Online Degree Programs for Human Services

 <p>Online degree programs in human services prepare students for a variety of careers in philanthropy. It is an ideal educational path for anyone hoping for a career in case management, nonprofit administration, humanitarian aid, and much more. The human services field is broad, with many organizations and occupations falling under this category. In general, human services professionals aim to create resources to meet human needs and improve access to existing resources. It is a field driven by ethics, a strong desire to serve disadvantaged populations, and a motivation to ensure people of all demographics have the resources to meet their basic needs.</p>

<h4>Online Associate Degree Programs for Human Services</h4>
<p>An associate degree in human services is a great way to explore the human services field before committing to a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Online degree programs at the associate degree level are available through several online colleges and universities. Typically they take approximately two years to complete, full time. Human services associate degrees include course work in social sciences, human behavior, administration, and psychology, among others. Students will also study communications, literature, math, and science for a well-rounded education. An associate degree is relevant for students pursuing entry-level or assistant positions in human services. For more advanced positions, a bachelor’s degree may be required.</p>
<h4>Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Human Services</h4>
<p>Online bachelors degree programs in human services prepare students for entry-level positions in human services with increased growth potential. Students examine human behavior, psychology, and social sciences topics in greater depth, and also take courses that provide insight and training in human services practices and strategies, like crisis intervention, case management, and delivery of services. The best online degree programs offer specialized areas of concentration, including child welfare, administration, or gerontology, for example. The bachelor’s degree also includes general academics, like writing and composition, history, communications, technology and computer skills, mathematics, and science.</p>
<h4>Online Master’s Degree Programs for Human Services</h4>
<p>Online masters degree programs in human services are ideal for human services professionals who want to assume leadership positions in their field. A master’s degree goes beyond the fundamental principles through intensive courses discussing human services issues and strategies. Students pursue advanced study in ethics, organizational structure, policy, advocacy, and management. Many online masters degree programs offer areas of specialization that might include public health, gerontology, public policy, and leadership and management. Students explore mental health, psychology, and behavioral topics in detail, as well as cultural, social, and political influences that are relevant to the human services field. A master’s thesis, in which students present their original research, is typically required in order to complete this degree.</p>
<h4>Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Human Services</h4>
<p>Doctoral degree programs in human services are suitable for experienced human services professionals. A doctoral degree program offers an educational environment in which students investigate why social problems exist and develop new ideas about how social and human services practices can be more effective. Students typically complete several years of course work before embarking on several years of research. Once the student has completed their doctoral dissertation, the degree is awarded based on the institution’s review of their work. Limited accredited online degree programs are available at the doctoral level, since many online degree programs require an on-campus residency.</p>
<h4>Online Degree Programs in Human Services in the Work Place</h4>
<p>Online college degree programs position graduates to enter the human services field at many different levels. Associate degree holders often pursue positions as case management assistants and social services assistants, and often work closely with other human services professionals, like occupational therapists, social workers, and case managers. Human services positions at this level can earn an approximate salary of $28,000 per year on average, as reported by the <a href="">U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)</a>, depending on industry variables.. Increased flexibility and earning potential may be available to human services professionals with more advanced degrees, providing opportunities in day care centers, nursing homes, social services agencies, hospitals, child welfare organizations, rehabilitation centers, and many more.</p>