Online Degree Programs in South Carolina

South Carolina’s postsecondary education system is maintained and regulated by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (SCCHE). The commission is responsible for the state’s 51 four-year schools and 62 two-year colleges and technical schools. One of the state’s highly regarded schools is Clemson University, which has the second largest enrollment in South Carolina. It was established in 1889 and is the state’s land-grant university. The U.S. News & World Report ranks Clemson University 68th in the nation. Famous figures such as professional golfer Lucas Glover and Donald Trump’s advisor, George H. Ross, are alumni of the university.

The University of South Carolina (USC) isSouth Carolina’s largest university. . It was founded in 1801 and has four campuses in state. It is also recognized for its quality education programs as evidenced by the U.S. News’ ranking USC 115th in the nation. With over 20,000 current students it’s no surprise the university boasts alumni such as all of Hootie and the Blowfish’s band members, who started the band when they were attending USC, and the creator of XM Satellite Radio, Gary Parsons.

The SCCHE released its policy on distance education in its Guiding Principles for Distance Education in South Carolina. In it, the SCCHE expressed the importance of online degree programs in South Carolina as well as online courses in that state’s postsecondary education system. It states that online degree programs and course options have the ability to increase residents’ ability to learn through its inherent flexibility and convenience. The principles set forth by the SCCHE encourage quality distance education, accessibility, collaboration among postsecondary schools, and funding for distance education technology.

South Carolina Distance Learning Initiatives

South Carolina has taken several steps to inform its residents about and make available information concerning online college degree programs and course offerings. One such step was the creation of the Public Library Satellite Network. This program gives the South Carolina community access to the distance education options and broadcasts provided by South Carolina’s educational broadcasting network (SCETV), the University of Carolina, and other public education services and programs. Effectively, this program makes the technology and resources needed to participate in some of the best online degree programs and distance options in the state available to residents who wish to access them.

Moreover, the state operates a distance education resource on its website., There students can findan entire page devoted to accredited online degree programs and courses offered throughout the state. Online degree programs from major universities are common in the state. Some of South Carolina’s schools with online degree programs and options include Anderson University, which hosts online degree programs through Anderson University Online, and Spartanburg Community College, which makes associate level online courses available to students throughout South Carolina and beyond.