Online Degree Programs for History

History is a great field for people who enjoy studying events of the past in order to better understand the present. As a humanities discipline, most online degree programs in history have substantial reading and writing requirements. The study of history involves reviewing and analyzing primary source documents, or original materials, and secondary source documents, which reference the primary sources. History programs often include studies from a wide range of eras and geographic locations, and complements degrees in anthropology, political science, government, English literature, classics and mythology, and philosophy.

Online Associate Degree Programs for History

An associate degree program in history is an introductory program. In two years of study, students take core courses in world history, including United States History, Western Civilization, African-American History, European History, and Culture, for example. Students often choose additional courses based on their individual interests. They also take general academic courses in liberal arts, writing and composition, mathematics, and biological sciences. Online degree programs at the associate degree level are ideal for students who plan to eventually transfer to a four-year degree program.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for History

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year degree including in-depth course work in history, and a broader scope of electives and academic courses. Students study a wide range of historical periods, figures, and events. Although more common at the graduate degree level, students may choose an area of concentrationwhile completing their bachelor’s degree. . Online bachelors degree programs in history are less common than on-campus programs, but there are programs available online. A bachelor’s degree in history increases students’ eligibility for entry-level positions in a number of different fields, however, students hoping to pursue academic research in history may want to consider an advanced degree.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for History

A master’s degree in history is research intensive and typically focuses on a specific era or region, depending on the program. Online masters degree programs in history often take one to two years to complete for full-time students. Most programs include course work that emphasizes source analysis, research, and theory. Online degree programs typically require a master’s thesis, however some may offer a non-thesis option. Master’s degrees in history are ideal for students aspiring to a long-term career in academics, as a university professor, for example, butmaster’s degree programs may also lead to mid-level teaching positions.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for History

Doctoral degree programs in history can be quite rigorous, and the selection process highly selective. Many programs require that candidates have prior research experience or published articles in scholarly journals. Doctoral degrees in history focus on original research in a specialized area of interest. After completing approximately four semesters of course work, students often pursue several years of independent research. Depending on their interests, students may travel internationally to complete this research. Doctoral degrees are awarded pending the university’s review of the candidate’s dissertation. Online degree programs in history are rare at the doctoral level, since many programs include on-campus residency requirements.

Online Degree Programs in History in the Work Place

History majors can take their careers in many directions. Individuals who have completed online bachelor degree programs in history are eligible for assistant curator positions at museums or cultural centers. Many apply to law school, as the writing and analytical skills acquired in a history programare highly relevant to the legal field. Law may be one of the more lucrative career paths for history degree holders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), lawyers can earn approximately $112,000 per year on average, depending on level of experience, area of practice, and geographic location.

Some graduates open their own businesses as antiquities dealers or collectors after completing an online degree program in history. History majors often pursue careers in politics, public policy, or public administration, especially those who pursued United States history or government as an area of interest. Academia is a popular field for history majors as well. Master’s degrees in history can lead to faculty positions at high schools or community colleges. However, to teach at a college or university, history scholars will need a doctoral degree in history.