Online Degree Programs in Oregon

Oregon’s higher education system is composed of 39 four-year institutions and 53 two-year institutions, several of which are excellent postsecondary educational institutions. One such institution is Reed College, which is ranked as the 75th best liberal arts college in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. Reed College is a private institution located in Portland, Ore., and is known for alumni such as Steve Jobs and film director Mark Worthington. Oregon’s higher education system is overseen by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education (OSBHE).

Portland State University (PSU) is one of the state’s largest four-year schools. It was founded in 1946 and is located in downtown Portland. PSU is known for alumni such as Carolyn Davidson, who designed Nike’s swish logo. Another of the state’s largest universities is Oregon State University (OSU). OSU was founded in 1868 and was ranked 139th in the nation by the U.S. News.

In 2010, the OSBHE evaluated higher education in the state. It found that 24.4% of Oregon working-aged adults had some college but never completed a degree, placing the state in the top 10 in the nation for such education standings. One tactic the system recommended for increasing postsecondary retention and graduation rates was the creation of more "creative" instruction delivery; more specifically, the evaluation listed distance education and the combination of distance and face-to-face learning. As such, many of the state’s colleges and universities today offer online degree programs.

Oregon Distance Learning Initiatives

Schools with online degree programs and courses aren’t difficult to locate in Oregon. Some of the state’s best online degree programs are state university online degree programs. The OSBHE website makes information on such schools easily accessible to students in a single location. Prospective students can find information on accredited online degree programs offered by the state’s seven public universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels on the OSBHE’s website. is another resource students can use to find information on community colleges and the online programs they offer. The website was created to provide students with information about all 17 of Oregon’s community colleges. Oregon Colleges Online might be a considered a one-stop-resource for all of the state’s community colleges; it lists each community college and includes links to those schools’ website. Through Oregon Colleges online, students can learn about registering for classes, purchasing textbooks, and get answers to common questions regarding online education. Students can learn about the various formats in which online courses are offered by the state’s community colleges, including video, television, and online courses.