Online Degree Programs for Healthcare Administration

Online college degree programs in healthcare administration combine topics in healthcare and medicine with the business side of the medical industry. In a healthcare administration program, students learn strategies and skills that make a hospital run profitably, safely, and efficiently. It is a business degree that addresses finance, accounting, and management principles in the context of medicine and hospital operations. Online degree programs in healthcare administration position graduates for a number of career paths in an industry that is resilient and full of diverse opportunities. Students interested in medicine as well as business should consider a degree in healthcare administration.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Healthcare Administration

An associate degree in hospital administration provides a first-look at hospital operations and management. It is a two-year degree that combines introductory coursework in hospital administration concepts as well as general academic coursework. In addition to courses in writing, biological sciences, and mathematics, students will also take basic courses in economics, finance, marketing, and the healthcare system. Many students who complete online degree programs at this level transfer their credits to four-year degree program in healthcare administration. Students are eligible for hospital administrative assistant positions, for example, after completing an associate degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Healthcare Administration

Online bachelors degree programs in healthcare administration prepare students for entry-level positions in the field. This four-year degree educates students on the healthcare system, specifically healthcare laws, ethics, and financial management. Students take classes in accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, statistics, and economics. They also study current trends in the medical industry and learn how hospitals and medical clinics are structured. Online bachelors degree programs require general academic course work in social science, mathematics, biological sciences, writing and composition, and history, as well as electives in a specialized area of study. Students at the bachelor’s degree level often complete internships in a professional healthcare administration setting in order to maximize their experience and jumpstart their job hunt. Many entry-level hospital administration positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, making this a strong choice for anyone considering a long-term career in this field.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Healthcare Administration

Online masters degree programs in healthcare administration are designed for working healthcare professionals or physicians, and many accelerated online degree programs are available at this level. A master’s degree prepares students for upper-level or management positions in healthcare administration through advanced courses in medical ethics, finance, marketing, statistics, accounting, and management strategies. Students also learn systems for managing personnel and optimizing efficiency, and develop decision-making and analytical skills that allow them to evaluate data and make key choices in a hospital setting. Many master’s degree programs in healthcare administration are offered through business schools. Some online degree programs offer dual degree options that combine a Master of Science in Nursing with a master’s degree in healthcare administration. Typically, hospitals require that executives have completed a master’s degree in healthcare administration or, in some cases, an MBA.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Healthcare Administration

Doctoral degree programs in healthcare administration can offer additional opportunities for healthcare administration professionals who have achieved senior- or executive-level positions in their field. A doctoral degree in healthcare administration involves some course work requirements but primarily emphasizes individual research. Students present the discoveries of their research endeavors in a doctoral dissertation, and the university or college then awards the degree pending the completion of the dissertation. Some doctoral degree holders pursue academic teaching positions at colleges and universities, while others seek roles as policy makers or analysts working to improve and modify the healthcare industry.

Online Degree Programs in Healthcare Administration in the Work Place

Healthcare administration is estimated to be one of the nation’s rapidly growing industries over the next few years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare administrators can earn approximately $84,000 per year on average, depending on their level within the organization, years of experience, and individual qualifications, as well as the local cost of living. An advanced degree in healthcare administration can increase a candidate’s eligibility for senior, or even executive, positions. Online college degree programs are available at almost every level in healthcare administration, which make them a strong choice for business and healthcare professionals.