100 Terrific Twitter Feeds for Humanitarians

Posted April 20, 2010

There are many causes all over the US – West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota – and all over the world that are deserving of your time, support and even money. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in helping those in need around the globe, you can find great inspiration and information on a variety of individuals and organizations right through Twitter. College students and professionals alike will find a great deal of help becoming more active in the humanitarian movements around the world on these Twitter feeds, making it a little easier to do good and feel good at the same time.

News and Commentators

Find the latest news on humanitarian issues through these feeds.

  1. @AlertNet: This news feed focuses on covering wars, conflict, natural disasters, and food and health emergencies.
  2. @AidWorkerDaily: On this feed you’ll find news straight from an aid worker in the field.
  3. @irinnews: Check out this feed to get access to the world’s largest provider of humanitarian news and commentary.
  4. @swampcottage: Ben Parker, the editor of IRIN, shares his thoughts and news on this feed.
  5. @AidNews: Follow this feed to keep up with the latest in humanitarian news.
  6. @TrackerNews: Janet Ginsberg runs TrackerNews, a site dedicated to posting the important issues in the health, humanitarian and tech sectors.
  7. @HumanityNews: Through this feed you’ll get access to news about humanitarian causes and nonprofits.
  8. @humanitarian: Don’t search around for humanitarian news. Instead, follow this feed for instant updates.
  9. @povertynews: This feed provides news on poor communities and highlights those in special need of help.

Aid Workers and Humanitarian Advocates

These individuals work, support and dedicate time and energy to humanitarian work worldwide.

  1. @TheRoadto: This Twitter user dedicates his time to both travel and aid work.
  2. @jeffpower: Here you’ll find the feed of Jeff Power, a man working to bring aid to some of the poorest villages in the world.
  3. @NFIGuy: Jurgen Hulst helps make sure that aid groups have the supplies they need to run smoothly.
  4. @KimScriven: This feed focuses on the life and work of Kim Scriven, with tweets on topics like humanitarian assistance and accountability.
  5. @Anon_Cow: Check out this feed for tweets from a worker living in Pakistan doing security consulting and aid work.
  6. @zyOzyFounder: Steve Jennings is a humanitarian entrepreneur who founded the site zyOzy.
  7. @GlobalPatriot: On this feed you’ll get access to the thoughts of one tweeter who believes the world should unite to end hunger and poverty.
  8. @timelue: Through this feed you can learn more about how to use social media to support humanitarian causes.
  9. @laurawhudson: Laura W. Hudson is the project manager of FrontlineSMS and also works with other human rights and humanitarian groups.
  10. @JosetteSheeran: Here you’ll get access to the head of the World Food Program.
  11. @ShashiTharoor: This Indian writer and politician has served as the UN Under-Secretary General and is now the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs.
  12. @AidBlogs: This feed collects posts from blogs written by aid workers in the field.


Learn more about what these humanitarian and charitable organizations are up to through these feeds.

  1. @theIRC: This is the feed of the International Rescue Committee, an organization that aims to help out individuals caught in natural or manmade crises.
  2. @Oxfam: More than 100 countries help this group work to fight against poverty and injustice.
  3. @AmeriCares: Learn more about this nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization here.
  4. @CatholicRelief: This religious humanitarian group aims to help those in the neediest communities around the world.
  5. @HHI: Here you’ll find the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, a place where some of the best and brightest in medicine, public health, social science and the humanities can work together to forge a better future.
  6. @CrisisHub: The Humanitarian Crisis Hub is an organization working to improve the lives of those living amongst war and conflict.
  7. @lionsclubsorg: Read these tweets to learn about the work the Lions Club is doing in communities at home and abroad.
  8. @NetHope_Org: This nonprofit group brings together IT professionals and leaders to bring scholarships and support to technology-focused programs around the globe.
  9. @RedCross: Most are familiar with the work this organization does helping people recover from disasters with medical and food aid.
  10. @Habitat_org: This Christian organization is well-known and helps those without much money get a safe and secure home.
  11. @SustainingHope: You can learn more about this organization that hopes to get people to overcome ideological differences in order to help those in need.
  12. @RunforFreedom: Through this feed you’ll read posts about this group’s anti-people trafficking activism.


