Online Degree Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas is home to several nationally recognized public universities. The state is served by two major public university systems: Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas. Arkansas State University includes at least five campuses, with the main campus in Jonesboro, Ark. The institution offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in many relevant fields, including nursing, education, communications, and agriculture. The institution, founded in 1909, has graduated more than 61,000 people, including Mike Beebe, the current governor of Arkansas, and numerous professional athletes. Arkansas State is well known for its Greek system and more than 15% of enrolled students participate in fraternities and sororities.

Arkansas’ other large public university, the University of Arkansas, has six campuses throughout the state. The main campus , located in Fayetteville, Ark., is home to one of the highest ranked collegiate football programs in the nation. Arkansas has a long list of famous alumni in politics, entertainment, and sports, including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, who received his law degree from the University of Arkansas. Notable former faculty at the University of Arkansas includes former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who both held faculty positions in the University of Arkansas School of Law.

Arkansas has many public universities and private colleges that offer online degree programs. State university online degree programs are available from many of Arkansas’ public institutions. The state also aggressively promotes online learning by offering distance education options at every level of education.

Arkansas Distance Learning Initiatives

The Arkansas Department of Education launched their Distance Learning Center in 2000. The initiative provides courses online to elementary and high school students throughout Arkansas and was established in response to a shortage of teachers in the state’s education system. Meeting the needs of a multicultural student population was another major concern and online courses were designed to cross language barriers and facilitate the learning process. The initiative strives to deliver courses to students that meet Arkansas’s educational standards that will prepare them for future learning and professional success. High school graduates can then transition to the many Arkansas schools with online degree programs.

Online college degree programs are available at most universities in Arkansas. Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas offer online bachelors degree programs and online masters degree programs in several areas of study. Arkansas Tech University offers online accelerated degree programs for students hoping to enter the workforce quickly. Some online degree completion programs are available from Arkansas universities for students who already have college credit.