100+ Places to Get a Free Business Education Online

Posted March 22, 2013

With the rising cost of tuition and the recent economic hardships faced by so many, business school isn’t accessible to everyone. If you have the ambition to learn but lack the funds to make it to b-school, then you should check out the following places to get a business education online without having to pay a penny in tuition. Take online classes for free from top universities as well as other online education resources, take advantage of online sources full of information about business, find out what top business school professors have to say, join online groups devoted to business and finance, and stay on top of business news with these resources. Regardless of where you live: South Carolina, Missouri, Maine – you will soon have enough business knowledge to be propelling your career forward.

These universities from around the world offer free open courseware classes online with many business classes you won’t want to miss.

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare. MIT offers a ton of free classes from their Sloan School of Management.
  2. MSU. Michigan State University has an International Business section of courses available.
  3. Tufts OpenCourseware. Be sure to check out the International Relations courses, among many others, offered here.
  4. UC Berkeley Webcasts. Find current classes and search the archives for past classes here that include economics, legal issues, and more.
  5. University of Southern Queensland. Find a small group of classes available at the Australian university, including communications and technology classes that will enhance any business education.
  6. Capilano University. Check out the Business section at this Canadian university for their free courses.
  7. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. If your business education revolves around health, global population, developing countries, or similar areas, then the free classes available at this Maryland here will help you get a better understanding of these topics.
  8. UC Irvine OpenCourseWare. UC Irvine offers several business and management courses in both English and Portuguese.
  9. UMass Boston OpenCourseWare. Find courses across a variety of topics useful to business here, including critical thinking, communications, and public policy.
  10. Notre Dame OpenCourseWare. Many of the classes here provide a strong base of knowledge useful for successful business students.
  11. University of Utah. Get the basics for your business degree here with classes such as math and economics.
  12. Utah State OpenCourseWare. Look through the extensive listing of courses available here to take free classes.
  13. College of Eastern Utah. The courses here seem to change with the semester, so check back often to see what they have to offer in both Business and Accounting.
  14. Weber State University. The small group of classes here include offerings like global technology.
  15. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. The free classes here include a variety of business topics such as accounting, finance, business operations, and marketing.
  16. The Open University. This online opportunity from the UK provides a rich selection of business and management courses.
  17. Open Learning Initiative. These classes from Carnegie Mellon include business classes such as economics, statistics, and more.
  18. Western Governors University. Get several important basic classes for your free business education from this online university.
  19. University of Western Sydney. This university offers a business section with classes on financial planning, accounting, recruitment, business consulting, and more.

Other Online Classes While these online classes aren’t offered through universities, they do offer an excellent opportunity for free online learning.

  1. US Small Business Administration. The many free classes offered here include topics on business management, starting your own business, marketing and advertising, and business planning.
  2. Trump University. This online university started by Donald Trump and partnered with professors from elite universities as well as Fortune 500 executives offers two free courses on entrepreneurship.
  3. Free Management Library’s Free, Online Nonprofit Organization and Management Development Program. This free course is an excellent opportunity for those thinking about starting up a non-profit business.
  4. My Own Business. This online course provides 16 different topics touching on writing a business plan, communication tools, licenses and permits, financing, marketing, and more.
  5. Bean Counting 101. This free accounting class is specifically designed for non-accountants.
  6. Financial Management Training Center. These short courses include information on managing cash flow, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and more.
  7. Maine Small Business Development Centers. Most of the classes offered here focus on small business development.
  8. About U Business. These business courses offered through About.com’s About U provide insight to marketing, small businesses, and more.
  9. SCORE Online Workshops. Choose from several different workshops organized by topics such as Business Planning, Making Your Business Competitive, and Legal Considerations.
  10. IttyBiz Free Marketing Courses. Get six different creative marketing courses by email when you sign up here.
  11. ShoeMoney Xtreme Internet Marketing Program. Another free marketing program by email, this one is presented by Jeremy Schoemaker.
  12. Simple Studies. These free online accounting lessons include both lectures and exercises to solidify what you learn.
  13. Improve your personal networking skills. This course is offered through HP. You will need to sign up with your email address to receive notification of the next class.

Unique Online Learning Situations These learning situations include a Business Administration degree with no tuition, college-type classes on a wiki format, and an MBA’s worth of material from books.

