100 Best Blogs for Fashion Students

Posted April 14, 2010

Fashion is everywhere — from reality TV shows to street style blogs – to major cities in Florida, Illinois, and Georgia. If you want to join the notoriously cutthroat industry, you’ll have to develop thick skin, a good eye, and learn how to cultivate your talent so that you’ll stand out among all the other designers, stylists, journalists, photographers and style experts. In addition your classes, follow these bloggers to gain insight into the crazy industry and learn about the people you may get to work with one day.

Industry and News

These blogs cover fashion news and will be your key to keeping up with designers, Fashion Week, trends, the media world, and more.

  1. Style File Blog: Style.com’s Style File blog recounts the latest runway shows, best in shopping, newest celebrity and model trends, and insider gossip.
  2. Daily Front Row: This is a fun but informative site for learning about the fashion magazine industry, designer news, and more.
  3. Fashionista: This cult favorite offers trend analysis, but it’s also a valuable blog for designer interviews, internship alerts, and regularly updated Fashion Week coverage.
  4. Fashionologie: From Fashionologie’s insider wire, you’ll read about new lines, partnerships, designers, magazine features, editor gossip, and more.
  5. Coutorture: Here you’ll find news about Fashion Week, book releases, and other major fashion events and news.
  6. Frockwriter: Get the stories behind fashion’s most colorful personalities, including models, photographers and muses.
  7. Grazia Daily: This popular UK blog covers celebrity style news, fashion shows and more.
  8. On the Runway: Cathy Horyn of the NYT shares her honest opinion on what women are wearing and what the designers are showing here.
  9. Fashion Indie: Fashion Indie blogs "all the news that’s chic to print," including interviews with designers, new business collaborations, and recent trends.
  10. The Fashionisto: Get news from the men’s fashion world here.
  11. Catwalk Queen: Find the latest videos, campaigns, party shots, celebrity style news, and collections from high-profile fashion insiders.
  12. Fashion Foie Gras: You’ll be "force fed" all the fashion news of the moment when you read this blog.
  13. Alex Loves: Get designer and industry interviews from Alex on this blog.
  14. Fashion Wire Daily: This fashion news ticker has updated stories from around the world.
  15. JC Report: Get the style and fashion news daily from around the world.
  16. SHOWstudio Blog: This innovative fashion and tech company blogs about its latest projects.


Whether you’re into design or photography, you’ll learn a lot about personal style, styling shoots and shows, fit, modeling, and creating unique looks from these blogs.

  1. The Sartorialist: Men, women and even kids stop for Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist, all over the world. Check out his Fashion Week pictures and artistically styled street-side pics.
  2. Garance Dore: Schuman’s other half, Garance Dore, blogs from Paris and shares beautiful shots from the street, photo shoots, and more.
  3. The Imagist: Browse high-quality photos from fashion shows, art openings, fashion parties and more.
  4. Jak & Jil Blog: Tommy Ton’s blog is still updated with gorgeous pictures of fabulous clothes and beautiful people, even though he works for Vogue and Style.com now, too.
  5. Face Hunter: Face Hunter is a street style blog celebrating off-kilter looks and personalities.
  6. Fashion Gone Rouge: Find photos of the latest fashion editorials and ad campaigns here.
  7. Kingdom of Style: Queen Marie and Queen Michelle are street style and personal style photographers who document their favorite pieces and creations here.
  8. People in London: This blog celebrates the fashion culture in London.
  9. Street Peeper: This network of street style captures inspiring looks from London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Oslo and more.
  10. Le Fashion: This fashion photography blog mixes vintage editorials and ads with current party pics, editorials and more.
  11. Street Style Aesthetic: Wayne Tippetts posts his street style photographs here, celebrating the beautiful clothes and the people who wear them so well.
  12. Vanessa Jackman: Scroll through beautiful shots of fashion insiders and everyday people who just happen to dress well.
  13. The Style Scout: The Style Scout is another favorite street style blog featuring the best from all over London’s unique neighborhoods.

Business and Retail

Explore the business of fashion and retail industry here.

  1. Inside Out: Topshop lets readers in on what goes on behind the scenes here.
  2. Racked: Learn how sample sales work and get the latest on fashion events going on nationwide, in NY or LA.
  3. Shop Talk: Online retailer Shopbop highlights favorite designers and interesting style choices on their blog.
  4. Lucky Right Now: Shopping magazine Lucky alerts you to retail and business news, plus style advice.
  5. The Business of Fashion: This is the blog to follow for news about mergers, designers, fashion and tech, fashion media, and more.


