50 Best Gen Y Bloggers

Posted May 19, 2010

If you’re part of the Gen Y group getting your online degree, you can get some great advice from those who’ve already entered the working world through blogs. On them, Gen Y professionals of all kinds will share their expertise in their fields, advice on life and everything you’ll need to know about being part of this tech-savvy, millennial generation. Read through a few of these selections to get your Gen Y fix.

New Grads

Those who have graduated, or will soon, will appreciate the guidance these bloggers can offer.

  1. The Brazen Careerist: Get advice on career and life from Penelope Trunk on this popular Gen Y blog.
  2. The Mad Grad: This blog offers lots of posts that will help you navigate the real world after you’ve finished school.
  3. Life After College: If you’re struggling to picture your life after you graduate, you can get helpful advice on starting a career and being productive through this blog.
  4. Life Before Noon: Find loads of advice for success after college on this blog.
  5. The Creative Career: Get some great ideas on how you can make the transition to work in the fields of communications, marketing and PR.
  6. Lyndsey Pollak: Blogger Lyndsey is a Gen Y career and workplace expert who shares her experience here.
  7. Newly Corporate: Those new to the working world can find some amazing advice on making it work on this blog.


Those planning on starting their own business can find tips, tools and information to make it easier from these Gen Y bloggers.

  1. Employee Evolution: Check out this blog for posts about social media, entrepreneurship and tips about doing well as a Gen Y employee.
  2. Young Successful Entrepreneur: Get some tips on being a smart and savvy entrepreneur here.
  3. Small Hands, Big Ideas: Get pointers on startups, career and relationships on this blog from Grace Boyle.
  4. Social Pollination: Planning on starting your own business? This blog from Gen Y blogger Monica can help you learn to use social media to grow your business.
  5. Ben Cosnocha: This blog deals with entrepreneurship, books, current affairs and more.
  6. Location 180: This blog deals with everything from entrepreneurship to personal development.
  7. Bradley Will: This blogger aims to empower young entrepreneurs to find success and happiness in their work.

Business and Marketing

From the corporate world to marketing professionals, these bloggers will help you better understand the business sphere.

  1. Personal Branding Blog: Here, Dan Schwabel will teach you how to better brand your business.
  2. Modite: Here, you’ll read the blog of Rebecca Thorman, all about career, life and business.
  3. Punk Rock HR: Take a totally different approach to HR with this no-nonsense millennial blogger.
  4. Ryan Stephens Marketing: Want to learn more about marketing? Then try out the Gen Y-geared advice on this blog.
  5. The Curbside Marketer: Find a wide range of posts on marketing and social media on this site.
  6. Sydney: Unfiltered: This blog offers some great advice on marketing and entrepreneurship for young professionals.
  7. The 9 to 5 Alternative: Here, Alan Perlman, a research analyst, shares his travels and work experience.
  8. Millennial Marketer: Whether you work in marketing or want to promote your own business, this blog is full of great advice.
  9. Karlyn Morissette: Through this blog, you’ll get some tips on marketing, the web, business and more.
  10. PR Prescriptions: Find advice and inspiration for working as a PR professional on this blog.


Get some tips and advice on managing your money through these blogs.

  1. Man Vs. Debt: Follow along with this blogger as he attempts to pay off his debt and kick his finances into gear.
  2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: This author and top blogger offers tips on smarter money management for millennial and beyond.
  3. Studenomics: If you’re still a student, you can benefit from the student-centered financial advice provided by this blog.
  4. Bargaineering: If you need help with saving, banking, credit cards or any other financial issues, check out this blog.
  5. Poorer Than You: This blog deals with money issues that are particularly relevant for 20-somethings.
  6. Young and Free: Learn more about what Gen Y members have to offer to credit unions and other businesses from this blog.


Check out these blogs to get insights into how to live life better as part of the millennial generation.

  1. A Life in Translation: This humorous blog will give you insight into the life of Gen Y blogger and writer, Jamie Varon.
  2. The Rest Is Still Unwritten: Blogger David shares his thoughts on life, technology and more here.
  3. Thrilling Heroics: This blog is a great place to learn about lifestyle design from a young professional living abroad.
  4. Ophelia’s Webb: This Portland, Maine-based blogger shares her experiences online and off in this blog.
  5. Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: Learn to appreciate the life you have with help from this young blogger.
  6. More Is Better: This sometimes-risque blog is an entertaining read for Gen Y grads who want to commiserate with others from their generation on everyday issues.
  7. The Dating Jungle: Learn to better navigate the sometimes wild dating world through the help offered on this blog.
  8. Epic Self: This blog’s posts are a great place to find advice on living a better, more fulfilling life.
  9. Diary of Why: This blog discusses the daily life of blogger struggling to find the meaning of everything.
  10. McKinney-Oates Cereal: This blogger shares her experiences with marriage and cat ownership.
  11. Live Uncomfortably: Read this blog for tips on self-improvement, lifestyle design, and travel.


These blogs are geared towards women in Gen Y.

  1. The Highwire: Young Gen Y women can find help navigating the working world and life at large in this blog.
  2. GenPink: Emerging Media Consultant Elysa shares thoughts and posts catering towards young, working women on this blog.
  3. A Beautiful Mess: Blogger Elsie shares her love of vintage style on this site, great for female readers looking for great fashion ideas.

Politics and Society

Read through the content on these blogs to find out about what these Gen Y bloggers thing about the political world.

  1. Politicoholic: On this blog, you’ll be able to read commentary on politics, new media and women’s issues from young writer Nisha Chittal.
  2. Justice for All: Explore ideas of social justice and politics through this Gen Y blog.


Nothing sets apart Gen Y workers like their familiarity with technology, and these bloggers are ready to talk all about it.

  1. The Lost Jacket: Read this blog to learn to use technology and social media for community, marketing and public relations.
  2. FeverBee: Learn how to better use the online world to develop strong communities for personal or business use.
  3. Kyle Lacy: This blog will teach you about using social media more effectively.
  4. Greg Rollett: Study up on Gen Y and new media through this blog.

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