Online Degree Programs for Human Resources

Human resources is an industry that involves maximizing human job performance for optimal efficiency and profit. The study of human resources is a multidisciplinary field that involves psychology, business, management, technology, law, and sociology, among others. Online degree programs cover practical application strategies of these disciplines for human resources professionals in the workplace. Human resources online college degree programs provide the training and education needed for careers at almost every level in the industry. Human resources is ideal for students who love working with people and discovering new strategies to help people work well together.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Human Resources

Human resources online degree programs at the associate degree level provide basic education in the field through general course work. Students typically study academics like math, science, and composition, but they also take core courses in human resources. Students study business ethics, management principles, technology, training strategies, hiring philosophies, and more. Associate degree programs are usually two-year degrees for full-time students and are widely available online and through junior colleges. An associate degree provides students with the qualifications needed for certain entry-level positions in human resources. Associate degree course credits can potentially be transferred to online bachelors degree programs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Human Resources

Online bachelors degree programs in human resources cover skills, techniques, and principles that human resources professionals will use on the job. Courses at the bachelor’s degree level cover employment laws and business ethics, benefits, strategies for hiring and on-boarding, communication strategies, training, and technology. Students will also take courses in computer literacy, fine arts, social sciences, writing and composition, mathematics, and sciences, and often complete semester-long or summer internships in human resources departments of professional organizations. Upon graduation, students should be skilled at using software applications and commonly-used human resources programs. Online bachelors degree programs in human resources meet the educational requirements for the majority of entry-level positions in the field.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Human Resources

Online masters degree programs in human resources usually require two to three years of full-time study, and, in some cases, accelerated online degree programs are available. A master’s degree program in this field explores complex theories and strategies for maximizing human performance and efficiency in a business environment. Students often complete a thesis or research paper to present the discoveries of their independent research. Most online college degree programs at this level are tailored to human resources professionals already working in the field. Human resources master’s degree students often go on to management positions in their field.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Human Resources

Doctoral degree programs in human resources are uncommon; however, doctoral degree programs in human resources do exist. Human resources doctoral programs often explore key factors that influence human resource strategies and techniques. Students typically discuss and research new theories in human resources technology, ethics, human performance, training, and candidate searches. A doctoral dissertation is then presented, after several years of course work and independent research. This degree often leads to careers in academic research and education.

Online Degree Programs in Human Resources in the Work Place

Human resources is a lucrative education for someone looking to build a skill set for a very unique industry. Graduates from online college degree programs in this field benefit from a focused career path, but with the possibility of securing a position among a diverse group oforganizations and industries. As companies grow larger, human resources personnel are in higher demand. Human resources professionals work in nearly every industry, from the arts to medicine to non-profit agencies, among others. Experience and education are major factors influencing job availabilityand salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that human resources specialists earn approximately $52,000 per year on average. Human resources managers have the potential to earn more, with an average salary of $99,000 per year, also according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).