20 Best Blogs In the Book Publishing World

Posted May 4, 2010

Book publishers have the unique opportunity to see all types of books that range across the spectrum from traditional to unique before anyone else does. It is no wonder that writers, agents, editors, and more would love to get a glimpse inside the world of book publishing. Luckily, many book publishers provide blogs that offer that glimpse into the world of literature. Whether you are trying to break into the publishing industry, are trying to sell your book, or are just a curious literature student, then these blogs will surely provide you with what you seek from the book publishing world.

  1. Algonquin Books Blog. Literary fiction and narrative non-fiction are the specialties of this publishing house. The blog includes information about upcoming books and the authors as well as other literary treats such as book excerpts and poetry.
  2. Penguin Blog. One of the largest trade book publishers, Penguin USA provides excerpts and videos about upcoming books, information on recent published books, and information about other topics such as their current literacy campaign.
  3. The Penguin Blog. Visit the British version of the blog from Penguin here. You will find information about book events throughout the UK, news about regional books and authors, and an inside look in the world of publishing.
  4. The Academic Files. HarperCollins’ academic department blogs here about their academic books and materials. Their blog also features tons of great resources such as academic catalogs, teaching materials, student guides, educational videos, and even a link to finding out about having authors visit your school campus.
  5. Random House for High School Teachers. Teachers can read news about the most recent books published by Random House that may be appropriate for their high school students. That’s not all that is offered here, though. This blog also provides teachers with lesson plans, teacher’s guides, articles for professional development, and even more great resources to enhance your teaching.
  6. Random House Academic Resources. Similar to their blog for high school teachers, this one is aimed at students and instructors at the college level. Updates, teacher’s guides, conference information, and newsletters are all part of this blog.
  7. Bantam Dell News. Read about news and books related to Bantam Dell on this blog. Some of the recent posts have covered author awards, a book give-away, book excerpts, and more.
  8. The Olive Reader. The Olive Reader is the blog of Harper Perennial, a publishing house featuring trade paperbacks. This blog is a must for those who love literature. Regular features include such items as author tour information and English 101, where recommendations for book clubs are detailed (and has included such titles as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Poisonwood Bible, and Daughter of Fortune).
  9. Every Woman’s Voice Blog. This venture is an imprint of Hyperion Books and features both fiction and non-fiction for smart women. Their blog not only includes information about their books, but also profiles successful women in all walks of life and posts news important to women’s issues.
  10. Unbridled Blog. This blog from Unbridled Books includes news and reviews of books, contests, information and interviews with authors, and much more. Expect the books here to be quality literature that any reader will enjoy.
  11. News: Picador. Picador posts news about their books and authors on this feed. Find videos, give-aways, and more among the articles about new releases.
  12. News: FSG Adult. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux is known for its high-quality, award-winning fiction and non-fiction. Keep up with the latest news coming from FSG that pertains to their adult literature (as opposed to their children’s literature). Recent news stories have included literary awards given to some of their authors, staff favorites, and authors who have made the news.
  13. ShelfTalker. This Publisher’s Weekly blog is all about publishing and selling children’s books. The bloggers here discuss such topics as marketing techniques for book stores, book reviews, and summer reading programs.
  14. Beyond Her Book. Barbara Vey is a contributing editor of Publisher’s Weekly and blogs here about women’s fiction. She covers writing conferences, author interviews, social networking, and much more.
  15. Genreville. If you are interested in fantasy, science fiction, or horror, then you shouldn’t miss this blog that is all about books in that genre. While posts may venture into related genres such as paranormal romance, they all are related to book publishing within this scope of genre.
  16. The Savvy Reader. This blog from Canada’s HarperCollins features lots of great information about their books. In addition to authors and upcoming releases, you will find notes on pop culture, give-aways offered in fun events (April features a scavenger hunt), and polls that draw readers into the discussion happening on this blog.
  17. Did You Know. Random House Canada provides this fun treat for book lovers. In Did You Know, they provide trivia related to a new-release book. Facts have included information on dog training, nutrition, and iconic Canadian writers.
  18. Gollancz Blog. Orion Publishing from London sponsors this blog that features sci-fi and fantasy. Expect to read behind-the-scenes glimpses of publishing, hear from authors, and more in this fledgling blog.
  19. MobyLives. This blog from Melville House Publishing started as a weekly newspaper column and has morphed into a blog that features news and commentary on books and writers. The blog posts are written by several professionals from across America and one from London.
  20. Kendall Hunt Publishing. Kendall Hunt publishes both traditional and non-traditional books for K-12 and higher education. Their blog features articles of interest to educators and those interested in book publishing alike. With topics ranging from gifted education to e-books, there is something for anyone interested in educational book publishing here.

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