Online Degree Programs for English Literature

English literature is a great discipline for anyone who loves to read, write, and tell stories. Online degree programs in English literature involves a heavy workload of reading and writing, so a love for these activities is essential to a student’s success. English literature is a multidisciplinary field of study where students learn about many different academic areas through the study of great writing, including architecture, environmentalism, history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and many more. For anyone who wants a broad scope of knowledge and strong communication skills, English literature might be the way to go.

Online Associate Degree Programs for English Literature

An associate degree in English literature is a great way to get started on a four-year bachelor’s degree or to get a feel for the discipline. Online degree programs at the associate degree level cover fundamental literature courses as well as some general academic courses. Early courses in writing and composition are always included in English literature programs. Studies in American and British literature are fundamental courses in any associate degree program as well. A two-year degree in English literature can lead to entry-level or assistant-level positions in a variety of industries. However, most positions with some growth potential directly related to this area of study will require a bachelor’s degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for English Literature

Online bachelors degree programs in English literature explore the field in greater depth. Most programs will include major coursework as well as general courses. Lower-level courses will cover basic skills and literary genres, including introductory writing and composition courses and survey classes in American and British literature. Upper-level courses in English literature online bachelors degree programs may include courses in literary criticism and theory, Latin American literature, Russian literature, and many other literary genres and themes. Some programs might include courses in creative writing as part of English literature. Many bachelor’s degree programs will also require a senior thesis or capstone course that involves a lengthy research project.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for English Literature

A master’s degree in English literature is an advanced degree that emphasizes academic research and critical analysis. Most online degree programs in English literature at the master’s level focus on British and American literature. However, some programs in other genres may be available. Graduate programs in English usually take two years of full-time study to complete and accelerated online degree programs are not widely available. Master’s programs in English literature often require a thesis as well. Some programs may offer a non-thesis option, but students considering applying for a doctoral degree program in English literature should pursue degrees with a thesis requirement.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for English Literature

Doctoral degree programs in English literature prepare students for careers in academia. Most programs are very research-intensive and students prepare a doctoral dissertation after several years of independent research. Students choose an area of focus within literature for their course work and research, including American literature, Russian literature, rhetoric and pedagogy, and countless others. Admission to doctoral degree programs in English literature can be highly competitive and some include a master’s degree on the way to completing a doctoral degree. Online degree programs in English literature at the doctoral level are rare, though some programs may exist. However, most programs will require an on-campus residency.

Online Degree Programs in English Literature in the Work Place

Online degree programs in English literature can lead to any number of careers. Graduates with English literature degrees often move in to writing careers, such as copywriting, journalism, advertising, editing, publishing, public relations, and many more. Writing skills are useful in almost any occupation, but some English literature majors will need to develop others skills and qualifications in addition to writing to be a competitive candidate in the job marketplace. Law is also a popular field for English majors as the writing and abstract-thinking skills developed in a literature program translate well to the study of law. Education is an attractive field for many English literature degree holders as well, although graduates may face a great deal of competition for high school teaching positions. Students interested in teaching at the high school or community colleges levels should considering earning a master’s degree. High school teachers can earn approximately $53,000 per year on average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS). However, salaries are not guaranteed and may fluctuate depending on the location of the school.