  1. University of the People. Apply for a completely free business administration degree from this revolutionary project. Note that enrollment is limited while they are just starting out and the university is not accredited at this time.
  2. Peer 2 Peer University. This fledgling project is in its first round of courses, with an interesting economics course being one of the seven classes offered. Join up officially to participate in class, or take advantage of the readings, videos, and more that are posted to their wiki to virtually take this class.
  3. The Personal MBA. Josh Kaufman runs this site that is devoted to providing a business education to anyone driven enough to read the recommended books (visit your library for the no-cost option) and participate in their own learning experience.

Sites Packed with Business Information From tutorial to articles, these sites have plenty of information just waiting for you to grasp on to it all.

  1. Learn That Free Business Tutorials. Find an incredible number of tutorials on business, marketing, and management from Learn That.
  2. About.com Business & Finance. Select from Business Practices, Industry, Personal Fiance, and Small Business to find numerous resources for each category.
  3. Business Writer’s Free Library. If you want to improve your business writing skills, then this is the place to go to find out how.
  4. Ezine 401: Content Development and Writing. Learn how to write clear and persuasive marketing material with this information.
  5. OPEN Forum. This site managed by American Express offers tons of information and resources for business owners (or those who want to be).
  6. Management Methods | Management Models | Management Theories. This portal offers hundreds of links to information on management concepts.
  7. American Management Association Articles & White Papers Solutions. Read through these articles to find information on communication skills, customer service, finance and accounting, human resources, and more.

Multimedia Resources Use these webinars, videos, and audio files to continue your business education online.

  1. Read It For Me. This site offers video summaries from top business books.
  2. Small Business Audio and Video Presentations. These presentations are presented by the IRS and provide plenty of information on businesses and taxes.
  3. System Seminar TV. Watch successful entrepreneurs speak on these videos all about Internet marketing.
  4. HubSpot Internet Marketing Webinars. Select from several webinars here to improve your Internet marketing savvy.

Serious Business Games Learn business practices, economics, management style, and more with these serious games that give you wiggle room for making mistakes before trying it out in the real world.

  1. Innov8. Focusing on learning smarter traffic, smarter customer service, and smarter supply chains with this simulation game from IBM.
  2. Gazillionaire Deluxe. Learn about supply and demand in this game used in colleges to teach concepts for business, math, and economics.
  3. EVE Online. Practice running the most powerful company in the world with this serious game.
  4. Fistful of Dollars. Explore managing working capital against a space backdrop with this game.
  5. Informatists. This popular business simulation game helps you polish business skills.
  6. Robo Rush. A simple game that demonstrates how you grow a business, this one has players start out selling robots door-to-door and upgrading to a storefront and a factory.
  7. Ports of Call. Play this old classic with a 3D face lift to learn about economics as you build your shipping fleet.
  8. Ars Regendi. Reign over your own state, form alliances with other countries, and more as you learn economics and politics in this multiplayer game.
  9. The EIS Simulation. Designed at the Center for Advanced Learning Technologies, this game challenges players, as a part of a team, to introduce an innovation and convince 22 members of the management team to accept the innovation.

Business School Professor Blogs If you can’t afford to attend business school, then why not read what these business professors have to say on their blogs? This is a great opportunity to learn online from some of the top educators in the world of business.

  1. Carpe Diem. See what professor Mark J. Perry has to say about economics and finance on his popular blog.
  2. Harga-Blog. Andrew Hargadon, professor at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management, writes about technology innovation and design.
  3. Whatever Happened to Thrift?. Professor Ronald T. Wilcox blogs about why Americans don’t save and how that practice can be changed.
  4. Andrew McAfee’s Blog. Technology and business are the topics on this blog from a professor at Harvard Business School.
  5. Financial Rounds. This anonymous professor blogs about finance as it pertains to the classroom and beyond.
  6. John Sviokla The Near Futurist. Sviokla writes about marketing with plenty of high profile examples.
  7. Open IT Strategies. Joel West writes about IT and business in an "open" environment.
  8. Ed Batista. This leadership coach at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business blogs about leadership, management, and personal development.
  9. Robert Salomon. From Stern School of Business, Salomon includes posts on corporate strategy, the economy, mergers and acquisitions, and more.
  10. Stew Friedman Better Leader, Richer Life. This Wharton professor blogs about leadership on his blog.
  11. Tom Davenport The Next Big Thing. Topics on Tom Davenport’s blog cover technology and global business.
  12. John Quelch Marketing KnowHow. This long-time professor at Harvard Business School writes about marketing here.
  13. Grasping Reality with Both Hands. This popular blog, written by economy professor Brad DeLong at U.C. Berkeley, blogs about the economy from his perspective.
  14. sustainable business design. N.E. Landrum demonstrates how sustainable business decisions make good for everyone.
  15. Division of Labour. This collaborative blog is written by several professors focusing on economics and academia.
  16. Marketing Profs Daily Fix. Another collaborative blog, professors discuss topics that touch on marketing, social media, and technology.

