Online Degree Programs for English

English is a humanities discipline that often focuses on literature, poetry, writing, literary theory, and analysis. Some online degree programs also focus on rhetoric and pedagogy. English is a wonderful field of study for those who enjoy reading, writing, and discussing literature. English is also a multidisciplinary field that gives students the opportunity to discuss many different academic areas as they emerge in literary discussion, including architecture, ethics, philosophy, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and many more. An English degree develops a student’s composition and writing abilities, analytical and critical thinking skills, and communication skills. The English curriculum builds a strong foundation of abilities that are applicable in a broad range of industries.

Online Associate Degree Programs for English

An associate degree in English offers an introduction to literary study. Students often take survey courses in various literary genres and periods, including British literature, American literature, women’s literature, realism, and Victorian literature. Writing and composition courses will be a major part of the curriculum. Introductory courses in literary criticism might also be included. Online degree programs at the associate degree level also icover some general education courses like mathematics, science, and psychology. Many students transfer their course credits to a four-year degree program after completing an associate degree in English.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for English

Online bachelors degree programs in English provide a more thorough education in the field. Students often take survey literature courses that provide a first exposure to major work across several primary genres, like contemporary American literature, 19th century British literature, Latin American literature, and Victorian literature. Courses exploring specific themes and constructs are also common. Classes in creative writing, literary theory and criticism, film theory, gender studies, and history are often cross-listed as English courses, allowing students to explore other fields while also fulfilling the requirements of their degree. A bachelor’s degree in English can lead to a number of career options that emphasize writing abilities and big-picture analytical skills.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for English

Online masters degree programs in English focus on a deeper exploration of key texts, theory, and analysis. However, a master’s degree program will also focus on research methods and criticism. Students discuss and explore literary texts from a variety of genres in early coursework, then focus on more specific themes and genres in later coursework. Some programs give students the opportunity to choose a concentration area for the degree. Some concentrations include rhetoric and creative writing. Many online degree programs require a master’s thesis. However, some non-thesis options may be available. Students considering a doctoral program in English should pursue online college degree programs that require a thesis.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for English

Doctoral degree programs in English are the ultimate pursuit in literary study. Doctoral students leverage their existing knowledge of literary texts, research, and writing to explore and analyze niche interests in the field. English scholars pursue doctoral degrees with the goal of publishing new ideas and theories in the discipline and continuing a career of academic research and study. Doctoral degree programs often require at least two years of course work that emphasizes research methods. The course work is followed by several years of independent research and writing. Doctoral degree programs in English can be highly competitive and online degree programs are rare. Many of the best online degree programs in English are offered through traditional universities.

Online Degree Programs in English in the Work Place

Online college degree programs in English often lead to careers in which writing is the primary task. Copywriters, journalists, public relations officers, editors, and publishing industry professionals often have degrees in English at some level. Writers in general can earn approximately $55,000 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, salaries among writing professionals vary considerably. Many factors contribute to individual earning potential, including natural ability, industry, location, and self-promotion. English graduates often teach courses at the high school, junior college, or university level, depending on their educational background. Online bachelors degree programs are a strong foundation for graduate degrees in other fields, including journalism, communications, law, political science, social work, and more.