Major fashion publications like ELLE and the New York Times have solid online presences, too. Check out their blogs for runway recaps, video, interviews and more.

  1. WWDb: The blogs from the motherboard of fashion, Women’s Wear Daily, focus on retail news, fashion and media, and the latest from the designers.
  2. The Cut: New York Magazine’s The Cut shares fashion, modeling and media news from NYC and around the world with its signature biting but light-hearted style.
  3. Fashion File: Fashion File is ELLE’s fashion and design news blog.
  4. The Vogue Blog: Follow British Vogue fashion editors around parties, designer studios, showcases, and other events to learn about the industry and who’s being touted as the next biggest talent.
  5. What’s Right Now: InStyle’s news blog recently covered fashion in the movies, models’ big ad campaigns, and celebrity fashion lines.
  6. Interview Fashion: Interview magazine’s cutting edge aesthetic takes to the web in this blog.
  7. Nylon Fashion: Nylon Magazine’s fashion blog is a favorite for everyday girls and fashion insiders alike. Find lookbooks, model news and creative editorials.
  8. The Moment: The NYT’s T Magazine blog The Moment combines fashion, high culture, beautiful design and art here.
  9. W Edtors’ Blog: W magazine’s editors share their favorite products, lines and interviews on this blog.
  10. LOVE: LOVE magazine is stirring up the fashion industry right now, and you can get more coverage, video and photos here.
  11. Tank: Get behind-the-scenes photos and coverage from Tank magazine.
  12. Bazaar Blog: Harper’s Bazaar’s blog gives you access to all the most fabulous fashion and style events around the world.
  13. Flare Fashion Blog: Canada’s fashion editors at Flare share news and favorites here.
  14. Purple Diary: Read about the darker but still beautiful side of fashion from this controversial blog.

Designers’ and Insiders’ Blogs

Visit these blogs from fashion designers, editors and other insiders to learn more about the people, places, events and news that can determine how you’ll fit into the industry.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide to Life: This blog by the "fake Karl" is full of hilarious faux-musings by an impersonator of the iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld.
  2. Delightful: Scroll through large, quality pictures of fashion shows, behind-the-scenes runway shots, fittings, street style, and more.
  3. A Shaded View on Fashion: Fashion journalist Diane Pernet’s got a unique look, and you won’t want to miss her inside look at the industry on her blog.
  4. Fred Butler Style: British designer Fred Butler shows off kooky and creative style and inspiration here.
  5. Fashion Editor-at-Large: Grazia editor-at-large Melane Rickey and her team maintain this blog.
  6. Show Me Your Wardrobe: Check out the wardrobes of models, designers and other creative people.
  7. Tavi: Find out what all the fuss is about regarding this super young teen with a serious fashion resume.
  8. Diane’s Diary: Iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg blogs about her travels, unending projects and inspirations here.
  9. Fashion Incubator: Learn what it takes to be a sustainable fashion designer from this blog.
  10. Elaine Perlov’s Blog: Brooklyn-based designer Elaine Perlov blogs about her best finds from shopping and the fashion web.


You can learn a lot about the fashion industry from these blogs about models, beauty and photo shoots.

  1. Of the Minute: Learn about what’s of-the-minute aesthetically on this blog that features up and coming models.
  2. Modelinia Blog: Get news about iconic models like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as well as new favorites like Behati Prinsloo and Coco Rocha.
  3. COACD: Confessions of a Casting Director is a good place for you to learn about models and the current industry standards of beauty. You’ll also find videos and news about castings.
  4. Models Blog: Find out what models are up to next on this blog.
  5. L.A. Models: This blog from L.A. Models, New York Model Management and other agencies features new faces, editorials, ads, and more.
  6. Ford Models Blog: Get model interviews and features on this blog from Ford Models.
  7. Elite London: Modeling agency Elite London posts news and more here.
  8. Next Model Management: Watch behind-the-scenes videos and learn about model campaigns for girls like Abbey Lee and Karlie Kloss.
  9. Women Paris Blog: Women showcases some of its top models in street style photos and more.

Style and Inspiration

These blogs dispense more than just simple fashion advice. They’re great forums to discuss trends, design, personal style, the fashion industry, the retail industry, and more.