On these feed you’ll find a number of organizations working to end hunger in communities around the world.

  1. @wfp: This is the official World Food Programme Twitter page, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger worldwide
  2. @acfusa: Action Against Hunger works to help malnourished children and adults and help them find long term solutions to food production.
  3. @WeGiveMealPacks: Christopher Gaudette uses this feed to help promote his mission to bring together contributors giving time, money and supplies to impact world hunger.
  4. @Stop_Hunger_Now: This feed is a great place to learn about this organization that aims to end hunger in our lifetimes.
  5. @TheHungerSite: Learn more about how you can feed people in need through this site.
  6. @SoupKitchenInc: For every portion of soup this organization sells, a portion is donated to a local food bank.
  7. @MAZON: Here you’ll find the feed of MAZON, a Jewish anti-hunger organization, devoted to ending hunger among all faiths and backgrounds.
  8. @sharestrength: This nonprofit organization wants to end childhood hunger in America.
  9. @FeedingAmerica: Read the tweets here to learn how you can help America’s leading hunger-relief charity.
  10. @Heifer: Check out this feed to learn about the work of this group to empower people to bring themselves out of hunger and poverty.
  11. @PlumpyField: This group helps bring nutritional solutions to communities in need around the world.


On these feeds you’ll find organizations helping people in need of medical and health assistance.

  1. @MSF_USA: On this feed you can learn more about what’s going on with the US branch of Doctors Without Borders.
  2. @AvrilBenoit: This humanitarian is the Director of Communications for Médecins Sans Frontières.
  3. @MSFAustralia: This feed provides updates about Doctors Without Borders in Australia.
  4. @Michael_Keizer: Check out this feed for posts on the logistics of providing global health care and aid.
  5. @projecthopeorg: Find out more about this group providing international humanitarian assistance and health education.
  6. @twitanthropy: Use your Twitter for good with this organization helping with water, sanitation and health projects worldwide.
  7. @wfmhafrica: The World Federation for Mental Health Africa Initiative spends a lot of it’s time dealing with the mental consequences of the AIDS virus.
  8. @projectconcern: Through this program, aid is given to help communities become healthier and to save the lives of those who need medical assistance.
  9. @FreeClinic: Here you’ll find the site of an Indian organization working to provide health and wellness education and healthcare for children and families in need.
  10. @MerlinUSA: Read through the tweets found here to find out more about the medical aid and health care services provided by this group.


Check regularly with these feeds to learn more about organizations working to help the world’s children.

  1. @WorldVisionUSA: This organization is a great place to learn more about helping children and their families find a path out of poverty.
  2. @TdhInfoCenter: Here you’ll find posts from a Swiss organization that helps to build a better future for disadvantaged children and their communities.
  3. @AkshayaPatraUSA: Learn more about the work of this group that feeds millions of hungry children in India each year.
  4. @AllAsOne: Through this feed, you’ll get access to the work being done in Sierra Leone to provide orphaned children with homes, food, and education.
  5. @HeartforAfrica: This faith-based organization provides sustainable homes for orphans and destitute children in Africa.
  6. @UNICEF: On this feed, you’ll get up-to-date with what this well-known organization is doing to support vulnerable children worldwide.
  7. @operationSmile: Get inspired by the stories on this feed of children given life-changing operations.
  8. @keepachildalive: Through the work of this organization, children and their caregivers receive the medications they need to fight HIV/AIDS.
  9. @CharlizeAfrica: This feed is home to Charlize Theron’s organization in South Africa, providing healthcare, food and help to those in need.
  10. @ChildrenUganda: If you’re interested in helping children in Africa, consider this group that cares for children with AIDS in Uganda.


