100 Useful Twitter Feeds for Engineering Students

Posted January 10, 2010

If you are an engineering student looking for ways to find supplemental information while you are preparing for your career, or if your passion sends you out seeking to know more, these Twitter feeds will certainly come in handy. You will find feeds from engineering programs, publications, and professional organizations as well as other feeds that focus on science, engineering, and technology. From news to the daily lives of real engineers and engineering students, you will find plenty of feeds to be of use to you.

Engineering Schools and Educational Resources

Find quite an extensive listing of engineering schools tweeting here. If your school isn’t in the list, then check out some of the ones that are included. Much of the information here is applicable to students anywhere.

  1. @MITlgo. Find out what is going on at this dual-degree program from MIT that offers and MBA and MS Engineering in two years.
  2. @stanfordeng. Read these posts to find out about current research in engineering at Stanford.
  3. @Cal_Engineer. These posts focus on education, career after graduation, and more.
  4. @EPrinceton. Science, engineering, and Princeton engineering topics all feature here.
  5. @CornellEng. This feed features both news and campus updates from Cornell Engineering.
  6. @engineering. Get all sorts of news and information from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  7. @ASUEngineering. Fulton Engineering posts engineering news as well as departmental news here.
  8. @FloridaEngineer. This feed is from the magazine of the University of Florida College of Engineering.
  9. @egfi. Designed for students considering engineering and their parents, this feed provides plenty of educational opportunities for the younger set.
  10. @thayerschool. Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering provides engineering news and campus information here.
  11. @uwengineering. College of Engineering students at University of Washington can get plenty of information here, as can other engineering students.
  12. @USC_MAPPenings. Find out what’s going on at the Viterbi School of Engineering here.
  13. @WUSTLEngineers. Learn about the research going on at Washington University Engineering with this feed.
  14. @VTEngineering. This feed offers a well-rounded selection of posts on engineering topics that are relevant to students at any school.
  15. @JHUEngineering. With news from both Maryland‘s Johns Hopkins as well as the engineering world at large, this feed provides a good balance.
  16. @uoftengineering. Learn about the research and campus news pertaining to the University of Toronto Engineering.
  17. @UMengineering. Michigan Engineering shares links to fun engineering-related topics as well as campus information.
  18. @mavengineering. See what’s happening at UT Arlington’s College of Engineering.
  19. @UCONNEngineer. Find news, student-written articles, and more on this feed.
  20. @mizzouengineer. Get everything from career resources to campus news here.
  21. @CSE_at_TAMU. Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M shares links to abstracts from papers written by distinguished individuals in the field.
  22. @UCSBengineering. This feed provides links to plenty of interesting and entertaining engineering-related stories.
  23. @NebEngineering. Find lots of student support on this engineering school feed.
  24. @TU_Engineering. Pennsylvania‘s Temple University Engineering provides resources for students as well as campus event information.

Engineering Publications

Both online and in print, these publications offer Twitter feeds with links to much of their content.

  1. @EDNmagazine. Electronics design engineers will find plenty of information here.
  2. @IEEESpectrum. This engineering magazine posts tweets on news and analysis from the world of engineering.
  3. @ENRnews. Civil engineering and construction take the stage on this feed.
  4. @TheEngineerUK. This publication is geared to engineers in many different fields, including aerospace, automotive, chemical, and electrical.
  5. @NSF_ENG. National Science Foundation Directorate for Engineering posts news, research opportunities, and more.
  6. @IEEEXplore. Find out what’s available from IEEE Xplore, which provides full-text access to the best technical literature.
  7. @EWcom. The editor of Electronics Weekly shares some of the highlights from this publication.
  8. @engineer_update. This is the official feed of the The Engineer.
  9. @profeng. Professional Engineering shares some of the stories from their publication here.
  10. @design_world. Get engineering news and resources specifically for design engineers.
  11. @MHengineering. Find authoritative references specifically for engineers from McGraw-Hill.
  12. @ENRblog. See what the expert bloggers from Engineering News-Record have to say on this feed.
  13. @design_eng_mag. Learn what is coming out of this Canadian trade magazine.


Get news from these feeds that focus specifically on science and engineering.

  1. @wiredscience. The Wired Science team shares news and information on science, space, energy, robot sharks, and more.
  2. @newscientist. Get your science and technology news here.
  3. @Reuters_Science. Find science news straight from Reuters on their Twitter feed.
  4. @physorg_com. This feed provides news from engineering, science, and technology.
  5. @PhysicsNews. Nuclear research, clean tech, and CT scans are some of the recent news featured here.
  6. @astroparticle. Get your astroparticle physics news here.
  7. @USLHC. The news here comes from the US community participating in the Large Hadron Collider project near Geneva.
  8. @ElectronicsNews. Read the latest electronics news here.
  9. @EngtipsNethawk. Engineers can get webcasts, product information, and white papers from this resource.
  10. @aecinsight. Get news specifically for architecture, engineering, and construction here.
  11. @InventCivil. Read civil engineering news out of Canada on this feed.


Find a variety of science-based Twitter feeds in this list.

