Online Degree Programs for Fashion Design

Fashion design can be an exciting, fast-paced, and challenging career for individuals who are passionate about clothes, have a creative eye for design, and who enjoy the process of constructing original pieces. As an applied science, fashion design requires technical skill as well as knowledge of fabrics, color, and construction. Online fashion design degree programs allow students to build their knowledge of the industry and the design process. Online fashion design degree programs help many students realize their dreams of a career in the fashion industry.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Fashion Design

An associate degree in fashion design introduces students to the fundamentals of the field. At the associate degree level, fashion design students start building the skills necessary to complete the design process. Courses in drawing, draping, sewing, tailoring, and patternmaking are essential to the degree. Introductory courses in fashion merchandising, business planning, advertising, and accounting may also be included for students who plan to launch their own clothing lines or fashion boutiques after completing their degree. Students might be able to choose an area of concentration in some online fashion design degree programs, including shoe making, menswear, knitwear, and more. An associate degree is a two-year program and can be a route to launching a career in fashion for some students.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Fashion Design

A bachelor’s degree in fashion design explores the field in greater depth. Students benefit from more courses and time to develop their skills. They can also take courses in other disciplines for a well-rounded educational experience. Online fashion design degree programs at the bachelor’s level are usually offered through design schools and art institutes. However, some traditional colleges and universities may offer online programs in this field. Many bachelor’s degree programs emphasize individual and personal expression, fashion as art, and the entrepreneurial process. Students utilize the latest technologies, explore garment construction techniques, and work with a variety of fabrics and materials. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design program at Parsons The New School for Design inspired many bachelor’s degree programs in this field.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Fashion Design

A master’s degree in fashion design is an ideal next step for industry professionals looking to specialize in an area of the field. Most online fashion design degree programs can be completed in one to two years of study. Master’s programs often emphasize a theoretical, analytical, and historical approach to design analysis. Students evaluate fashion’s cultural influence, sustainability, movement, and many other concepts that are relevant to garment design and construction. Online fashion design degree programs at the master’s degree level can lead to doctoral degrees in fields related to apparel, culture, and societal constructs.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Fashion Design

Doctoral degrees in fashion design are rare, but some programs do exist. Doctoral studies in fashion design may be more widely available in the future. Existing doctoral programs in fashion design focus on academic teaching and research. Some programs emphasize the integration of technology into fashion design processes to create clothing that is adaptable. Students can also focus on fashion theory and history to examine the influence of clothing on culture and identity. Doctoral programs prepare students for careers in academia as well as professional positions. However, most programs will require a thesis or dissertation in the form of constructed garments or a written presentation of research.

Online Degree Programs in Fashion Design in the Work Place

Professionals who have completed online fashion design degree programs can pursue a number of careers in fashion and retail. Many go on to work as production assistants, patternmakers, or independent designers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that fashion designers can make approximately $64,000 per year on average. However, fashion design is an intensely competitive field. Some designers make considerably more, while others make considerably less. Other fashion designers work as stylists, styling consultants, or on the business side of fashion as retail and marketing coordinators or sales consultants. Professionals with graduate degrees in fashion design often go on to teach courses at design schools or community colleges.