Online Degree Programs for Hospitality Management

Hospitality management covers all the behind-the-scenes functions of the hotel, restaurant, and leisure industries. After completing a degree in hospitality management, students have the business knowledge to launch a career in restaurant or hotel management, sales, catering, travel, or event-planning, among many exciting industries. It is a great field for anyone who loves to entertain and has an eye for detail. Hospitality is a complex and competitive industry and success in the business requires industry-specific knowledge. Students hoping for a fast-paced career in hospitality should consider online college degree programs in hospitality management.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Hospitality Management

Online degree programs in hospitality management are widely available at the associate degree level. Associate degrees usually take two years to complete full time and include core course work in hospitality management as well as general academics. Students often study math, science, public speaking, and composition. Core curriculum may be determined by the student’s area of concentration, if specializations are available. Some associate degree programs may offer a general education in hospitality management, while others might offer specializations in hotel management, restaurant management, or casino management, for example. An associate degree is a great way to learn the ropes of the hospitality business and become eligible for entry-level positions in the industry. Students aspiring to an advanced career in hospitality may want to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Hospitality Management

Online bachelors degree programs provide a solid foundation for a career in hospitality management. This four-year degree explores the field in more depth and provides the varied course work needed for a well-rounded education. Online bachelors degree programs typically meet the minimum education requirements for entry-level positions in hospitality management with the most opportunities for growth. Students learn rules and regulations, management strategies, sales, event management, food science, and more. Some core courses apply to the industry in general, while others vary depending on the student’s chosen are of interest. Sample concentrations include wine appreciation, spa management, gaming and casino management, catering, event planning, and international hospitality.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Hospitality Management

Online masters degree programs in hotel management are ideal for professionals working in the hotel management business who want to move to the next level of their careers. Masters degree programs often include advanced courses in finance, marketing, branding, analysis, and research methods in hospitality management. The degree positions graduates to pursue management and executive roles in hospitality operations, including casinos, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality corporations. Some programs offer joint degree options, which allow students to earn a master’s degree in hospitality management and also a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Most online masters degree programs in hospitality management take approximately two to three years to complete.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Hospitality Management

Doctoral degree programs in hospitality management are less common than online bachelors degree programs or masters degrees. However, doctoral degree programs are available in this field. Doctoral students apply their existing knowledge and experience in hospitality management to research, developing new theories and strategies for optimizing operations, marketing, and profit in the industry. Many programs are self-directed, allowing students to tailor the curriculum to match their research interests and career goals. Doctoral degree holders often go on to academic research and teaching careers at business and hospitality management universities.

Online Degree Programs in Hospitality Management in the Work Place

Online college degree programs in hospitality management can lead to a wide variety of career paths. Hospitality management graduates often pursue careers in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and management. They work for hotel chains, private boutique operations, caterers, event vendors, restaurants, casinos, event venues, travel and leisure firms, and almost any operation that provides accommodations, food, or entertainment. Some work for wine and spirits distribution companies, others work as buyers and inventory managers for sports stadiums, hotels, and conference centers, for instance.

Event-planning is an all-encompassing career path for hospitality management graduates. Event planners manage every aspect of an event, whether large or small. They arrange accommodations, menus, entertainment, logistics, decorations, and other details. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), event planners are in relatively high demand and can earn approximately $45,000 per year, depending on location, candidate qualifications, and the scale of the events. Event-planners may also go in to business for themselves as freelance event coordinators or caterers.