Online Degree Programs in Missouri

The core of the state’s higher education system is the University of Missouri. The university’s flagship campus is located in Columbia and serves more than 33,000 students. Other campus locations include Kansas City, St. Louis, and Rolla. In addition, the state-run school system has made an effort to expand their online degree programs in recent years through Mizzou Online. Making the school more appealing is the fact that the top 3% of students attending Missouri universities may be eligible for the Bright Flight scholarship. This is a renewable award of up to $2,000 per year designed to help keep the best and brightest students within the state.

Missouri is also home to Washington University in St. Louis, which is No. 14 on U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings list of the best national universities. The university also placed at No. 30 among best value schools. Over the years, 22 nobel laureates and 26 Rhodes scholars have been associated with the school, either as faculty or students. A growing number of accredited online degree programs has also expanded the reach of this well-established institution.

Missouri Distance Learning Initiatives

Missouri students interested in schools with online degree programs will find a number of options in the state. The region’s largest school, the University of Missouri, has an expansive online division known as Mizzou Online. Distance learners have the option to enroll in online bachelors degree programs up through the doctoral level. With more than 80 degree programs to choose from, students with a variety of academic and professional goals can take advantage of online offerings.

In addition to state university online degree programs, Missouri is also home to a number of career-focuses online colleges such as Grantham University, AT Still University of Health Sciences, and American College of Technology. These, and other schools with online degree programs, are designed to help working adults and non-traditional students pursue further education when options were relatively limited before. The best online degree programs provide students with the same rigorous curriculum as their on-campus counterparts, which are often taught by the same faculty members.

With the expanding popularity of online degree programs in Missouri, the state’s department of elementary and secondary education has also established the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program. MoVIP provides supplemental classes to K-12 students in areas such as foreign language, business and technology, communication, mathematics, science, and art. These classes introduce students to the independent nature of virtual learning, offering them the flexibility to work around scheduling conflicts and recover credits if necessary.