Top 50 Sci-Fi Bloggers

Posted August 4, 2010

There aren’t many college courses that let you read or watch science fiction, so if you need to get your additional fix of sci-fi commentary and news as a student, the web is a great place to look. Whether you’re interested in books, movies, TV or a little bit of everything, you’ll find bloggers on this list who share you passion for the best of speculative fiction.


Get your sci-fi news and general information from these great blogs.

  1. io9: On this blog, you’ll find everything from the latest tech news to information about your favorite sci-fi comics.
  2. SFSignal: You can get your sci-fi fix through this blog with reviews, news and more of games, books and movies in the genre.
  3. Tor: This blog covers just about anything and everything related to science fiction and fantasy.
  4. blastr: Check out this SyFy blog to read posts about the latest in sci-fi movies, art, TV and books.
  5. Big Dumb Object: Whether you can’t get enough Doctor Who or just love to read sci-fi stories, you’ll find news and reviews here.
  6. Suvudu: This site is your one-stop destination to get your geek on and read news about science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, gaming and more.
  7. Revolution Science Fiction: On this site you’ll find the latest updates on books, movies and television to get you your sci-fi fix.
  8. Science Fiction World: If it’s happening in the world of science fiction, you’ll be able to read about it here.
  9. Slice of Sci-Fi: Read this blog or join a discussion in the forums to learn more about what’s going on in sci-fi media.
  10. SciFi Blog: Get updates on movies, reviews of books, and discussions about all things sci-fi here.
  11. BSC Review: Need to read a review of the latest book, game or movie? Check out this site for advice on what’s good and what could be missed.
  12. Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ News & Reviews: If you’re a fan of either of these genres you’ll find all the news and reviews you can handle here.
  13. Sci-Fi Talk: See what the sci-fi world is buzzing about today with posts of trailers, reviews and info on this site.
  14. SF Scope: Need straight up no-nonsense news about sci-fi? You’ll find it here.


Read these blogs for advice on the latest and greatest sci-fi reads.

  1. Science Fiction and Other Odysseys: You can visit this blog to read author interviews, get tips on writing science fiction and hear from author Ann Wilkes.
  2. Grasping for the Wind: Check out this blog for sci-fi and fantasy book news and reviews.
  3. OF Blog of the Fallen: Fans of speculative fiction and literature more broadly will appreciate the reviews and links on this blog.
  4. Apex Book Company: This publishing company’s blog shares some of their latest releases in sci-fi.
  5. The Galaxy Express: Meld sci-fi and romance with the books recommended by this blog.
  6. The Wertzone: Get commentary on sci-fi books and movies from Adam Whitehead on this blog.
  7. SciFiGuy: Here, you’ll find reviews of fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi books as well as interviews and much more.
  8. I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending: This sci-fi fan shares reviews of all kinds of books that may be of interest.
  9. Worlds In a Grain of Sand: Need to find a good book to read? Check out this blog for some reviews of sci-fi books old and new.
  10. The Geek Curmudgeon: On this blog, self-professed geek Rick Klaw shares his opinions on books, movies and more.
  11. Neth Space: This fan loves to share his thoughts on the sci-fi books he enjoyed on this blog.
  12. From a Sci-Fi Standpoint: Fans of the genre can find a wide range of book reviews on this blog.


Use these blogs to stay in the loop about the latest sci-fi releases.

  1. SciFi Squad: Find sci-fi movie news, trailers, DVD information and a whole lot more on this site.
  2. John Scalzi: Film critic John Scalzi shares his opinions on sci-fi films through this AMC blog.
  3. Star Wars Blog: Star Wars fans will find everything they need to be a true blue aficionado on this official blog of the movies.
  4. Cinematical: Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Keep up with the latest news and reviews in the sci-fi genre with this blog.
  5. Classic Sci-Fi Movies: Want to make sure you’ve seen the best sci-fi movies ever made? Check out this blog for recommendations.
  6. Alien Experience: Fans of the Alien and Predator movies will find news and information here.
  7. SciFi UK Review: This site is dedicated to providing reviews and the latest updates on sci-fi films in and outside of the UK.


Learn more about your favorite sci-fi TV shows from these bloggers.

  1. Star Trek Sci Fi Blog: If you’re a Trekkie through and through, find out news and information about the series and the movies on this blog.
  2. Galactica Sitrep: You can get your fix of Battlestar Galactica news from this blog.
  3. Battlestar Blog: Here you’ll find another great Battlestar Galactica blog.
  4. Behind the Sofa: Read through the posts on this site to learn more about the world of Doctor Who.
  5. Whedonesque: If you love the work of Joss Whedon, like Buffy and Firefly, then check out this blog to see what he’s working on next.
  6. Fringe Television: Those who’ve gotten hooked on Fox’s new show Fringe can find a wealth of information about it here.
  7. The Caprican: Fans of Caprica will find news and updates about the next season of the show on this site.
  8. Multiple Verses: Read and talk about your favorite sci-fi shows on this blog.
  9. The Soul of Star Trek: Star Trek fans will find a great collection of news and information to keep them interested here.
  10. The Watcher: This TV blog from the Chicago Tribune is full of reviews and news about a wide range of sci-fi and fantasy shows.


These bloggers are also sci-fi authors who share their thoughts on a wide range of topics.

  1. Charlie’s Diary: Author Charles Stross offers up his take on writing, sci-fi and life in general on this blog.
  2. Tobias Buckell: This science fiction author and blogger posts info about his work and fun sci-fi tidbits here.
  3. Mike Brotherton: A hard sci-fi writer, Brotherton shares great information about real science he uses as inspiration for his work.
  4. David Louis Edelman: On this blog, writer Edelman posts about science fiction, writing, politics, technology, web programming, current events, film and everything in between.
  5. Ecstatic Days: Award-winning writer Jeff Vandermeer maintains this blog to share thoughts on writing, sci-fi and more.
  6. SFNovelists: This blog brings together posts from a wide range of sci-fi and fantasy novelists.
  7. Neil Gaiman’s Journal: While Gaiman’s work falls somewhere between fantasy and science fiction, his blog is an interesting read for anyone who likes the genre and wants to read more about it.

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