Online Degree Programs for Computer Science

Computer science is a very broad field encompassing the theoretical and practical applications of computation. More specifically, those in computer science online college degree programs come to understand computer science methodology, i.e. its structure and how it operates, and how that methodology aids in the acquiring, processing, and storage of data and information. With this understanding, students are prepared to create new computer technology. Those who have technology-geared minds, who enjoy logic statements, and would like to learn computer languages will find a career in this discipline rewarding. Online degree programs in computer science are offered from the associate through the doctoral level, enabling students to pursue their career of choice while maintaining their busy schedules.

Online Associate Degree Programs for Computer Science

The best online computer science degree programs at the associate level open up a world of opportunities for students. According to U.S. News University Directory, an associate degree in computer science enables students to enter into some of the highest paying careers available to those with a two-year degree. Individuals interested in this type of online degree program, which typically takes about two years of full-time study, do so for a few reasons. First, to gain entry-level positions in the computer science industry. Second, to expand on their computer science career through the knowledge growth and increased marketability such a degree entails. Third, to get the basics they need to later pursue a bachelor’s degree in the subject. Students take courses such as Introduction to Computer Science, Calculus, and Database Management Systems to gain the knowledge necessary for entry-level jobs in the field.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Computer Science

Online bachelor’s degree programs require about four years of full-time study. In comparison with associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees in computer science require a broader and deeper general and computer science education. Most choose to earn their bachelor’s degree in computer science because it is a more marketable degree when applying for jobs, enablingthem to secure a higher paying position. Others earn their bachelor’s degree as a means to earning their master’s or even doctoral degree. Students in bachelor’s degree programs often take courses such as Operating Systems and Introduction to Computer Science. Course work and exams are typically submitted through online course management systems. Students also communicate with classmates and their instructors through these systems, email, and forums.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Computer Science

Online masters degree programs in computer science usually require the completion of 36 hours of course work, or between one-and-a-half and two years of full-time study. Many choose this academic path in their pursuit of a doctoral degree in the subject. Others do so to expand their academic portfolio and knowledge to seek advanced positions in computer science. According to, master’s degree recipients see the results of their hard academic work. Forbes states that it is one of the best disciplines in which to earn a master’s degree. Students at this level take a narrower look at the computer science field and much of their time is concentrated on research; most students must complete a capstone project or thesis in order to finish their degree.

Online Doctoral Degree Programs for Computer Science

Students pursue a doctoral degree in computer science for two primary reasons. First, to become computer science professors at universities. Second, to become a computer scientist, which generally requires a degree at the doctoral level. The best online degree programs in computer science fully prepare students for careers in advanced government, business-related, and education positions. Most programs are designed so that students both work and complete their doctorate simultaneously. Students must also complete a dissertation, which is a research project and paper that explores an area that relates to computer science. Given that most students mold their doctoral degree to concentrate on an area of computer science that interests them, many students choose a subject for their dissertation that involves said concentration area.

Online Degree Programs in Computer Science in the Work Place

Upon completing a degree in computer science, students will find themselves qualified for a wide variety of careers in a broad range of industries. Computer science is a great field to go into because of its presence in every business, whether said business is public, private, or governmental. Careers for which graduates qualify are highly dependent on the level of their degree attainment and professional experience. Some of the most common careers sought by computer science graduates are listed below, though the salary statistics for mean annual wage supplied by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cannot be guaranteed for all individuals as one’s salary depends on geographic location, field experience, and level of degree attainment.

Software developers earn $90,530 annually and the field is projected to grow by 30% through 2020. Many computer science graduates also secure jobs as computer scientists, a career projected to grow by 19% through 2020; computer scientists generally earn $100,660. Computer programmers see an average salary of $71,380and this field is projected to grow by 12% through 2020, according to the BLS.