How to Become a Market Research Analyst

Projected Job Growth: 41%
Projected Employment Change: 116,600

These two figures, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),ÿdemonstrate theÿsignificant growth market research analyst jobs are projected to see by 2020. These types of analysts work for companies examining industry markets on local, regional, and national levels to discover sales potential and understand consumer behavior. Often working on a computer, they collect marketing data, analyze that that data, and prepare reports to present to management.

Why Market Research?

The use of data and market research is expected to become increasingly important across all industries as companies try to understand their consumers. They will need these types of analysts to determine how effective their marketing and business strategies are and ways to better target their desired market. But market research is an attractive field for reasons other than growing employment. One of these reasons is that there is a wide range of opportunity in various industries, as these types of analysts are needed throughout to economy. Advancement within the occupation is also possible with work experience and education beyond undergraduate school. In fact, leadership or technical research positions often require candidates to have completed on campus or online graduate degree programs.

Getting Into Market Research

To become a market data analyst, one typically needs a bachelor’s degree in market research or a related field like business administration, computer science, mathematics, or statistics. A master’s degree in market research, statistics, marketing, or even an MBA may also give you a competitive edge when applying for some market research analyst positions. There many online graduate degree programs available to those who wish to earn an MBA while still keeping their day job. Some people may even go a step further and earn a Professional Researcher Certification from the Marketing Research Associationÿto demonstrate their proficiency in the field.ÿAlong with the appropriate educational background,ÿthose who wish to break into this field can gain valuable experience through internships and jobs in marketing, sales, and business that allow them to sharpen their skills in report writing and data collection, surveying, and analysis.