Online Degree Programs for Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare informatics is a specialized technology field centered around the healthcare industry. It is an ideal degree program for tech-savvy students and professionals who want to establish their niche in the field of technology or who have an interest in the healthcare industry. The degree combines business, graphic design, computer science, database management, information science, and healthcare topics, providing the full range of diverse skills required of effective healthcare informatics professionals. Online college degree programs in healthcare informatics can lead to a challenging and unique career in the healthcare industry.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Healthcare Informatics

An associate degree program in this field introduces students to the basic principles of healthcare informatics. Courses in the associate degree program cover healthcare terminology, standard medical records systems, healthcare industry structure, and more. They also study common diseases, conditions, and treatments. Students will also learn the fundamentals of computer science and information systems design. Typically, the associate degree takes at least two years to complete, depending on the individual program. Many students pursue an associate degree with plans to transfer their credits toward a bachelor’s degree in healthcare informatics. Online degree programs at this level prepare students for entry-level positions, like assistant or technician, for example.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Healthcare Informatics

Online bachelors degree programs in healthcare informatics are typically offered through healthcare or computer science departments. Students explore computer science and healthcare industry topics in greater depth through advanced course work, and complete hands-on projects, working with existing healthcare technology as well as developing new healthcare technology products. A bachelor’s degree in healthcare informatics prepares students for an entry-level career in healthcare information technology, and, with substantial growth potential, students may find that a bachelor’s degree meets the minimum education requirements for many mid-level positions in the field, as well.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Healthcare Informatics

Online masters degree programs in healthcare informatics offer a comprehensive education in healthcare information technology. At the master’s level, student develop cutting-edge techniques, theories, and strategies for managing and developing technology systems for healthcare organizations. Students take industry-specific courses discussing relevant medical, economic, and ethical issues in the healthcare industry , and develop their technology skills, developing software programs that meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare clinics. Online masters degree programs typically require a capstone or final project in order to complete the degree. Online degrees at this level may take at least two years to complete, depending on individual program requirements.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Healthcare Informatics

Doctoral degree programs in healthcare informatics are attractive to professionals educated in medicine, business, public health, information science, computer science, engineering, or nursing, for example. This online doctoral program offers an academic research environment for students who have completed advanced studies in a field related to healthcare informatics. Through this program, students explore new technology, ideas, and advancements in healthcare technology and information systems. After completing the course work requirements for this degree, doctoral students embark on several years of independent research. Although less common than bachelor’s or master’s degrees in this field, online degree programs at the doctoral level prepare students for careers in academia or research, developing new strategies in the field. .

Online Degree Programs in Healthcare Informatics in the Work Place

Online college degree programs in healthcare informatics can lead to technology-inspired positions in the healthcare industry. Depending on the degree level, healthcare informatics professionals are eligible for entry-level positions as technicians, and also advanced positions as software developers or technology managers. Graduates with advanced degrees may go on to cultivate careers as software developers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers are in relatively high demand, with the field growing at a rate of 30% annually, depending on economic and industry changes. Because healthcare informatics is still a highly specialized field, graduates may find that job prospects within the industry are favorable, as job opportunities in this industry have yet to become exceptionally competitive.