Online Degree Programs for Youth Ministry

According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 78.4% of the Unite States population is Christian. Those who wish to pursue their beliefs professionally, as well as personally, might be interested in a degree in youth ministry. Online college degree programs in youth ministry are offered through Christian-affiliated universities and colleges at the bachelor’s and, less so, master’s levels. They help students develop leadership skills while training them to work with adolescents, as well as providing studies in biblical texts and theology. The best online degree programs will vary from student to student, from those who offer 100% online degrees to a hybrid of both online and campus-based instruction. Either way, we recommend applying to accredited online degree programs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Youth Ministry

Online bachelor degree programs offer students the opportunity to study their faith while also developing leadership and programming skills. At Eastern University, for instance, students in the online degree program in youth ministry leadership are taught the nature and meaning of the Old and New Testaments, foundations of Christian spirituality, and theological thinking, as well as courses in gospel and adolescent culture, youth ministry administration, and evangelistic strategy. In addition to this core course work, students may also be required to participate in internships or volunteer positions, where they put their training and mission to real-life use. Courses you may encounter during bachelor’s degrees in youth ministry include Philosophical Foundations for Youth Ministry, Understanding Today’s Youth Culture, and Legal Issues in Youth Ministry.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Youth Ministry

Online masters degree programs allow for more advanced study and research of theology and ministry practices. At Huntington University, for instance, students in its hybrid youth ministry graduate program focus on professional leadership, theological studies, and adolescent specialization. Courses you may encounter during a master’s in youth ministry include Leadership Movements in Youth Leadership, Theology of Discipleship Evangelism, Assessment Strategies in Youth Ministry, and Ministry to At-Risk Youth. Students in master’s programs may also be expected to complete a thesis paper or research project on a specialized area of interest. They also may be required to complete a mentorship experience.

Online Degree Programs in Youth Ministry in the Work Place

After completing online degree programs youth ministry graduates can pursue work in a variety of ministry areas. They could go into church ministry, urban youth ministry, international youth ministry, or college and young-adult ministry, working as youth ministers or youth directors. They could even go into chaplaincy in children’s hospitals, or stay in academia teaching youth ministry and conducting original research. Youth ministry is a field you go into because it’s a calling, and not because you’re motivated by a paycheck. But since salaries are important to your financial livelihood, youth ministers make between $15,907 and $46,227, while youth directors make between $16,210 and $42,512, according to Of course, specific salaries will also depend on your education, previous work experience, and employer.