10 Politicians We’d Have Loved to Party With in College

Posted November 1, 2012

There’s something about politicians and partying. Why is it that so many of them seem to enjoy a good time, and perhaps a little too much of it? Maybe it’s the pressure of making decisions that can affect millions, maybe it’s just that their lives are under more scrutiny than regular people. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that there are plenty of politicians who like to party, just like us, and we can imagine that partying with them in college (their time or ours) would have been pretty epic. Which ones do we think would be the most interesting? Read on to find out.

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt:

    Imbibing students owe a lot to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After all, it was FDR that ended prohibition. Not at all surprising, considering he was rumored to enjoy a cocktail or two in the Oval Office every evening. He was also reported to enjoy making cocktails for cabinet members, so he was a generous and fun guy to be around. Plus, it’s said that he never had more than a few, and looked down on those around him who drank to excess, so he even had a thing or two to teach students today about responsible drinking.

  2. Ted Kennedy:

    It’s no secret: the late Ted Kennedy loved to party. From paying another student to take his Spanish test (a stunt that got him kicked out of Harvard), to several publicized drunken incidents, there’s no shortage of fun and interesting moments from this politician. We’re sure that Ted Kennedy could have taken any co-ed to school when it comes to drinking and crazy stunts.

  3. George W. Bush:

    Another politician that is commonly known as a good-time drinker, the younger George Bush has plenty incidents of his own to live up to his reputation. At age 20, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, an incident in which he allegedly had a few beers with friends and stole a hotel Christmas wreath. And most notoriously, Bush took his younger brother Marvin out drinking, drove home, and lost control of the car, driving with a garbage can under the vehicle the entire way home. Bush was a danger, no doubt, but we’d love to hear the stories (of the days before he gave up alcohol) that haven’t been dug out of his skeleton closet.

  4. Rep. Ted Vick:

    It’s one thing to party with coeds while you’re still in college, but Representative Ted Vick from South Carolina, a 39-year-old man, did just that this year. In May, he was arrested for DUI and unlawfully possessing a firearm. The best part? He had a 21-year-old recent female graduate of the University of South Carolina in the car with him: he had been partying at college bars in downtown Columbia, S.C. Vick, a part-time pastor, had previously made "traditional Southern family values" a major part of his campaign for Congress, but dropped his campaign following the arrest.

  5. Sarah Palin:

    We all know Sarah Palin as a tough Alaskan mom and politician, but before she took on that persona, she was a funny college girl in the 80’s. Need proof? Look no further than a photo of Palin in a pink t-shirt reading, "I May Be Broke, But I’m Not Flat Busted." If that’s not enough, consider the rumor that as a sports reporter fresh out of college, Palin had a one-night stand with a young basketball star Glen Rice. Palin may not have as much drinking and debauchery in her past as the others on this list, but we’re certain that we’d have a hilarious time with the Tina Fey look-alike.

  6. Bill Clinton:

    Bill Clinton has famously noted that he experimented with marijuana, but "didn’t inhale." Of course, no one really believes that. We’re sure that Bill Clinton loved to party in college, with or without pot, and he still parties hard to this day: for his 65th birthday he held a three-day celebration featuring Lady Gaga, Bono, Stevie Nicks, and Kenny Chesney. Clinton is also known to have experimented sexually.

  7. Michael Bloomberg:

    Bill Clinton may have been shy about his past pot use, but New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg most certainly hasn’t been. When asked if he believed marijuana should be legalized for medical use, and if he’d ever tried it himself, he responded, "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it." Bloomberg did, however, regret making the remark after he learned that it was used in a full page advertisement from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Foundation.

  8. Kinky Friedman:

    Former gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman is famous in Texas for his no-nonsense, humorous style, which we’re certain was with him back in college at the University of Texas. It was also in his college years that he earned his nickname "Kinky," thanks to his curly hair. As a college student, Kinky formed his first band, King Arthur & the Carrots, which poked fun at surf music and recorded only one single. And although much of Kinky’s life is devoted to satire, he was dead serious (we think) about running for Texas governor, winning an impressive 12.6% of the vote as an independent candidate.

  9. John Adams:

    Colonial Americans drank beer quite often, not necessarily for fun, but because it was safer than potentially contaminated water. So it’s not entirely surprising that President John Adams drank a ton of beer and cider in his day. But we’re still in awe of the amount of alcohol President John Adams is reported to have put down on a daily basis. It’s said that he drank a "tankard" of hard cider every day, and even enjoyed beer with breakfast.

  10. Martin van Buren:

    Yet another president who greatly enjoyed drinking, Martin van Buren in reported to have had an incredibly high tolerance. In fact, rumors state that van Buren could drink "for days" without showing signs of intoxication, which led to his nickname "Blue Whiskey Van." Drinking did catch up with him eventually, though: he lost the 1840 presidential election because his opponent, William Henry Harrison, pointed van Buren out as an alcoholic.

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