Online Degree Programs in Arizona

Arizona has a strong higher education system in the form of three large public universities. The University of Arizona, located in Tucson, Ariz., offers degrees in numerous disciplineson the bachelor’s to doctoral level. Arizona’s mascot, the Wildcat, is recognized nation-wide. The University of Arizona boasts a long list of famous alumni, including actor Greg Kinnear, novelist Barbara Kingsolver, singer Linda Ronstadt, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and socialite Nicole Richie. The university is well-known for its athletic programs and it has a fierce rivalry with ‘the state’s other prominent public university, Arizona State University.

Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Ariz., which is a suburb of Phoenix. Arizona State is revered for its athletics programs, particularly football. The business, nursing, journalism and communications, and law schools at Arizona State are widely respected. Numerous celebrities and public persons are Arizona State alumni, including director John Hughes, comedian Jimmy Kimmel, actor Nick Nolte, fashion designer Kate Spade, and author Temple Grandin. Many professional athletes in football, baseball, and basketball participated in Arizona State’s NCAA Division 1 athletic programs.

Arizona is home to many other colleges and universities, including Northern Arizona University, and numerous community colleges, private schools, and for-profit institutions. Online college degree programs are available from many universities located in Arizona. The state aims to lead the nation by offering the best online degree programs, which is demonstrated through its participation in many e-learning initiatives and organizations.

Arizona Distance Learning Initiatives

The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) works with Arizona colleges and universities to promote distance education . Arizona participates in Internet Course Exchange (ICE), a program that facilitates online course sharing among colleges and universities in the commission. Several Arizona universities also participate in the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET), a program that provides numerous services to institutions regarding distance education, including information about technology providers, updates about policy developments affecting online learning, and tools to measure results of existing programs. Arizona also benefits from a public university system that is very active in providing stellar online learning opportunities.

Online degree programs are available at almost all major public universities in Arizona. The University of Arizona offers many online degree programs through its Outreach College. Arizona State University offers online bachelors degree programs, online masters degree programs, online certificates, and even a few online doctoral degree programs. Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz., offers online degree programs through its Extended Campuses division. Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, along with several other colleges and schools, have been recognized by WCET for their creative uses of technology to create accessible college education systems.