9 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Surviving College Life

Posted September 23, 2012

College life is hard. Classes, parties, and financial aid can go from happiness to headache in a heartbeat. But if you’re an active social media user, you can navigate your education easily if you read the right news. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. From financial aid to funny, here are nine must-follow Twitter feeds for surviving college life.

  1. @YourSchool

    If you’re going to have Twitter and be in college, you need to follow your school. You’ll stay abreast of campus news, inclement weather updates, and learn who else on campus tweets.

  2. @HuffPostCollege

    The Huffington Post bills itself as the Internet newspaper, and this is a live feed into its college section. If you love college life or you have interest in universities, stay informed with frequent updates and great articles.

  3. @NYTEdLife

    The education section of The New York Times can sit squarely in your news feed. With lots of links to fantastic resources and advice for college life, you can easily join — or simply read — the conversation.

  4. @OurCollegePlan

    This Twitter feed is great for college planning, including tricky financial tips and hints for life. They retweet lots of relevant articles, as well. It’s a one-stop shop for all your college planning needs!

  5. @HerCampus

    HerCampus is like an online magazine for women in college, featuring lifestyle, love, fashion, and education-themed updates. Even if you’re not a young co-ed, you can find some great tips for surviving your university years here.

  6. @UniversityLink

    It’s a magazine about college, written by college students. Here, you’ll find lots of relevant celebrity interviews and updates about college life. And if you’ve got the writing bug, you can submit your own work, too.

  7. @CollegeBlender

    College Blender is a Twitter feed for those looking to increase and deepen connections between college life, professors, and students. And they’ve got a sense of humor, too!

  8. @CollegeHumor

    Speaking of a sense of humor, if you need a laugh, follow CollegeHumor. Even if you’ve never darkened the door of an institute of higher learning, their Twitter feed and website will have you in stitches!

  9. @YourMajor

    Majoring in philosophy? Finance? Sociology? Whatever your chosen field of study, you should follow relevant feeds. If you’re majoring in journalism, education, business, or political science, you won’t be at a loss for reading Tweets. There’s a ton of free information about the thing you think about all day — find it, follow it, and use it for good.

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