Online Degree Programs in Alabama

Alabama’s colleges and universities are some of the best-known institutions in the nation. They are prominent in the nation’s higher education culture and have earned reputations for academic and athletic excellence. The University of Alabama is one of the largest universities in the country and perhaps the most famous university in the state. Alabama is celebrated for its athletic programs, particularly its elite football program that includes Super Bowl champion quarterback Joe Namath. Alabama is also known for its law school and its accredited online degree programs. Alabama’s distance learning division, Bama By Distance, offers online college degree programs in many fields to students in Alabama and throughout the South.

Auburn University, located in Auburn, Ala., is consistently ranked as one of the best public universities in the southern United States. Auburn excels in many academic disciplines and maintains a competitive rivalry with the University of Alabama in athletics Auburn’s football program has a long history. Several Heisman trophy winners played for Auburn and John Heisman coached the program in the late 19thcentury. State university online degree programs are available from a number of major universities in Alabama, including Auburn University.

Alabama Distance Learning Initiatives

The state of Alabama is making bold strides in its education system through its new initiative, Access Distance Learning. Now, Alabama’s rural high school students can access courses and education opportunities online that meet the state’s standards for college and career preparedness. The initiative is designed to equalize student learning opportunities across urban and rural areas in the state. This system follows in the footsteps of Alabama’s higher education system, which has been a major player in the trend among traditional universities to offer online degree programs.

Many of the major colleges and university in Alabama offer online bachelor’s degrees and online graduate degrees. Some of the best online degree programs in the state are available from Auburn University, The University of Alabama, and University of Alabama satellite campuses. Troy University in Alabama has one of the most well-known online learning divisions in the south. It has campuses in several cities in Alabama and in other states, including a campus in El Paso, Texas. Students in Alabama and beyond have many choices when it comes to online learning. The state is working hard to make sure all of its residents have access to quality education, at any level, wherever they are.