  1. @donttrythis. Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, shares all sorts of scientific observations.
  2. @scifri. Science Friday provides science news, photos, facts, and more.
  3. @CERN. If particle physics is your thing, then you will want to follow CERN.
  4. @NSF. National Science Foundation posts news and information about their organization on their feed.
  5. @ScienceSoWhat. Take a look at how science is affecting humanity and driving the future.
  6. @FermilabToday. Find out what is going on at this laboratory studying high energy physics.
  7. @scienceweekly. Get all sorts of interesting science and technology posts on this feed.
  8. @SallyRideSci. This company supports education of boys and girls in science, technology, and math.
  9. @PopSci. Popular Science shares some of their feature articles on this feed.


Stay on top of the technology world with these feeds.

  1. @thinkgeek. Tech geeks will love the cool gadgets that show up on this feed.
  2. @PopMech. Technology, science, gadgets, space, and DIY all feature on this feed from Popular Mechanics.
  3. @SandiaLabs. Stay on top of technology as it is being used for a peaceful world.
  4. @NASATechBriefs. This feed offers engineering solutions for design and manufacturing across several fields in technology.
  5. @Ed4Innovation. Technology, engineering, and education are the focus of this feed.
  6. @NSDL. This organization provides teaching and learning resources for science, technology, math, and engineering.
  7. @IEEEtv. Find out what is showing on this Internet TV network that features technology and engineering.
  8. @MITtechreview. Learn about the future of technology here.
  9. @MicrochipTech. Stay on top of microchip technology with this feed.
  10. @secretengineer. Find a variety of technology topics posted by the Secret Engineer.

Building and Creating

From robots to articulated human figures, these Twitter feeds will tell about making all sorts of fun projects.

  1. @grantimahara. Read tweets from the man behind the robots and other building projects that take place in the name of science on Mythbusters.
  2. @make. Get links to making almost anything imaginable, such as articulated human figures in brass or sterling silver or a Millenium Falcon bed.
  3. @AppliedRobotics. This company makes robots–and posts about it.
  4. @Robot_Magazine. Hobby and science robotics are the feature of this Twitter feed.

Professional and Educational Organizations

Whether you are looking for an organization to join now, after graduation, or just want to gather the useful information these organizations provide, you’ll discover plenty of options here.

  1. @ASociety4EngEdu. Get links to resources for members such as full-text articles, scholarship opportunities, and more.
  2. @SocMfgEng. Manufacturing engineers can use this feed as a resource for education and networking. Chapters are listed, too.
  3. @IEEESA. IEEE Standards Association posts about standards in engineering and how they are incorporated in business and education.
  4. @nsbe. This is the official feed of the National Society of Black Engineers and posts information on scholarship opportunities, conferences, and more.
  5. @NASA_APPEL. This leadership and support organization for NASA engineers provides quite a range of interesting posts.
  6. @nacme. Dedicated to raising engineering education and awareness, this group posts information here.
  7. @TheIET. This global organization connects engineers around the world for knowledge exchange.
  8. @IMechE. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides news stories, support, and more on this feed.
  9. @ASCENational. Follow the American Society of Civil Engineers’ feed to find out about conferences as well as other educational opportunities.
  10. @SWEtalk. The Society of Women Engineers posts on education, women, and engineering.
  11. @engineers_int. Engineers can find support and resources on a number of engineering-related activities, including education, job search, and discussion forums.
  12. @NSPE. This organization for licensed professional engineers posts on engineering career and education.
  13. @AAASMeetings. The largest federation of scientists and engineers, this group posts information about their organization and opportunities for members.
  14. @WES1919. Women’s Engineering Society posts opportunities for women engineers in the UK.
  15. @sciencecampaign. This group promotes science and engineering in the UK.

Various Engineering Resources

Get resources for job searches, social networking with other engineers, and more with these feeds.

  1. @ENGINEERINGcom. Find everything from gift ideas for engineers to job searching resources here.
  2. @Engineering_Mag. This feed provides information about free publications and resources for engineers.
  3. @formloves. If you are involved in product engineering and industrial design, then you will want to follow this feed.
  4. @NIWeek. Even though this worldwide conference and exhibition happens just one week a year, their feed provides news relevant to graphical system design.
  5. @eng_exchange. This social network provides a place for engineers to connect.

Tweeting Engineers and Students

These engineers and engineering students share a part of their lives through their tweets.

  1. @BlackEngineer. This feed provides an assortment of engineering-related posts.
  2. @DrLucyRogers. The author of It’s ONLY Rocket Science, engineer, and mom, Dr. Lucy Rogers posts mostly on space-related science.
  3. @SeersuckerNSazs. Find out what this hydraulic engineer has to say about life in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  4. @engineeringmind. Add a little humor to your engineering Twitter feeds.
  5. @ADDandy. This engineering student shares his experience.
  6. @TDEnterprises. This student posts about classes and engineering topics.
  7. @joelghill. This agricultural and bioresource engineering student posts about his studies.
  8. @jdmcdona. Find out about going to engineering school in Calgary with this student’s feed.
  9. @shubhankar. This mechanical engineering student in India posts about science and pop culture.


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