  1. Who What Wear: Who What Wear highlights the models, celebrities and fashion players who have the best personal style and set the trends for designers and the public alike.
  2. The Budget Fashionista: Minnesota native Kathryn is often featured on morning shows and cable TV to talk about budget fashion advice and smart shopping.
  3. Refinery29: In addition to fashion news, you’ll find creative collages and opinions on of-the-moment trends.
  4. Fabsugar: Preview new editorials, play games and keep up with celebrity fashion and shopping here.
  5. Stylelist: AOL’s fashion and style site includes beauty news and how-to-wear-it guides for real women.
  6. Couture in the City: This blog decodes celebrity looks and recent trends.
  7. FashionIsing: Analyze editorials, learn about models, and find fashion and style inspiration in new places when you follow this blog.
  8. Fashion Verbatim: This fashion blog "with added salt" shares international fashion magazine covers, interviews and ad campaigns.
  9. Closet Therapy: Follow this OC blogger’s favorite things and style tips for inspiration for your own creations and fashion identity.
  10. Denimology: If you love denim or are inspired by relaxed style, check out Denimology for celebrity shots, editorials and ad campaigns featuring premium jeans.
  11. Lord How They Hypnotize: This is just one of the blogs from Nina and Seraina. You’ll find all sorts of inspirational tributes to fashion, from personal photo shoots to professional and spontaneous model shots.
  12. Demode: This blog posts "fashion for bravehearts," or daring trends and photos from beauty and fashion.
  13. What Katie Wore: Have fun seeing how Katie puts together different outfits every day.
  14. Fashionaire: Fashionaire is simply a blog for people who are passionate about fashion and the people in the industry.
  15. Wunderbuzz: Get a recap of all that’s inspiring in the fashion world at the moment and from the past.
  16. Papierblog: In addition to loads of global Fashion Week coverage, Papierblog is great for finding lookbooks and video diaries.
  17. Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Girls have branched out from Fashion Week coverage and now critique everything in the fashion industry. Consider their posts cheeky lessons and what’s hot and what should never have happened.
  18. The Purse Blog: Handbag designers will learn about new products and designs from this regularly updated blog.


Turn to these fashion blogs and networks to get career advice and internship alerts, style tips, and constant conversation about the industry.

  1. Fashion Industry Network: Check this group site for videos, photos and blogs from fashion and beauty professionals and enthusiasts.
  2. The Fashion Spot: These fashion forums are often the first place new editorials and fashion gossip are shared. It’s also a great resource for learning about the industry.
  3. Style Hive: Read the blogs on Style Hive for all kinds of fashion favorites, including new bag designs, upcoming designers, and clever accessories.
  4. Coolspotters: Log into Coolspotters for an easy way to identify what’s on everyone’s favorites list.
  5. My Style: The blog for this style network offers fashion tips, magazine recaps, celebrity-favored trends, and more.
  6. Style Bakery: This style and shopping blog answers questions, shares daily picks and more.

Independent Bloggers

These bloggers have made a name for themselves and have helped establish fashion bloggers as veritable influences in the industry. Follow them as they document the best in fashion from all over the world.

  1. BryanBoy: BryanBoy is a great follow for cutting edge arts, media and fashion insight.
  2. Sea of Shoes: Texas-based Jane Aldridge and her uber-fashionable mom are inspirations for designers, stylists and middle American teens, too. Check out her blog for ideas on how to piece together vintage and serious designer duds.
  3. Style Bubble: Find inspiring collages, photo shoots, and an honest personal style journey from Style Bubble.
  4. 00 o 00: This beautifully shot blog comes with loads of recommendations and focuses on men’s high fashion and also the business side of the fashion industry.
  5. Coco’s Tea Party: Get the best from the fashion world that’s inspiring this young blogger, including magazine covers, "mini trends" and more.
  6. The Clothes Whisperer: This type-A fashionista is all about starting the conversation when it comes to art, shopping and fashion.
  7. Starbucks and Jane Austen: This French and fashion loving blogger uploads large, crystal clear images from fashion shows and editorials, spawning conversation about the industry and latest trends.
  8. Coquette: Get "fashion and digital style" from Coquette.
  9. Independent Fashion Bloggers: Visit this site for quality blog posts on DIY fashion, design tips, fashion school, trends, internships, and a lot more.

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