The organizations that maintain these feeds want to help women in the US and abroad get help to support themselves after dealing with illness and escaping violence.

  1. @womenadvocates: Lys Anzia provides news and information on women around the world on this feed.
  2. @CARE: This organization takes a different approach to fighting poverty, empowering women and girls with education, financing and health care.
  3. @Camfed: Learn why education for young girls in Africa can help them break the cycle of poverty from this organization’s feed.
  4. @EthicSupplies: Ida Horner works with women in Africa to help them market goods and crafts.
  5. @PATHWAYSLP: Learn more about the programs, including scholarships and leadership training to disadvantaged youth, this organization provides.
  6. @Womens_Aid: Help battle against domestic violence by reading this Irish organization’s feed.
  7. @emwomen: Through this feed you’ll learn about seminars, global aid and workshops all focused on helping to empower women.
  8. @ProjectReina: Check out this feed to learn about initiatives created to help keep girls and women AIDS-free.
  9. @Samasource: This nonprofit aims to help out youth and women by giving them ways to make money online.
  10. @helpushope: AIDS/HIV has killed millions around the globe, and you can understand those afflicted by reading about organizations like this one.


Get inspired to help those less fortunate through these feeds dealing with poverty.

  1. @dfid_uk: This feed is home to the UK’s Department for International Development, fighting against world poverty.
  2. @Ascend_Alliance: This group works in Africa and Latin America in Community, Health and Economic Development.
  3. @BRAC_USA: Here you’ll find access to tweets about an organization that wants to empower communities to get themselves out of poverty.
  4. @IITAnews: Learn about this research organization’s findings on battling hunger and poverty through this feed.
  5. @IslamicRelief: This Islamic organization wants to help some of the poorest people worldwide.
  6. @ONECampaign: Over 2 million people have joined with this organization to fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases.
  7. @acumenfund: This feed will help teach you how business and innovation can play a role in fighting poverty.
  8. @standup: If you’re tired of standing by while people go hungry, this organization’s feed can help you find ways to get involved.
  9. @hubpurpose: This organization doesn’t want to just help people survive, but learn how to create a sustainable life.
  10. @WaterAid: Get tweets from the London branch of this charity working to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest to gain access to safe water and sanitation.

Charitable Groups

There are a wide range of charitable groups out there, and these feeds are from a select few focusing on humanitarian efforts.

  1. @parkerwebbinc: Linda Webb shares her work with the Our House Foundation on this feed.
  2. @hp_org: Connect with others with humanitarian interests via this feed and online community.
  3. @FriendsofWFP: Read this feed to learn ways you can help support the World Food Program.
  4. @charitywater: This charity is focused on bringing clean drinking water to those in developing nations.
  5. @charitynewsbot: Get the latest news from the charity world through this feed.
  6. @scopecharity: Learn more about this group helping to support and empower people with disabilities by reading their tweets.
  7. @WarChildUK: Find out more about this child protection agency working in the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan and other war-torn nations.
  8. @helpingveterans: This feed is home to a charity working to support US veterans.
  9. @CharityTweets: Follow this feed to keep up with charities of all kinds.


These media organizations, journalists and photographers document some of the world’s communities most in need of aid. Keep up with them through these feeds.

  1. @HumanitarianIQ: This feed can help test your knowledge of humanitarian issues and provide you with news from NEED Magazine.
  2. @thinkpeacemedia: Check out this feed for posts from filmmaker Leza Raley-Labrador on her work to use media to spread the message of peace.
  3. @BBiTV: Beyond Borders iTV will provide you with humanitarian, charity and philanthropy activity, media, news, entertainment and info.
  4. @Media_Trust: Through this feed, you can learn about the Media Trust Charity, bringing together media and communications with nonprofits who need help.
  5. @EstherHavens: See the work of humanitarian photographer Esther Havens on this feed.
  6. @emilytroutman: Emily Troutman is a photographer, writer and UN Ambassador dedicated to humanitarian causes.
  7. @JefferyChapman: This photographer takes photos of some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world.

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