9 Best iPhone Apps for Surviving Freshman Year

Posted September 20, 2012

Welcome, freshmen. Where is the library? Is there such a thing as "out of bounds" in beer pong? How much money did I spend on that 50-pack of Ramen? There is so much you don’t know. But you can be new to campus without being a noob; check out these 9 iPhone apps that will help you survive your freshman year.

  1. Maps

    Google Maps, Apple’s new map app, or any other type of GPS should be your first go-to app at your new school. Typically, college towns aren’t too tough to navigate, but a maps app can point even the most clueless college freshman to the right side of the street. Program in your local address, so you’ll always be able to click yourself home.

  2. Texts From Last Night

    There’s a time and place for idiotic drunk text messaging, and it’s called college. Before you try the trashcan punch, pull up this app and search by your area code. When you wake up tomorrow in a hungover daze, cursing the sunlight and wondering exactly how peanut butter got in your hair, just refresh the page. Watch out, college kids. These are your glory years. You’re bound to get yourself into some textual trouble. And it’s bound to show up on the Internet.

  3. All Recipes

    If there was an app for Ramen noodles, we’d include that, too. But college is about developing your skills and readying yourself for the adult world. Try not to eat things that can be made on a Bunsen burner. Avoid the "Freshman 15" by just saying no to fast food. Learn how to cook a few staples, and learn the joys of cooking a large meal with friends. Your health and your tummy will thank you.

  4. Mint

    Mint is the budgeting app. If you’re living off student loans, have a paltry workstudy position, or you’re just a broke college kid, you’ll need to learn how to manage your finances properly. Mint takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process, and you get to take all the credit and reap the financial rewards. Mint keeps track of expenditures by category, as well as accessing your account balances. Mint makes it impossible to forget to pay your bills.

  5. Pandora

    If you like music, you love Pandora. Pair this app with some earbuds, and you’ll never have to walk to class alone again. Your infinite playlist and tailor-made stations will keep you rockin’ and rollin’ through campus and beyond.

  6. TouchCloset

    If your favorite movie is Clueless, this is the app for you. Take pictures of your clothes and style your day-to-night outfits from the comfort(?) of your iPhone. It’s a great way for a clothes horse that’s low on space to stay sane.

  7. SparkNotes

    With all the closet organizing and drunk texting you’ll be doing, it’s doubtful that you’ll get much homework done your freshman year. For those on their way to flunking Freshman Comp, SparkNotes lets you access popular study guides and summaries on your phone. It’s a quick and easy way to get the down and dirty on what you didn’t read.

  8. Your College’s App

    Your college might have an app. If so, download it. It’s an easy place to get student news, inclement weather updates, and be generally in-the-know when it comes to your college sports teams. Don’t bleed your school colors? Get it anyway. You don’t have to drink the Koolaid, but you do need enough school spirit to care what’s going on around you.

  9. Drinks and Cocktails

    There are lots of apps for the college crowd (like Ajax Bartender and Tabbed Out), and they’re not all academic. Drinks and Cocktails teaches you to be an expert mixologist — or at least lets you know what to pair with Vanilla Vodka. (Answer: Nothing. Have some pride, freshmen.)

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