Online Degree Programs for Engineering

Online college degree programs in engineering are great for students who excel in math and science and enjoy exploring how things work. Engineering is often a combination of physics, design, and function, depending on the area of engineering the student chooses to study. There are many different fields within engineering, including chemical engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, architectural engineering, biomedical engineering, and electrical engineering, among others. Engineering degrees can open up a broad range of job opportunities at almost every level of education. Whether you are considering a two year degree or doctoral study, there is an engineering program for you.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Engineering

Engineering associate degree programs are available in a variety of specializations and industries. Online college degree programs in construction engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering can provide the foundation needed for some entry-level technician positions in various fields. Most online degree programs at this level take approximately two years of full-time study to complete and include a combination of engineering core courses in the chosen area of concentration as well as general academic courses. Many associate degree programs also include courses and instruction on how to use equipment, technology, and software applications that are common in entry-level positions in the engineering industry. Sometimes, courses completed in an associate degree program can be transferred as course credit toward a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Engineering

Online bachelors degree programs in engineering are ideal for students hoping for an advanced career in an engineering field. Most engineering positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline. Bachelor’s degree programs typically take at least four years to complete, although some accelerated online degree programs may be available. Bachelor’s degree programs are available in almost every area of engineering. Students often complete courses across several fields of study, regardless of their engineering focus. Courses in general chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, statistics, and calculus are common in most engineering programs. More specific courses will reflect the student’s chosen area of specialization. For example, a mechanical engineering program will include courses like thermodynamics and materials science. Many engineering courses have a lab component as well. General courses in foreign language, literature, composition, social sciences, and humanities will also be required.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Engineering

Online masters degree programs in engineering focus on developing the student’s expertise in their field. For full-time students, online masters degree programs can take at least two years to complete, although many take more time depending on the degree requirements of the chosen program. Course work in a master’s program focuses on the subject of study, although some electives are included. Students are encouraged to take electives that compliment their area of concentration. Engineering online masters degree programs prepare students for supervisory positions in their field and hone their research abilities. Master’s programs emphasize research methods and many require a thesis or research project to earn the degree.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Engineering

Doctoral degree programs in engineering prepare students for advanced careers in scientific research and development. Many doctoral degree candidates are leaders in their field of engineering and seek an advanced degree to be eligible for university faculty positions. A doctoral degree program in engineering involves several years of lab research, in which students pursue new discoveries in their field. Online doctoral degree programs are less common than online masters degree programs in engineering. However, some programs may allow students to complete select course requirements through distance learning.

Online Degree Programs in Engineering in the Work Place

Salaries and job prospects can vary greatly depending on the field of engineering a student chooses to study. Job options are also influenced by a candidate’s level of education. Some engineering fields require professionals to earn licenses and credentials. For example, architectural engineers must complete several years of supervised internships as well as a series of exams before earning their license. License requirements for specializaed engineering professions may also require a specific type of degree. Many engineering licenses require a professional bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, after all the education requirements are completed, engineering professionals can lead to a financially stable career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average mechanical engineer earns approximately $78,000 per year, while the average chemical engineer earns approximately $90,000 per year. It is important to remember that reported salary figures for any profession are not guaranteed and actual salaries will vary.

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