100 Great Twitter Streams for Serious Politicos

Posted February 21, 2010

Staying on top of all that is going on in politics can be a full-time job, but with other responsibilities like school and work, you probably need help getting all your news and views in one place. Twitter is a great resource for doing just that because you can access it regardless of where you live Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, etc. Follow these Twitter streams for everything from political news and analysis to updates from politicians.


From major news organizations to news sources that became famous via the Internet, these Twitter streams will provide plenty of political news.

  1. @nprpolitics. NPR fans who want to focus specifically on politics should follow this feed.
  2. @nytimespolitics. Read national political news from the New York Times here.
  3. @PoliticalTicker. CNN’s Political Ticker provides up-to-the-minute political news.
  4. @markos. Markos Moulitsas shares news and opinion from Daily Kos here.
  5. @tnr. The New Republic reports on both American politics and foreign policy.
  6. @TIME. Politics, news, and current events appear on Time’s feed.
  7. @HuffPolitics. Follow this feed to get politics from the Huffington Post Washington bureau and politics team.
  8. @Drudge_Report. Matt Drudge shares news filtered through his website on this feed.
  9. @thenation. Stay on top of political news from The Nation at their Twitter feed.
  10. @ReutersPolitics. Get political news from Reuters here.
  11. @msnbc_politics. Read political news from MSNBC on their feed.
  12. @CBSNewsHotSheet. This feed from CBS News covers Washington politics and more.
  13. @TribSwamp. The Chicago Tribune’s Washington Bureau’s political news appears on this feed.
  14. @ABCPolitics. It looks like this feed is back up and running after its hiatus.
  15. @Politics4All. Get a running feed of political news from Politics4All.
  16. @reasonmag. Reason posts on politics and culture here.


These journalists make it their job to report and analyze politics, so follow a few of your favorites from this list to stay in the know.

  1. @GStephanopoulos. George Stephanopoulos posts from his position as ABC News’ Chief Political Correspondent.
  2. @davidgregory. Find out what the host from Meet the Press has to say about politics here.
  3. @jaketapper. ABC News’ Senior White House Correspondent, Jake Tapper, posts about politics, President Obama, and more.
  4. @andersoncooper. Anderson Cooper and the correspondents and producers from his show write updates on this feed.
  5. @jdickerson. John Dickerson posts about news, politics, and his personal life.
  6. @ezraklein. Ezra Klein writes about political news and happenings here.
  7. @marcambinder. The Atlantic’s politics editor, Marc Ambinder, includes politics and analysis on his feed.
  8. @TerryMoran. This Nightline co-anchor posts on politics and more.
  9. @jeremyscahill. This rebel reporter and author of Blackwater writes about politics, especially on the war in the Middle East.
  10. @DavidCornDC. David Corn, Washington editor of Mother Jones, posts political news and opinion on his feed.
  11. @mattklewis. Matt Lewis posts his thoughts on political news and events.
  12. @cbellantoni. Christina Bellantoni is a senior reporter from Talking Points Memo and shares her take on politics on this feed.
  13. @mikemadden. The Washington correspondent for Salon.com talks politics and more here.
  14. @jmartpolitico. Jonathan Martin blogs for Politico and shares his take on politics.
  15. @dcagle. Daryl Cagle is MSNBC.com’s cartoonist and includes links to many political cartoons on his feed.
  16. @BillBradley3. From Vanity Fair, Bradley posts on politics as well as culture.
  17. @jcbeam. Chris Beam reports on politics for Slate Magazine and tweets here.

Political Blogs

These political blogs share their information on their Twitter feeds so you can get all the same information, but consolidated.

  1. @latimestot. Andrew Malcolm posts about politics from the Top of the Ticket blog on the LA Times.
  2. @thenote. Rick Klein shares posts from his political blog The Note at ABCNews.com.
  3. @pwire. Taegan Goddard includes news from his blog, Political Wire, here.
  4. @TheFix. Get your political fix from Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post.
  5. @Wonkette. Politics with a wry sense of humor is featured here.
  6. @NROcorner. Find conservative political news on this blog’s Twitter feed.
  7. @InstaPundit. The law, politics, and technology meet on this feed.
  8. @dailydish. Andrew Sullivan always has something interesting to say on The Daily Dish.
  9. @VolokhC. Eugene Volokh of The Volokh Conspiracy tweets here.

White House and Capitol Hill

These Twitter streams are all about what’s happening at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

  1. @WhiteHouse. This is the official feed from the White House.
  2. @PressSec. Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, is posting on this new feed that already has quite a significant following.
  3. @billburton44. Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton posts on happenings at the White House.
  4. @politico44. This organization provides a running feed of the Obama presidency and the politics involved in it.
  5. @BarackObama. This feed is run by Organizing for America, an organization that supports President Obama’s mission for change.
  6. @ObamaNews. This unofficial feed provides news about President Obama and the White House.
  7. @thehill. Get news updates from the congressional newspaper, The Hill, on this feed.
  8. @cqpolitics. Get your congressional news from CQ-Roll Call’s feed.
  9. @rollcall. Roll Call provides news from Capitol Hill here.
  10. @HouseFloor. Get real-time updates from the US House Floor when it is in session.
  11. @SenateFloor. Here’s the same update feed from the US Senate.
  12. @OpenCongress. News, blog posts, and official government information make up the sources for the news on this feed.


