Online Degree Programs in Delaware

Although small in size, Delaware holds an important part of American history as it was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States. Delaware may not have as many colleges and universities as other larger states, but it does have some significant options when it comes to higher education. The University of Delaware is one of the oldest and largest schools in the state, and it is highly regarded for its science and engineering programs. It also has strong programs in hospitality, agriculture, public administration, chemistry, and biochemistry. The universityhas five campuses in Lewes, Georgetown, Dover, and Wilmington, with the main campus in Newark, Del. . Several students from the university’s original class signed the Declaration of Independence.

Wilmington University, another notable institution in Delaware, is a private college that has a broad presence in the northeast. The university’s main campus is located in Wilmington, Del., and it has other locations throughout Delaware and in Maryland and New Jersey. It is a relatively small university with just 13,000 students. Delaware State University is another significant institution in the state. Delaware State is located in Dover and it has two additional campuses in Wilmington and Georgetown. It is one of the largest universities in the state, second only to the University of Delaware. The business school at Delaware State University is highly regarded.

Delaware Distance Learning Initiatives

Delaware is taking strides to make distance education options and online degree programs more available to its residents. The Delaware Higher Education Office, as part of the Delaware Department of Education, is charged with utilizing advancements in technoloty to increase student access to online college degree programs. The State of Delaware Office of Educational Technology also has a role in Delaware’s online learning agenda. Through eLearning Delaware, the Office of Educational Technology offers online courses for professional development and continuing education. In addition, accredited online degree programs are available from several of Delaware’s colleges and universities.

The University of Delaware and Wilmington University are examples of two schools with online degree programs in Delaware. The University of Delaware offers online bachelors degree programs and online graduate degree programs in nursing and healthcare. Wilmington University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs online in a number of disciplines, including healthcare and nursing, criminal justice, business, and psychology. State university online degree programs are in high demand among distance learners and Delaware schools offer online programs in a number of relevant fields.