Online Degree Programs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s higher education system includes 171 four-year schools and 249 two-year or technical schools. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education manages 14 public universities and is the largest postsecondary system in the state. Pennsylvania’s largest universities are Pennsylvania State University,, Temple University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania is also home to Carnegie Mellon University, which was ranked No. 23 in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. The university was founded by the Andrew Carnegie, a well-known philanthropist who donated the majority of his fortune to educational institutions, and libraries. The University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked No. 8 and No. 58 in the nation respectively, are two of the state’s other elite institutions.

In 2005, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Education, the governing body of basic and higher education in the state, released its Master Plan. The report recommended that all regulations and policies that hampered distance education opportunity developments be reviewed and, when necessary, changed. It also recommended that distance education options be endorsed in order to make the system more effective and efficient.

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Initiatives

Given Pennsylvania’s robust list of postsecondary educational institutions it’s no surprise that online degree programs in Pennsylvania are common as colleges and universities evolve with the demand for distance education. For instance, the University of Pennsylvania is a participant in the services offered by the Coursera program. It was one of three universities to start out with the program’s launch. Coursera is an online education website that has partnered with 16 of the world’s best universities. Through Coursera, participating schools offer their best courses online, free of charge, in an effort to make higher education available to anyone who seeks it.

There are several other schools with online degree programs in Pennsylvania. The majority of the state’s 58 public community colleges offer online college degree programs and courses at the associate’s level. Pennsylvania State University runs its World Campus, which is a website devoted to the schools online education options. Through it, Penn State offers five associate level online degree programs, about 20 undergraduate online bachelors degree programs, and nearly 30 online graduate degree programs. . Finally, through the PA State System of Higher Education’s (PASSHE) PA Universities Online students can run searches related to their academic aspirations through 14 of Pennsylvania’s degree granting institutions that offer accredited online degree programs and courses.