While this listing isn’t necessarily representative of all the US Senators, it is a good representation of the Senators who are on Twitter.

  1. @SenChrisDodd. Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd posts about his appearances, legislative activities, and more here.
  2. @SenJohnMcCain. Senator McCain posts on his appearances and some of the issues he is working on.
  3. @MarkWarner. Mark Warner, US Senator from Virginia, posts updates here.
  4. @JimDeMint. This right-leaning senator from South Carolina posts politics on his Twitter feed.
  5. @Barbara_Boxer. This Senator in California is up for re-election this year and posts on both politics and her campaign.
  6. @ChuckGrassley. Tweeting from Iowa, this senator keeps readers updated on what he is doing.
  7. @JohnKerry. Kerry keeps an update here of his activities.
  8. @OrrinHatch. Senator Hatch posts his political views and activities on his Twitter feed.
  9. @russfeingold. This senator from Wisconsin writes about his political work here.
  10. @SenArlenSpecter. Find out what Senator Specter is doing when you follow his feed.
  11. @leticiavdp. Leticia Van De Putte is an active Senator from Texas and includes tons of personal and professional tweets here.
  12. @alfranken. Senator Franken has a popular Twitter feed where you can see what he is up to.


Like the Senators, this listing is merely a sampling of the Congressmen and women who are tweeting.

  1. @Dennis_Kucinich. Kucinich, who has twice attempted to make the Democratic nomination for President of the US and is currently representing the 10th District of Ohio, posts updates on this feed.
  2. @GOPLeader. House Republican Leader, John Boehner, posts politics here.
  3. @EricCantor. The Republican Whip, Eric Cantor, posts on politics and his appearances.
  4. @HouseDemocrats. Read tweets from the House Democratic Caucus on this feed.
  5. @neilabercrombie. This Congressman is running for Governor of Hawaii and has quite an active feed.
  6. @RepMikeQuigley. Quigley represents Illinois’ 5th District and posts about his activities here.
  7. @ToddAkin. Representing Missouri’s 2nd District and tweeting here, you can hear from W Todd Akin.
  8. @Robert_Aderholt. Congressman Aderholt shares his opinions as well as news and activities.
  9. @MicheleBachmann. Bachmann shares her political opinions on her Twitter feed.
  10. @repblumenauer. Earl Blumenauer post about Portland, politics, and the future.
  11. @RepCarnahan. Russ Carnahan represents Missouri’s 3rd District and opens up a dialogue with his constituents here.

Other Politicians

Several governors and a few mayors have active Twitter feeds.

  1. @Schwarzenegger. Governor Schwarzenegger’s feed keeps followers updated on his activities as well as issues he feels are important.
  2. @govritter. Get announcements from the office of Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado on this feed.
  3. @BobbyJindal. Louisiana’s governor posts on this popular Twitter feed.
  4. @MassGovernor. Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and his staff post updates on his political activities here.
  5. @govgranholm. Learn about the political work of Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm on this feed.
  6. @timpawlenty. Minnesota’s governor tweets here.
  7. @Ted_Strickland. Ohio’s governor is seeking re-election and posts about both the current political state as well as updates on his campaign.
  8. @MarkSanford. Find updates from South Carolina’s governor on this feed.
  9. @TexGov. Texas’ Governor Rick Perry posts on his activities here.
  10. @bobmcdonnell. Virginia’s governor posts about his initiatives and news updates.
  11. @GovernorRiley. Governor Bob Riley keeps Alabama citizens informed about his activities here.
  12. @GavinNewsom. Find out what the mayor of San Francisco has to say about politics in general as well as those affecting the city.
  13. @CoryBooker. Booker, the mayor of Newark, posts about politics at home and on a more national scale.


From health care to the environment to education, these Twitter streams take a look at the politics and policy behind specific issues.

  1. @algore. Al Gore’s Twitter feed focuses on climate change news and policy information.
  2. @JoeTrippi. Politics, technology, and democracy are favorites of Joe Trippi.
  3. @dccc. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tweets about their efforts at supporting the Democratic majority.
  4. @GovMikeHuckabee. This former governor uses his Twitter feed to gain followers for Team Huckabee and the organization’s mission to help Republicans gain back control over the House and Senate.
  5. @RasmussenPoll. Scott Rasmussen, the president and founder of Rasmussen Polls, reports some of the findings of their polls on this feed.
  6. @Bob_Schaffer. Schaffer is a former State Senator and US Congressman from Colorado and currently promotes education policy as the Chairman of Colorado State Board of Education.
  7. @recessionwire. Recessionwire shares news and opinion on the recession and recovery.
  8. @texmed. The largest state medical association, Texas Medical Association stays on top of important medical news and policy.
  9. @HealthReformNow. Learn facts about health care in America and hear what is happening to reform the system with this feed.
  10. @enviroart. This environmental activist tweets about alternative energy, recycling, and plenty of other ways to help save the planet.

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