How to Become a Public Relations Manager

Projected Job Growth: 21%
Projected Employment Change: 38,300

Public relations managers are responsible for facilitating relationships among the media, clients, and the companies for which they work. They help fundraise, organize press releases, and assist with arranging interviews. In the age of social media, this is especially important as client and public relations become more scrutinized than ever for companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), public relations management is a field set to grow faster than the average career, as noted in the figures provided above by the BLS.

Why Public Relations Management?

Public relations managers bring home a salary of $57,550 annually, according to the BLS, though individual salary figures will vary. The field will expand rapidly, due to the demand that most companies have for specialists who can assist them with networking and developing relationships with the media. Though the field is competitive, public relations managers can choose to tailor their careers according to their interests, as there is a diverse need for these specialists among all kinds of companies.

Getting Into Public Relations Management

Prospective public relations managers should have at a least a bachelor’s degree. Classwork in areas like public relations, English, journalism, government, business, and communications will help set the foundation for a career in public relations. Students can attend online bachelors degree programs, and if they want to broaden their career options, they can then pursue online masters degree programs. The best online degree programs will provide students with classes that hone their interpersonal, writing, and technological skills.