student and why it actually is important.
  6. Tips for Organizing Small Spaces: Often, dorms and college apartments are pretty small. This post offers some ideas on how organization can make the most of the space.
  7. Cleaning and Organizing Your Bedroom: You likely spend a good amount of time in your bedroom studying or sleeping, so learn how to tidy it up through this post.
  8. Two Best Organizing Tools that Don’t Cost a Dime: Organizing doesn’t mean buying a million containers. This post shows how what really matters won’t cost you anything.
  9. Cleaning and Organizing: Check out this collection of informative posts to learn how to organize just about everything in your home.
  10. Organizing, Moving and Cleaning Ideas for your Rented Space: Get tips on controlling clutter, cleaning and getting organized from this post.
  11. The Super Easy Approach to Decluttering your Home: This post takes a no-nonsense approach to determining what stays and what goes.
  12. Dorm Room Organization: Those still living in the dorms can get some ideas on organizing and storage solutions here.


Learn how to study better, improve your grades and be a better student this semester from these blog posts.

  1. Organizing Academia: This post will teach you to more effectively use your time and resources when it comes to doing well in school.
  2. Organizing for test taking: Learn how to prepare yourself and get organized when you have a test coming up.
  3. Psychological Tips for Effective Studying: Organize your space and your mind for getting the most out of studying with advice found here.
  4. Organizing My School Work: In this post you’ll find some great tips on getting your school work organized.
  5. Use Better Tools to be a Better Student in 2010: Try out the tech solutions suggested in this post to make school work go faster and more efficiently.
  6. Homework Tips for Students: Learn why organization will not only help you do better with homework but in the rest of life as well, and get some tips on how to get there in this blog.
  7. How to Improve Your Grades in College: Want to improve your grades? The vast majority of tips on this post say getting organized is the key.
  8. Homework Tips for Busy College Students: Learn how to create a schedule and organize your time most effectively to get homework done with help from this post.
  9. Develop Your Academic Discipline to Succeed in College: Through this post you’ll learn why it’s important to stay organized and have a set study schedule for doing your best in school.
  10. Organize Your Homework: Here you’ll get tips on ways to organize your homework with color coding.
  11. Organizing Your Notes for Studying: Get some great advice on pulling together your notes to study from this post.
  12. 7 Insanely Simple Ways to Ensure Your Project Gets Done: While it’s geared towards those in the work force, the advice in this post will help anyone with a big project to complete.


If organizing your time effectively is more of your problem, take a look at these great time management posts.

  1. Getting Things Done Explained for Students: This post will explain the GTD method as it applies to those in school.
  2. Organizing Your Time Isn’t as Hard as You Think: Learn why creating a schedule and employing good time management only sounds hard, but really isn’t.
  3. Time Management Tips for Students: Here you’ll find valuable advice on time management that stresses the importance of planning and keeping a calendar.
  4. Time Management Tips for Graduate Students: Students at all levels can use these tips to get ahead in their studies.
  5. Take Control of Your Life by Taking Control of Your Time: If you feel like you never have time to relax, learn how to you can take control of your time and make it work for you.
  6. Tips on Organizing Your Time: Make time for everything that’s important to you in your life with advice from this post.
  7. Hack Your Work: 23 Ways to Get Ahead, Work Less and Achieve More: Whether it’s homework or something else, you can learn how to work smarter, not harder, in this post.
  8. Five Productive Ways To Blast Through Your TV Addiction: Those who can’t tear themselves away from the TV to get anything done can learn helpful ways to break their bad habit here.
  9. The Dead Simple Guide to Beating Procrastination: Procrastination can be useful but it can also be stressful, so get some pointers on avoiding it from Zen Habits.
  10. Top 20 Motivation Hacks: An Overview: Try out this posting to get some ideas on how to get yourself motivated to accomplish what you need to do.
  11. 5 Important Benefits of Time Management for Students: This post will explain just why time management matters so much for students.
  12. My Ten Principles of Time Management: Get pointers from someone working in the real world on how time management can really work to organize and augment your life.


These blog posts will help you to organize your life. From setting goals to figuring out your life’s passion, you’ll get some great life overhaul tips.

  1. 7 Attitudes of Successful People: Are you having trouble meeting your personal goals or even determining what they should be? Learn how to act like the successful person you want to be with help from this post.
  2. Simplify Your Life: Delete Unwanted Commitments: In this post you’ll learn how getting activities you don’t really care about out of your life can help you make better use of your time.
  3. 8 Ways Doing Less Can Transform Your Work and Life: Getting more done doesn’t always mean working harder, as this post demonstrates.
  4. 12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life: From jotting down important ideas to keeping track of contact information, this post offers some good advice on getting everything in order.
  5. Improve Your Life by Following a Schedule: Read this post to learn why a schedule can have a good effect on your life.
  6. The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion: Still haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life? This post offers some advice.
  7. How to Create Your Life Plan: All of that organization won’t help you much if you don’t know where you want to end up. Learn how to create a life plan here.
  8. 11 Useful Tips on Setting Goals and Achieving Them: Learn how to organize your time and your ambitions by setting and working towards goals.
  9. Schedule Your Life, Find a Balance: This post offers some advice on why scheduling can offer you some much needed balance in your life.
  10. 11 Ways to Cure Someday Syndrome: Stop putting things off and start working towards them today with advice found here.
  11. How to Clear Your Life’s Obstacles by Performing a Home Organizing Audit: This post offers some advice on cleaning out your home and your mind to clear a path to where you want to be.
  12. Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life: Learn how paring down and focusing on the things that really matter to you can help in the long run.
  13. Unclutter Your Life by Setting a Goal: Read this post to get some pointers on cutting out all the other noise from your life and honing in on what really matters.
  14. 50 Ways to Organize Your Life: From organizing your health to your time, this list offers loads of tips on pulling it all together.


These blog posts cover everything from cleaning out your car to making sure you’re not wasting money.

  1. Financial Inventory: How to Organize Your Finances: Do you track how much you spend or know where your paychecks go? With a little help from this post, you’ll learn how to get your financial life in better shape.
  2. All about iPods and organizing your music library: If you’re like most college students, you have a pretty healthy collection of music. Visit this site to learn how to back it up and keep it neat.
  3. Organizing Your Books Using Catalog Software: If you’re a real bookworm, you can learn how to keep your books tidy using technology.
  4. 4 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Digital Photos: Have a mess of party photos and shots of you and your friends? This post will teach you how to keep them neat so you can look back on them.
  5. How Disorganization Costs Money: Learn why getting organized can actually save you money and time here.
  6. 8 Liberating Strategies for Clearing the Queues in Your Life: Have a lot of tasks backed up that you need to complete? This post offers ways you can finally get those pesky tasks completed.
  7. The Definitive Guide to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions: Get some additional advice on sticking to New Year’s resolutions here.
  8. Organize Your Grocery Budget: Do you know how much you spend on food every month? Check out this blog for advice on creating a budget and sticking to it.
  9. A Few Jewelry Organizing Tips: Whether you have the real deal or just fun fake stuff, this post will teach you to keep it need and untangled so you won’t end up with a lone earring or a knotted necklace.
  10. 5 Ways to Organize Your Health and Fitness Goals: Getting organized can help you stick to health and fitness goals, as this post states.
  11. Getting Organized: Participating in Extracurricular Activities: This post offers some advice on balancing those clubs, sports and other activities with work and school.
  12. Car Organization Tips: Those lucky enough to own a car can learn how to clean it out and get rid of all the junk passengers have to push to the side when they get in.
  13. How to Organize a Party: Use your newfound organizational skills for something fun and organize a party with a little advice from this post.

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