Online Degree Programs for Business

Business is what fuels the economy. Therefore, business-savvy individuals are wanted and needed by organizations in every industry, making business one of the most popular areas of study in this country. You can complete an online business degree program and gain overall knowledge of business, including how organizations operate, organizational structure, management, finance, and more. To pursue a career in your particular area of interest, you may choose to focus your degree on one of the many business concentrations, such as accounting, marketing, public relations, and information systems. Online degree programs in business are offered at every level.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Business

Online associate degree programs in business are a good choice for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of business. These programs can typically be completed in around two years if you attend full time. In an associate degree program, close to half of the required courses will be general education courses, such as English, history, and biology. The rest of the courses will focus on business-related areas. Many of the business courses will be at the introductory level. For example, the curriculum in the online associate degree program in business administration offered through Penn State’s World Campus includes courses such as Introduction to Business Information Systems, Introductory Microeconomic Analysis, Business Management Concepts, and Principles of Marketing.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Business

Online bachelor’s degree programs in business usually take around four years to complete full time, though transferring an accredited associate degree can significantly reduce the program length. A bachelor’s degree program will have certain required courses covering various areas of business, with the rest consisting of electives that you choose, allowing you to direct the focus of your degree. A good example of this is the online bachelor’s of business administration degree program offered at California Southern University. The program’s required courses include Business Ethics, Basic Business Law, and Business Communications. The elective courses are divided into categories, including international business, management, leadership, and human resources management.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Business

Online MBA degree programs are the most popular online master’s degree programs in business. Most accredited master’s degree programs in business require that you to hold a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field from an accredited institution prior to enrollment. Your entire master’s degree program will typically focus on your chosen concentration. For instance, at Walden University, you choose your concentration from a list of 14 areas before you begin the program. This allows you to gain extensive knowledge in a particular area that will direct your career.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Business

Many online doctoral degree programs in business are designed for individuals with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business or a related field, such as an online accounting degree or an online marketing degree, as well as professional experience. Many professionals will earn a doctoral degree in business to advance their current career to high-level management, consultant, or executive positions. Earning their degree online allows them to complete their coursework around their schedule without having to attend a physical classroom or interfere with their careers. Others will earn this degree and move into a teaching career at a major university.

Online Degree Programs in Business in the Work Place

Business careers are almost too numerous to count. Many people will use their online degrees in business for promotions and advancements in their current careers, while others will use their degrees to start a new career or start their own company. Generally, a business degree can often be used toward a career in management. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a list of management occupations, many of which can be obtained with an accredited online business degree, such as computer information systems manager, human resources manager, administrative services manager, and top executive.