Business and Professional Networks Join these online business and professional networks to get to know successful business people. Some of the best teachers are the ones who have been there before you.

  1. LinkedIn. One of the most popular business networking sites, LinkedIn will help you find connections that will promote your business knowledge as well as grow your network.
  2. Jigsaw. The more you participate in this business network, the more contacts you can earn, thereby expanding your access to more business professionals.
  3. Thompson Reuters Communities. Select to become a member of the The Carbon Community or The Base Metals Community, both of which focus on commodities and energy.
  4. APSense. Create your business presence here while you learn from other members. You are safe in trusting these members as they are rated positively or negatively based on sound business practices.
  5. The Business Social Network. Network and collaborate with others when you join this business group.
  6. Ecadamy. This social network provides you with the opportunity to share and learn from other professionals, boost your visibility, and create new business contacts.

Social Networks Devoted to Investing and Money Another great way to expand your online business education is by becoming a member of online social networks that teach you about money, investing, markets, and economics.

  1. Zacks Investment Research. Learn about markets and trends with the mathematically-based research done with Zacks.
  2. The Motley Fool. This popular group will help you learn about stocks, market news, and investing.
  3. Money Talk. The members here discuss small business, finance, making money, investing, and more.
  4. TradeKing Community. Members at this site to share their insight and learn from others while keeping up with developments in the world of investing.
  5. Wikinvest. Learn about specific companies, investment concepts, funds, markets, and more at this site. Members who participate also grow their reputation among important business people.
  6. Tip’d. An excellent source of educational resources, Tip’d offers news, tips, articles, and a chance to connect with others about finance.
  7. Minyanville. Join this social network to learn about business and investing.
  8. MarketWatch Community. This online group is specifically for learning about the markets and offers members opportunities to learn and share with one another.
  9. My.WallSt.net. Especially for beginners, this group is about learning the ins and outs of stocks and trading. Be sure to visit the Executives section to learn about important players in the industry.
  10. ZeccoShare. Join in one of the groups at ZeccoShare to get investment tracking as well as sharing of ideas and tips between members.
  11. UpDown. Practice investing with a $1 million portfolio while you learn about investing with this social network.
  12. Covester. An example of learning by watching, Covester members follow the investment habits of proven investors to learn the best investment tactics.
  13. InvestingMinds. InvestingMinds offers opportunities for members to share ideas and experience with everything from investing to estate planning to the ways of Wall Street.

News Any great business student, whether a self-learner or one enrolled in an elite school, knows that staying on top of the business news is an important element of staying connected to the business world. These news sources are sure to keep you business-savvy.

  1. Forbes. A major player in the business world, Forbes offers news stories, video, and more to keep you informed about all the business news.
  2. The New York Times Business. Keep up with stocks, real estate, global business, and more with The New York Times Business.
  3. Financial Times. This British publication offers global financial and business news, opinions, and much more.
  4. Bloomberg. Get personal finance support as well as business and finance news from Bloomberg.
  5. Wall Street Journal. This heavy-hitter publishes everything from world finance to business to sports.
  6. Economist.com. This respected source for business news will keep you updated on finance, economics, markets, politics, science, and more.
  7. USA Today Money. USA Today Money delivers news about the economy, personal finance, and real estate.
  8. The Street. Get the inside scoop on Wall Street, financial investing, stock quotes, and more here.
  9. CFO. Find out what news is important to CFOs while you learn the latest in business financial news.
  10. CNBC. Read worldwide news stories and learn about the latest in investing and markets with CNBC.
  11. Fox Business. Watch videos, read blogs, and browse through news articles on small business, personal finance, and markets.
  12. BusinessWeek. Get news, special reports, regular columnists, and blogs that provide the latest news from the world of business with BusinessWeek.

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